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Free ebook Friday! Free read! Bastard by Brenda Novak


To some men honor is just a word….

Jeannette Boucher, a young French beauty from a family left penniless by the revolution, must marry against her will to save them all from ruin. But almost immediately after the vows are spoken, she learns that her old English husband is impotent—and in his desire for an heir, he plans to compromise her in the worst way.

Determined to escape such a fate, she stows away on one of His Majesty’s frigates. But a woman alone is in constant danger.

To Lieutenant Treynor, honor means everything….

Born a bastard to a wayward marquise, Lieutenant Crawford Treynor was given to a poor farmer to raise and was maltreated until he ran away to join the Royal Navy. Treynor is determined to prove he’s as good as any other man and rise to captain his own frigate. But once he finds Jeannette aboard The Tempest he must decide whether to return her to the man he knows would abuse her—or risk everything, even his life, to keep her safe.

Hurry and grab this book. These things don't stay on sale indefinitely and the regular price is $2.99. Try Brenda Novak out for free. I have not read any of her historicals and this one has great reviews so far.
get it here. I'm sorry this is for kindle users only.

Find out more about Brenda Novak and her books here

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Tiger Eye (Dirk & Steele Series #1) by Marjorie M. Liu


Review by Sarah
Back of the Book Blurb:

The first book in Marjorie M. Liu's extraordinary Dirk & Steele Series!

Long ago they roamed the earth — dragons, tigers . . . shapeshifters — men who wore the forms of beasts. Their world was magic. Now it is gone. But some remain . . .

He looks out of place in Dela Reese's Beijing hotel room— exotic and poignant, some mythic, tragic hero of an epic tale. With his feline yellow eyes, he's like nothing from her world. Yet Dela has danced through the echo of his soul and knows this warrior will obey her every command.

Hari has been used and abused for millennia. But he sees, upon his release from the riddle box, that this new mistress is different. There is a hidden power in Dela's eyes—and with her, he may regain all that was lost to him. Where once he savaged, now he must protect; where before he knew only hatred, now he must embrace love. Dela is the key.

For Dela, he will risk all.
Review: This is Liu's debut novel (2005) and the first book in the Dirk & Steele series (about a secret psychic detective/security type agency). It's a fun, fast read full of romance, action, magic and danger and I zipped right through it. As the novel begins, Dela is in China and buys an ancient puzzle box from a mysterious old woman. She is quickly assaulted by a creepy man who wants the box, but escapes and returns to her hotel room, where she opens it and out comes Hari. Hari is a seven foot tall hunky tiger shifter who was cursed to be imprisoned in the box over two thousand years ago, and is released as a slave to whoever buys and opens the box. Dela is horrified by Hari's story and promises to give him his freedom and try to break the curse. But before they can figure anything out an assassin comes to Dela's hotel room and attacks her. Soon Dela and Hari are being pursued by both an unknown assassin and an evil mage, and they head to the United States, where Dela has an extensive family and friend network of fellow psychics of varying abilities who are able to protect her and figure out who wants her dead.

The characters are really well developed in this book - Dela, Hari and the rest are believable, interesting, multi-dimensional, full of quirks and foibles. The relationship between Dela and Hari develops easily and naturally as they get to know each other, building trust, respect, affection and lots of lust. Liu can write sexy scenes with the best of them, and those scenes combined with a real sense of danger, and genuine humor as Dela brings Hari up to speed on the 21st century (he was last let out of the box 600 years ago), mark Liu as one of the best writers of paranormal romance. I've read several of her books, but this was the first Dirk & Steele book for me, and I am very excited to read the rest. Tiger Eye introduced at least a half dozen characters whose stories I can't wait to read.
5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars

Fore more information check out the author's website at

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Harlequin Holiday Collection: Four Classic Seasonal Novellas


Review by Sarah
Back of the Book Blurb:

A struggling B&B owner scrambles to hide the dead body wrapped in her Christmas tree from a visiting camera crew—and from her still-irresistible reporter ex. A waitress and a sexy FBI agent mix business with pleasure while investigating a crime over the holidays. A crime lab worker finds herself in danger six days before Christmas...and only her off-limits but oh-so-attractive coworker can help. And two childhood friends rediscover their sense of wonder—and love—when reunited for the holidays.

Discover these four classic seasonal novellas:

And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie Kelly (2007)

Seduced by the Season by Merline Lovelace (2008)

Evidence of Desire by Debra Webb (2008)

Season of Wonder by Marta Perry (2002)

Review: Released as a free e-book in 2011, this collection includes four holiday-themed romance novellas. They were a fun, fast read and the first three were pretty good.

And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree is the story of Zach and Holly, two college sweethearts who haven't seen each other in eight years, since they had a huge argument and misunderstanding. Holly has returned to her hometown and has turned her grandparents' mansion into a bed and breakfast. But the B&B isn't doing well, and her last chance to save the family home is to get good publicity from a famous TV travel show. But right before the TV crew shows up, a dead guy pops out of the Christmas tree she's just bought. Turns out he was an escaped criminal, and Zach, now a crime reporter, has tracked him to his hometown. He and Holly soon reunite, sparks fly, and there are some genuinely funny, zany shenanigans as they try to hide the dead guy until after the travel show has finished filming. This novella was fun, cute and sexy.

Seduced by the Season takes place in Dublin, Ireland and is notable for creating a very strong sense of place in a short story, using lots of history and detail to transport the reader into the story. Clint is an FBI agent on the trail of an art thief, and Sophie is a waitress at the local tavern. Clint is feeling out of his league on this case, as he knows nothing about art. When he learns that Sophie is working her way through her PhD in Irish art, he enlists her assistance to use her expertise. The fact that they are both incredibly attracted to each other adds romantic suspense to the story. Sophie is a bit of an odd character, as she is an American who likes to speak with a thick Irish brogue at times, but overall this was an entertaining and lovely story.

Evidence of Desire is the story of Olivia and Jacob, two crime lab forensic scientists. Olivia has just relocated from Boston, and has the hots for Jacob, who has shown zero interest in her. When Olivia starts to experience a string of suspiciously bad luck (car won't start, work goes missing, computer issues, she's being followed), Jacob helps her out and Olivia decides to throw herself at him, hoping for the best, in spite of the fact that her new workplace discourages office romances and Jacob has been little more than brusque with her. So although that felt stalkerish/forced, the mystery of Olivia's "bad luck" was well done and left me guessing until the end.

Season of Wonder is the only dud in the collection. It is the shortest of the four or else I wouldn't have finished it. Allison has returned to her family's island cottage to prepare it for selling. She is accompanied by her daughter, and is recovering from a divorce. When she gets to the island after an absence of 15 years, she soon meets up with her childhood friend David, who has been in love with her his whole life. Before their initial conversation is over David has agreed to be her free handyman thinking she's moving back, and Allison decides not to tell him she's getting it ready for sale. Nice, huh? Allison is condescending and snarky, and David keeps wondering what happened to his "angel-girl". His "angel-girl" says things like "I see you still say 'Hey' instead of 'Hi'" - so of course David mends her cold, broken heart and there's a happy ending. It was stiff, awkward and hard to read.

3 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars

Check out Leslie Kelly's Harlequin Blaze title Slow Hands - it's currently being offered as a free e-book

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Book Review: Four for Christmas by RG Alexander


Dreaming of a White Christmas led her straight into their arms…

In this holiday spin off of the bestselling novella Three For Me? Saving a man in a snowstorm leads Georgia Bale to an isolated cabin, where three men have an important promise to keep. A promise Georgia soon becomes caught up in herself.

She just wanted to survive Christmas, and her bad holiday karma. She had no idea that accepting a friend’s invitation to Colorado would lead her to her perfect man. Times three.

What does an eccentric writer do when a compassionate doctor, a dominant police officer, and a handsome adrenaline junkie only have eyes for her?

Use her imagination.

But when the storm clears, she’ll have to decide which path to take. The way back home, or the road less traveled.

Warning: A bit of heart tugging, excessive use of imagination, role playing (the dirty kind), foursomes, holiday magic, a guardian angel or two… and the kinky use of holiday themed beverages.

For starters i really loved the cover of this book. Covers are usually what first attracts me to a book. This one pops right out at you. I like all kinds of romance related genre's including erotica. It's not often as emotional as this one was. Georgia used to love Christmas and then suddenly it seemed to suck every year. She couldn't get into the spirit of it. She decides to visit her friend in Colorado for Christmas in the hope this year it would help her mood. In the mountains of Colorado in a snow storm she is a little lost and ends up with a flat on her rental SUV. Her faith dog Roux ( Isn't that the cutest name) gets out with her to change the tire and Roux runs off and finds a man in the snow. She ends up saving him and his foster brother ends up saving her when she starts feeling the effects of the cold in her southern outerwear. This sets her up in a cabin with 3 foster brothers. A doctor, a policeman and a adrenaline junkie. Three big ole strapping guys who of course are sexy as hell and as sweet as they come. She find herself attracted to all three and they to her. Her best friend is in a relationship with a guy and a girl, but is something like that for her?  This is the erotic part of the story but the heart tugging comes later. The three foster brothers ( Chris, James and  Flynn) used to be four. One was in the Marines and didn't make it home but he sent these gifts and letters to his brothers every year and this year they had the last one he sent.  Georgia had this awesome grandpa that used to tell her stories about her grandma that she never met.  He was a wonderful man with a big heart and somehow the grandpa and the other Foster brother ( Nick) links them all together. I won't tell you how because you need to read the book to find out but i had a few OMG OMG moments and it wasn't from the sex scenes which were fantastic btw. lol  This was one of the best erotica romances I have read.  There is great sex scenes, good connections between the characters and a kick ass story to go with it all. I read this in  one sitting and was sad to see it end. I am going to be buying the novella related to this one to read. The first chapter is at the back of this one for you to get a peek at. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Four for Christmas by RG Alexander.

Find out more about RG at her website here . You can also find her as part of the Smutketeers blog with a bunch of Fabulous authors here .

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Book review: Undeniably Yours (Kowalski series) by Shannon Stacey


Available in ebook for only right now. Pre order for paperback now for Feb. 2012 release

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey
One-night stand + two percent condom failure rate = happily ever after?

Bar owner Kevin Kowalski is used to women throwing their phone numbers at him, but lately he’s more interested in finding a woman to settle down with. A woman like Beth Hansen. If only their first meeting hadn’t gone so badly…

Beth’s tending bar at a wedding when she comes face to face with a tuxedo-clad man she never thought she’d see again. She tries to keep her distance from Kevin but, by last call, she can’t say no to his too-blue eyes or the invitation back to his room. Then she slips out before breakfast without leaving a note and, despite their precautions, pregnant.

Kevin quickly warms to the idea of being a dad and to seeing where things go with Beth. After all, he’s not the player she thinks he is. But she’s not ready for a relationship and, given his reputation, it’s going to take a lot to convince her to go on a second date with the father of her child…

This is the 2nd book in the Kowalski series.  For some unknown reason I've been reading these backward. I read book 3 months ago and now this and book one will be next. Pretty sure they would be better in order but I haven't had any real problems reading them my backward way. lol This book focuses on Kevin Kowalski. Six foot two and sexy as all get out bar owner. He doesn't take any BS from patrons in his bar so when a man gets a little drunk grabby with a woman who appears to be his date he attempts to save her from him. All is not what it seems and the man is the woman boss instead. The drunk and slightly disorderly guy ends up with a broken nose and the woman ends up fired from her job. That woman being Beth Hanson who is a wanderer by nature or so she thinks. She likes to travel and find jobs to pay her way as she moves from place to place.  They meet again at Kevin's brothers wedding and sparks fly and after a hot night of sex Beth runs off when she thinks she just one of Kevin's many women. Turns out she's pregnant though and when Kevin finds out he's excited and wants a relationship with Beth. Beth resists often. This book made me laugh a lot. I just love the Kowalski family they are such a big boisterous family and Beth is a only child and a over protected one at that which causes her need to roam. Kevin and the Kowalski clan slowly teach her what a big loving family can give her and that it's time to quit moving around and settle down. The only thing that bugged me about this book is the continued harping on Kevin by Beth about all the cocktail napkins he gets from women in the bar with their phone numbers on them. Grated on my nerves toward the end but the ending made up for it with the way Beth finally decided she loved Kevin and wanted to be with him permanently. Way sweet and a great read too. 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey.

To find out more about Shannon Stacey, this series and her other books click here .

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Book review: Last Spy Standing by Dana Marton


Black ops specialist Mitch Mendoza had thought this South American rescue mission would be routine. But the jungle held unexpected dangers: deadly snakes, armed drug runners and Megan Cassidy. The undercover CIA agent had legs for miles and a hidden agenda—one that interfered with Mitch's plans. So though he was a lone wolf, he had to keep her close, or risk letting his mission fail. After years of working alone, Mitch found himself distracted by Megan's steely resolve and her soft curves. And he couldn't afford that. Not if he wanted this assignment to be a success…and get both of them out of the jungle alive.

This is another face paced actioned packed adventure book from Dana Marton. There are no wasted pages or words in this book. Mitch and Megan are both the good guys but neither one knows that about the other.
Megan works for the CIA and has been undercover for a year. She has another hidden agenda for her mission as well. Her brother is held captive she believes by a major bad guy and she needs to get into his compound to find him. Mitch has a mission two get a snot nosed kid ( by his standards) out of the compound of a drug lord that Megan has infiltrated for the past year. He breaks him out but Megan gets him back and a kind of tug of war goes on through the whole book.  Somehow Dana Marton gives a bigger book feel to a short page book. I don't know how she does it but it works. There was a sad surprise at the end that broke my heart but you also get the happy ending you hope for. 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Last Spy Standing by Dana Marton.
Find out more about Dana Marton and her books by visiting her website here . You can read a excerpt of this book there as well.

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Book review: Tall, Dark and Lonesome by Debra Dixon (Loveswept)


Originally released December of 1993 Re-issued August of 2011
Tall, Dark and Lonesome by Debra Dixon

ZACH - A Confident Cowboy Who Staked His Claim, Then Dared Her to Deny It...

He was the perfect symbol of the West, columnist Niki Devlin decided, but rugged trail boss Zach Weston made her forget to breathe! Still pained by the scandal that haunted her past, she'd reluctantly returned to Wyoming to write about his vacation cattle drive, but from the moment he pulled her from the mud into his arms, she wanted to scorch his iron control--to play with the fire in his gray eyes.

He Branded Her with His Gaze, and with His Lips

Zach wasn't looking for a trail romance, but he couldn't hold the feisty flirt and not kiss her until she moaned his name. He wanted all of her, every bit he could touch and taste, every secret and every sigh, but Niki knew she'd destroy his dreams of happy-ever-after once she confessed the truth. Zach told her she could keep running forever, or she could finally stop--but was she ready to be lassoed by love?

This is a shorter book just 224 pages. The Loveswept line was relaunched this past summer and i believe this was one of the first books in that line re-issued with a sexy new cover. Nikki writes for a newspaper and her boss sends her to Wyoming to ride with a cattle drive vacation that people from all over do to get away from their lives. Nikki has a past in Wyoming right there where the cattle drive ranch is. Years later after some awful happened to her she is still paying the price if no where but in her own head. Zach owns the ranch and is rich and is looking to run for the Wyoming State senate. Exactly what Nikki doesn't want. A public life. She's spent years hiding from the public especially the Wyoming public. Zach is intrigued by Nikki. She's not what he expected to find when he meets her. She tough and capable and hiding something. The sparks starts flying right away though and both fight it for a while until they just can't anymore.

I liked this short little read. The only real clear signal that it's dated is the mention of acid wash jeans a couple times. Other wise i don't think you can tell this is not a new book. I enjoy by cowboy books and this is definitely a nice little cowboy read.  I liked the cattle drives scenes and the two dogs were one of the highlights of the book. Brass and Snicker were the two prize Australian trail dogs that worked with Zach to move the cattle.  Nikki spends her time berating herself for past sins and Zach once he gets over himself tries to get her to see it doesn't matter. The one problem i had was considering what happened to Nikki in her past she has unprotected sex with Zach. Not once but twice. I thought i missed the part about condoms or at least are you on the pill, but it never happened.  Might be the dated 1992 first release showing. All in all i enjoyed the book. 3 out 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Tall, Dark and Lonesome. Find more info on this book by checking out Debra Dixon's website by clicking here.

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Kissing Kris Kringle Winner!! Is it you??

Just in time for Christmas we have a winner of the Kissing Kris Kringle giveaway.

The winner is  user ID lgm52!! Congrats! I've just sent you a email.

If you like the sounds and looks of this book you can buy ot for only 99 cents! Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Buy links below and you can also gift these to others from both websites.

Amazon for Kindle

Barnes and Noble for Nook


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Free ebook Friday!! All I want for Christmas by Lisa Mondello


Sometimes fate needs a little hand…

Santa Claus is going to have a rough season... Lauren Alexander is raising her daughter alone. Abandoned by her family for her decision to keep her daughter Kristen, she has done a pretty good job for the last six years. Or she thought she had. That's why she is crushed when little Kristen gives up her wish for a toy or goodie and instead asks Santa for a present for her mother. She wants Santa to bring a Daddy. Delivering Daddies isn't Santa's bag.

But this Santa has a plan...

Kyle Preston knows what it is like to be abandoned too. Luckily he found the support of loving adoptive parents and has turned himself into one of the most successful Real Estate developers in town.

Building a house is easy. Building someone's trust is a whole other story. But with a little helping hand, a little Christmas magic can make all the difference in the world.

Free from Amazon for Kindle click here
Find Lisa Mondello here

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Book Review: Holiday Kisses Alison Kent,Jaci Burton, HelenKay Dimon,Shannon Stacey


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Love!

A man gives the gift of trust and receives a second chance at love in return. A woman helps to heal the wounded heart of a soldier. A couple finds that true love knows no distance. And a young widow learns that there can be two great loves in a lifetime. Love, romance and passion come together in this collection of four seasonal shorts.

Anthology includes:
This Time Next Year by Alison Kent
A Rare Gift by Jaci Burton
It's Not Christmas Without You by HelenKay Dimon
Mistletoe and Margaritas by Shannon Stacey

Stories also available for purchase separately.

This is four really good short novellas. Most novellas make me feel like i want more and i need more but really none of these really did that to me this time. As a matter of fact This Time Next Year i kind of forgot this was a novella. This Time Next Year by Alison Kent is about Brenna Keating trying to get to her grandmothers for Christmas before she leaves for a year in Africa as a volunteer nurse. A car crash in blizzard conditions lands her in the home of  Dr Dillion Craig home from the Army for good after spending a lot of time in a war zone. Each helps the others hearts heal but Dillion has the most to over come with his war time memories. I think this one was my favorite. First time reading Alison Kent to so that's a bonus. A+ for this one. A Rare Gift was Jaci Burton's contribution to the anthology.  This one is a bit of fun. Calliope has always been in love with Wyatt but Wyatt fell for her older sister first and now a few years divorced she's decided it's time to get her man.  Wyatt's construction company takes on the job of adding a addition on to Calliope's daycare center and that finds Wyatt the one in charge of work being done there. The man can't seem to get away from Calliope and that's just how she wants it. Cute and funny this one will make you laugh at Calliope antics to get her man. Solid B for this one. It's not Christmas Without you by HelenKay Dimon is the next one up in the anthology and another funny one. Carrie moved to Washing DC for her dream job. The man she loves Austin thought it was going to be temporary. He didn't understand her dream. It was to hard to face him again for Christmas so Carrie decided to stay in DC and work this year. Once Austin finds this out he decides it's time to go get his woman and drags his brother Spence off with him to DC to set up a Christmas tree lot across from her apartment and find a way to get her to see she belongs back in West Virginia back home with him. What follows is some of the funniest scenes. I admit i did some giggling. Will Austin ever get the picture she's not just playing at a career this is what she loves. Definite A material here folks. The last one Mistletoe and Margaritas by Shannon Stacey bring up the end of this anthology book. This was had it's funny moments but was sweet too. Claire meets these two incredible guys who are best friends. Marries one who dies in a terrible car accident she partly blames herself for. The other guy, Justin who has been her best friend secretly has been in love with her. He feels guilt for wanting his best friends wife. Claire starts finding she has feelings for Justin that are not best friend type feelings. Now what? Attending a party together and getting a little sloshed gives Claire the courage to go after her man but can they truly get past the feelings of guilt to find love? This one made me want to go for a ride in a snow plow truck. Read the book to find out why. A- for this one. As a whole this was one of the best Christmas themed books I have read this year. I Hope you'll give it a whirl i don't think you'll be disappointed.  5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars for Holiday Kisses. Find out more about the authors by clicking the links below. The anthology cover is a beauty but if you go the authors websites you can see their you can see their individual covers which are pretty cool as well.

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Loveswept Holiday Blog Hop 12/12/12 through 1/8/12 Enter now!

Book Review and Giveaway: Kissing Kris Kringle by Erin Quinn


Erin Quinn
Available now in ebook format only .99 cents Amazon and B&N


Kris Kringle is just an average guy living in the tiny town of North Pole, Maine where Christmas isn’t just a holiday—it’s a way of life. But not for Kris. He might be named after the big guy in red, but Kris is more Scrooge than Santa.

Until he wakes up from a night of partying with his friends to find himself in possession of a Santa suit, a toy bag and a puppy. Kris soon discovers that he’s been relegated to Santa’s naughty list and there’s only one way to get his name removed....put on the suit and spread some cheer.

Lucky for Kris every cloud has a silver snowflake and his quest to get off that list lands him in the arms of the woman he’s been lusting after for years.

It takes a little magic, but Kris is about to get everything he didn’t even know he wanted for Christmas.

This is a short little novella well worth the 99 cent price tag for some fun Christmas reading. Kris is kind of the town scrooge. When he was a boys his dad was a UPS driver out working on Christmas eve when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Not to many years later his mom died too and he thinks it was from a broken heart no matter what the doctors said. Because of this he hates Christmas. Thing is he lives in a town called North Pole and all the streets there have Christmas themed names and it seems all the people do too. Kind of hard to get away from Christmas in December at least. After a night of to much drinking with friends he finds himself in the possession of a Santa suit complete with bag and a puppy. Hard as he tries he can't get out of wearing the suit. In doing so he gets to be around a long lost love of his from his school years, Holly. Can he find love and find his Christmas spirit? What do you think? lol This is the cutest story with a dash of sexy to with it. I love how the whole book has a Christmas theme even the characters names. I give Kissing Kris Kringle 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Picks stars. A definite pick me up if you need to get into the Christmas spirit.

Find out more about Erin Quinn this book and her other books here

Erin has graciously offered up a copy of Krissing Kris Kringle for one commenter today. Leave a comment with your email please and your entered.  example type it as (YOU at YAHOO dot COM) This is a ebook as it is the only format it is offered in. Thanks! Ends Friday!!

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Book review: A Small Town Christmas by Jill Shalvis, Hope Ramsay Katie Lane


Available now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $2.99

Three heartwarming holiday stories

to prove that love is the greatest gift of all

Kissing Santa Claus by Jill Shalvis

NASCAR driver Logan Perrish returns to Lucky Harbor, Washington, with love in his heart and a ring in his pocket. But can Sandy Jansen forget the past and give him a second chance? Or will Logan be spending another Christmas alone?

I'll Be Home for Christmas by Hope Ramsay

After ignoring the advice of Miz Miriam Randall, local matchmaker, Annie Roberts expects another hum drum holiday in Last Chance, South Carolina. But when a stray cat arrives in the arms of Army sergeant Matt Jasper, a calico named Holly just may be the best matchmaker of all.

O Little Town of Bramble by Katie Lane

All Ethan Miller wants for Christmas is to celebrate in Bramble, Texas, with family and friends. But when his childhood neighbor, Samantha Henderson, comes home for the holiday, Ethan realizes that the girl-next-door could be the girl of his dreams.

This is a real quick read. Good for taking with you to appointments when you have some time to read. With three shorter stories you can get through each one pretty quick. Very Christmas spirited but not overly so you could choke. lol If you read Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series her story Kissing Santa Claus takes place in Lucky Harbor when Logan Perrish gets wise and comes back to get Sandy the town clerk he whirlwind loved and left behind months ago. He's going to have to work hard to get her to believe in him. Being Santa Claus might help. Funny and fun and sweet. A+ for this one. The second story is I'll be home for Christmas by Hope Ramsay she writes a series called Last Chance and this is part of that i believe. Matt Jasper shows up in town freshly out of the Army after years of service with a gift for a old Army buddies grandmother. He tells himself he's friend wanted his grandmother to have the present and he is just making sure that happens ( friend is deceased) In reality his friend Nick had told Matt all about his hometown and growing up there and his ex-girlfriend he never got over. He finds himself staying at her house and hanging out with her decorating and doing Christmas stuff. He has feeling for Annie his friends ex girlfriend but he has doubts as to his welcome in this town too. This was a touching slightly sad story with a happy ending. Very nice. I give is a B. The last one is called O Little Town of Bramble by Katie Lane. This was was fun too. Some of the characters seemed familiar to me although i know i have not read this author before. Then i remembered i have her last two releases on my TBR pile that i won from another blog. I had read the back pack blurbs and knew i wanted to read them. I will be doing that soon too. Ethan is 30 and has put off his life pretty much for 2 reasons. His parents farm. He felt he needed to stay and help out especially after his dad fell and got hurt. He was a little afraid. Yup he was a bit nervous to go off to college so he put it off and never did get to go. Now his parents announce that since he didn't use the college fund money he didn't even know he had, that they are going to move to the beach and let him have the farm. Top that off with the girl next door he grew up with a loved like a sibling is back for Christmas and newly graduated veterinarian which was his dream. Lots of stuff for one body to deal with until he figures out that maybe what he felt for the girl next door wasn't sibling love but something else. Cute and funny Christmas story. Make you want to know more about the other characters as well. I give it a A. As a whole i give A Small Town Christmas 4 out of 5 stars. A nice Christmas read anyone can enjoy.

Find out more about the authors from the links below.

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Book review: A Vampire for Christmas by Michele Hauf, Alexis Morgan, Laurie London,Caridad Piñeiro


A Vampire for Christmas:
Available now from Harlequin, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

 Enchanted by Blood
Monsters Don't Do Christmas
When Herald Angels Sing
All I Want For Christmas

All they want for Christmas is you…

It's the time of year for twinkling lights on trees and kisses under the mistletoe. Yet the passing of another year means nothing to the stunning immortals who lurk in the shadows of the new-fallen snow.

And they don't care if you've been naughty or nice.

Let four fanged lovers open your eyes to a passion you never dared to imagine. After all, there's no place like home for the holidays—and these dazzling vampires can't wait for an invitation.

I've never read a anthology Christmas paranormal book before. This was new for me and i enjoyed trying it out. There are four stories by four great authors but it was kind of hit or miss for me. The first one Enchanted by Blood by Laurie London was pretty good. I like the idea of the vampire that's a corporate guy and a man in charge. Poor guy had to give up his true love for duty or so he thought. A chance run in with her a year later and he's in the soup all over again but this time he doesn't want to let her go. Give it a A! The 2nd one is Monsters Don't do Christmas by Michele Hauf was OK but not my favorite. The guy Daniel was a big shot before a late night attack left him a vampire and then he started feeling sorry for himself. He was a good guy but he was slightly wimpy in my mind. Olivia was just not that believable to me. I know it's fiction but her character didn't work for me. The story was enjoyable but not my favorite. I'll give is a C. The 3rd is When Herald Angels sing by Caridad Pineiro.  This one was good but probably could have been a whole lot better as a full story instead of a novella. It could use a lot more details and well time. Everything happens quickly. Reminded me of the movie A Christmas Carol. Kind of the same concept but with vampires. The guy Damien has had a hard life and lives his life rough but the Archangel Raphael thinks he could be redeemed and enlists Angelina as his guardian angel to help him find the error of his ways. Turns out they both needed to learn a lesson. Good read. I'll give it a B. The last one was my favorite. All i want for Christmas by Alexis Morgan. Might be my love of Alpha males but i loved the characters in this one. Eaghan is a hotter than hell vampire cop. He's trying to bust some vamps who are being bad and has to use the diner owned by Della as cover. Problem is they are attracted to each other and Della is human. She doesn't know about vampires or werewolves and fae. She's going to find out because they are all around her. This one would be awesome as a full book. By far my favorite. I'd give it a A! The book as a whole was enjoyable and of the four authors i have only read  one before so it was a intro to the other authors writing as well which is always a neat side effect to anthology books. I give A Vampire for Christmas 3 and 1/2 Modokker Book Pick stars.

Find out more about the authors at the links below.

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Book review: Lord of the Abyss (Royal House of Shadows #4 - Harlequin Nocturne #125) by Nalini Singh


This review by Sarah.

Back of the Book Blurb:

Once upon a time…the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance. Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal heirs. Now they must return and save Elden…and time is running out….As the dark Lord who condemns souls to damnation in the Abyss, Micah is nothing but a feared monster. He has no idea he is the last heir of Elden. Only one woman knows—the daughter of his enemy. Liliana sees past his impenetrable black armor to the prince inside. To help Micah remember, she must brave his dark, dangerous lair. Because they only have until midnight to save Elden.

Review: Lord of the Abyss is easily my favorite book in the House of Shadows Series, a four book series published by Harlequin Nocturne. Each of the books is the story of a royal heir of Elden, who are four siblings separated by magic during the bloody massacre of their parents and the conquest of their kingdom. The stories can be read as stand-alone books, but there is a well-constructed framework linking them together, as the heirs of Elden are running out of time to reclaim their kingdom. Lord of the Abyss is the story of Micah, the youngest, and ends with the final battle between Micah and his siblings and the evil Blood Sorceror.

Written in a lush and rich style, Lord of the Abyss starts with a bang as Liliana magically arrives in the Black Castle, home of Micah, who is now the title character with no memories of his life before he became the Black Lord. Liliana knows that time is running out for the heirs of Elden - if they don't return to Elden and defeat the Blood Sorcerer, Elden will fall forever. Liliana is desperate to help Micah remember his past in time, but it is a dangerous business, as his memories are linked with pain and twisted sorcery.

The book has many elements of the classic "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale, with Liliana as the ugly one and Micah as a fair haired god of a man hidden behind his black armor. Liliana barters her survival for her cooking skills, and she soon begins to unintentionally seduce Micah with her amazing cooking and her brave, stubborn intelligence and personality. Because Liliana was tortured her entire life by her father, she has no fear of the Lord of the Abyss, and is quite comfortable telling him no and bantering with him. Micah has never encountered anyone who didn't fear him, and is fascinated by the brave Liliana. As her delicious cooking begins to trigger sensory memories of his childhood, he finds himself drawn to Liliana and slowly falls in love with her. Liliana is shocked and nearly overcome by the attentions of Micah. Told her entire life that she is ugly and odd, she is confused by his straightforward attraction to her. The buildup of trust, respect and attraction was really well done. I found it believable, touching and sexy and could not stop reading this delightful story. Adding to this is a sense of suspense, as time is running out and the Blood Sorcerer is hunting Liliana. The final battle, the reunion of the siblings and the fate of Elden was resolved in an exciting and very satisfying manner. Good stuff!

For more information about Nalini Singh, please check out her website at

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Romance Biggest Winner. Final four weeks!

Wow can you believe it? There are only 4 weeks left in the Romance Biggest Winner weight loss challenge.  On July 5, 2011 ninety-three authors and readers brought together by author Ashley March weighed in for the first time and we all began what we hoped would be a successful weight loss journey.  You can go here and read details of the first post on the Romance Biggest Winner Blog where results are announced every week for the previous weeks losses or gains.  Check out all the comments from people who talked about what they wanted to happen and what they were going to do to get there. Today was weigh in day for week 22 and the results will be posted today so feel free to check and see how everyone's doing now. We've lost a few people but the majority of people are still there and still working on their goals for this challenge. For myself i wanted to lose 30 lbs. I didn't think i could get there but i needed to set a goal and that came out to 5 lbs a month so i went with it. I am happy to day i am at 27 pounds lost so far with the 4 weeks left to get to 30. Of course with December there are lots of treats about and family dinners and such so it's kind of like a mine field out there. I did well at Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago and had my one and only Christmas dinner outside family and did good there. Thing is there are still pitfalls out there. I just hope i see them before i fall in. lol You can follow Romance Biggest Winner on twitter by searching the hashtag #RBW if you want to see what challengers are saying and we have a Facebook page here and of course the blog Be sure to cheer on my team The Naughty Nines or Team 9. lol

I'll report back after the 5th of January and let you know how it all turned out for me. There is a $1,000 prize on the line. Wonder who will win??? Lots of people been working hard and losing pounds the last 22 weeks. Hard to say.

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Book review: Only His by author Susan Mallery


Only His (Nevada Hendrix)

October 2011

Wedding bells are ringing in Fool’s Gold, but not for Nevada Hendrix. Her triplet sisters are engaged, and even her mother has a more active love life than she does. Determined to make a fresh start, she applies for her dream job, only to discover that her new boss is her first love. Maybe she could overlook the fact that they’ve seen each other naked, but she’ll never forget the way he broke her heart.

Tucker Janack agrees to Nevada’s “business only” ground rules. After all, love is a trap that the construction millionaire has avoided his whole life. But when great business partners turn out to be so much more, every rule gets broken. Will either of them be willing to try again…or will their past get in the way?

This is book 6 in the Fools Gold series by Susan Mallery. Nevada is the last triplet to find love.Tucker and Nevada have a painful past together. Tucker is part owner is a big construction company that is coming to Fools Gold to build a big casino. Nevada wants a job on that build and goes for a interview to find he is the interviewer and her boss if she gets the job. The past come back to get her with a vengeance when Tucker's ex girlfriend from that painful past shows up in town too. Nevada decides she wants the challenge of the job if Tucker can forget the past she can too and they can maintain a professional relationship. Sounds reasonable doesn't it? The main focus is Tucker and Nevada but there are also her triplet sisters plans to marry and her moms dating and sex life and social lives of her friends. The Fools Gold series is not just focus on one couple they focus on a couple as well as the town and all the occupants. It's always fun to find out about past characters and perhaps future ones. This one made me laugh so many time. Many surprises that made me smile and laugh out loud and shake my head. 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Picks stars. Find out more about this series and the author Susan Mallery at her Fools Gold website.

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Book review and interview: Because of you by author Jessica Scott

Available now at:
B & N


“Keeping his men alive is all that matters to Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison. But meeting Jen St. James the night before his latest deployment makes Shane wonder if there’s more to life than war. He leaves for Iraq remembering a single kiss with a woman he’ll never see again- until a near fatal attack lands him back at home and in her care. Jen has survived her own brush with death and endured its scars. And yet there’s a fire in Shane that makes Jen forget all about her past. He may be her patient, but when this warrior looks her in the eyes, she feels – for the first time in a long time – like a woman. Shane is too proud to ask for help, but for Jen, caring for him is more than a duty -it’s a need. And as Jen guides Shane through the fires of healing, she finds something she never expected – her deepest desire.”

I was a bit nervous and excited to read this book. Wait and waited patiently for it to come out and went right to Amazon and downloaded it when it did. I read the Prologue and then i let it sit It sat some more til the weekend and ok wait it sat some more until i got over myself and picked up and started reading. I was afraid after hearing everyone say they cried it would be to emotional for me. I wasn't in the mood for that so in my head i debated for almost a week. I never heard anything bad about it so that wasn't a problem. Through the whole book i kept waiting to get hit with some big emotional thing that would overwhelm me. Thing is i read the whole thing and didn't cry even once.  It's definitely not that nothing big happened in the story because the whole thing was big for me. It was a journey for more than one person. You have Shane who is the alpha GI Joe man all the way. He feels responsible for every man under his command and well just about everyone he knows too. Sounds like a pretty good guy huh? Problem is he can't control everything so when something bad happens he blames himself. Then you have Jen the nurse who is there for everyone but still has issues with her bout from breast cancer a few years before. Shane meets Jen the night before he and his unit are to deploy to Iraq again. Sparks fly but what can you do when one of the two is leaving for months and months? A few months go by and things are intense in Iraq worse than Shane thought it would be. Suddenly he and two of his fellow soldiers under his command are seriously injured and sent back stateside where wouldn't you know it Jen is working at the military hospital as a nurse.  From there the two start a journey to finding themselves and each other and why sometimes you have to trust someone else and believe in yourself. Shane and Jen are the main characters in this book but you get introduced to several other characters who have a impact on the story and i suspect the main characters in future books.  The characters are so read you feel you know them by the end of the book.  The story is so well written i didn't feel at anytime the need to roll my eyes at something that doesn't sound right. Jessica leads you right to the end of the story and then snags you with a ending that makes you excited for the next one. You want to know what happens to all the characters. I know i do. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Because of You by debut author Jessica Scott. Read more about Jessica and this book and her future projects here.
Find Jessica on Twitter JessicaScott Facebook JessicaScottAuthor Goodreads JessicaScott/goodreads

Below is a short interview with the wonderful Jessica Scott. enjoy!

1 What made you decide to write a military romance? Was it hard to get into considering what your day job is?

It wasn't hard for me to get into, honestly. The hard part was pulling from daily life and keeping things separate, you know? I can't seem to *not* write about soldiers. I've tried and written exactly one book that doesn't have military characters in it (and it will never see the light of day:). Apparently, my line into the collective unconscious is through writing about soldiers and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love what I do on both counts. Being a soldier is an honor and a privilege it's something I take incredibly seriously.

2 What's it like for you to have your spouse in the military also. Have you ever deployed at the same time? Did you meet your husband because of the military? PS That's where i met mine.

My husband and I deployed during OIF 09-11 in Mosul as part of 1st Cavalry Division. It was interesting to be in the same unit, that's for sure. I think we made it work and the really cool part about being deployed at the same time was that we kind of got to be a couple again. No kids. No housework. Just, you know, a war going on around us. But we made it work. It's always tough, though, being the spouse at home, worrying about your loved one forward. I can see both sides of it, you know? Being deployed is simpler, but not easier by any stretch. And being at home, while maybe not as dangerous, is arguably more stressful because you're mom, dad, everything falls on you to get done. It's a lot.

3 How did you research for this book? I imagine you have some of your own experience to draw on but did you have to look for more info is so where?

The military stuff wasn't all that tough for me to find out. I definitely got some funny looks from my brigade surgeon when I asked him about the best way to kill yourself with a weapon and about drug interactions while we were deployed. I promised him that I was writing a book and he was game, but still, I think he wondered. The medical stuff was a lot tougher to dig into. I had to pull from medical journals some of the medical stuff about Shane's leg injuries and I did a lot of research into people who thrived with amputations. A huge book for anyone wanting to see one man's perspective about life after amputation is Bryan Anderson's No Turning Back. Talk about inspiring.

4 If there is one thing that people misunderstand about the military or military life what is it?

Wow, there's so much we misunderstand about each other. There was an article written by a senior spouse military wife who was basically telling all the wives of today's war generation to suck it up, life isn't that bad. Well, she was a military spouse in the 80s and 90s when the worst thing she had to live through was a year of her spouse moving to Korea, not back to back rotations year after year. So it's hard to say where people misunderstand the most. I don't think the media portrays situations accurately when they say "the Army" did this or that. Ultimately, it's not "the Army" that did something. It's a specific chain of command. It's people. Does that make sense?

5 tell us 3 random things about yourself. Then tell us little about the next book in this series if that's possible.

Ack, three completely random things? Um, I have big feet. I'm kind of a cosmetics whore. And I love a good post apocalyptic anything (book, movie).

The next book in the series is a MUCH easier question to answer seeing how I just turned it in this week (whoot!). BACK TO YOU picks up where BECAUSE OF YOU leaves off. Laura Davila has been waiting for her husband to come home from war for years and finally, she's had enough. She sends her husband Trent divorce papers (a major taboo for military wives and sadly, an all too common occurrence) while he's deployed and he comes home to try and salvage their marriage. She has to learn to trust not only that he loves her but that he's capable of staying home long enough to learn to adjust to life outside of combat. It's a reunion story that really asks the question what is worth fighting for?

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Book review: Head over Heels by author Jill Shalvis


Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis
out in stores and online now.

Breaking rules and breaking hearts

Free-spirited Chloe lives life on the edge. Unlike her soon-to-be married sisters, she isn't ready to settle into a quiet life running their family's newly renovated inn. But soon her love of trouble--and trouble with love-draws the attention of the very stern, very sexy sheriff who'd like nothing better than to tame her wild ways.

Suddenly Chloe can't take a misstep without the sheriff hot on her heels. His rugged swagger and his enigmatic smile are enough to make a girl beg to be handcuffed. For the first time, instead of avoiding the law, Chloe dreams of surrender. Can this rebel find a way to keep the peace with the straitlaced sheriff? Or will Chloe's colorful past keep her from a love that lasts . . . and the safe haven she truly wants in a town called Lucky Harbor?

This is the third book in the Lucky Harbor series by author Jill Shalvis. Chloe, Maddie and Tara are step sisters who inherited a dilapidated old bed and breakfast from their mother. In book one they decide they want to fix it up and run it. Chloe is the baby of the sisters and the one with the free spirit.Sawyer is the big bad sheriff of Lucky Harbor and Chloe seems to be always ticking him off. In reality both Chloe and Sawyer have personal demons driving them. Chloe never knew her dad. Doesn't even know his name and her mother was a flighty woman who dragged her all over living a life where you she never had a home. Top that with the fact that she has life threatening asthma and her life is not as much fun as people seem to think. Sawyer was raised by his dad and he was a wild kid who couldn't be tamed and over the years there grew a distance between him and his dad that he thinks can never be filled.  Through the first two books you got small glimpses at Sawyer and Chloe but you were left to wonder what they were really like. What was really going on with Chloe. She acted nonchalant about everything like she really didn't care much. Then there is a whole asthma thing. She has such severe asthma she can't even have sex or so she thinks she can't. Sawyer breaks through her barriers as much ans she breaks through his. The man is so sweet you can't help but love him even if he is hard on himself about everything.  Head over Heels is another great read from Jill Shalvis. Another one you can sit down and enjoy with a small smile on your face with a laugh or two thrown in for good measure. If you haven't read this series what are you waiting for? Read a excerpt here and find out more about her other books. JillShalvis-excerpt Head over Heels . 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Picks stars for Head over Heels by Jill Shalvis.

Other books in the series
Simply Irrisitable
The Sweetest Thing
Head over Heels
2 in 1 reissue of Simply Irristible and the Sweetest thing

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Secret Santa A Secret Queen novella by author Sierra Dean


Secret Santa

A Secret McQueen Novella
Sierra Dean
Available today  November 29, 2011
ebook only

’Tis the season for ho-ho-homicide.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The season for mistletoe, Christmas lights…and a killing spree. When Secret’s friend, Detective Mercedes Castilla, asks for help to solve a series of murders longer than a string of lights, Secret resigns herself to the fact her holidays will be anything but peaceful.

It seems someone is killing New Yorkers in an unusually gruesome way, and as the bodies pile up faster than presents under the tree, the police are no closer to finding the killer than Secret is to finding the perfect present for one of her boyfriends, Lucas.

Tracking down a monster in Manhattan the week before Christmas is almost as difficult as shopping for her ever-expanding collection of loved ones. When tragedy strikes close to home, Secret must do everything in her power to put an end to the horror in time for Santa to come down the chimney.

Warning: Contains a less than merry McQueen with a sword and a reason to use it; a festive new use for mistletoe; and a promise that will haunt Secret like the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Sigh i love this series. I think Sierra Dean tries to torture me with these novella's lol. I love em but they are never long enough. She gives you some great story then leaves you hanging. If you've read this series then you know all about Secret McQueen hunter extraordinaire. Secret has a complicated life. She is soul bonded to the wolf King of New York  Lucas Rain and his second in command Desmond. Then there is her super sexy vampire friend and Vampire council Sentry Holden Chancery who has the hots for her. Talk about a confusing love life. In Secret Santa you don't get to see Lucas at all as he is away visiting family. You do get a nice dose of Desmond and Holden though.  I can totally see the confusion Secret has for all these men. Secret Santa is a sexy little Christmas read with a twist. A monster is on the loose in New York City. Bodies keep showing up or at least parts of them and Secret is asked to try and figure out what's going on. It gets close to home when someone close gets snatched. Will Secret save the day and get to enjoy Christmas with her newly made up family? Another exciting Secret read that of course leaves you waiting for more. The only thing missing was Lucas Rain but you can't have everything in a short novella. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Secret Santa by Sierra Dean. Find out more about Sierra Dean here and find out all about this novella and all the Secret McQueen books.

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Mancandy Monday! Easy on the eyes.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and perhaps made a dent in their Christmas shopping. I'm back this week and starting with this handsome young man. Felipe Flores


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Free ebook Friday Angel Be Good by Kathy Carmichael


Miracles still happen in modern day New York when “Scrooge” (Nathaniel Danvers) meets “Heaven Can Wait” (Daphne), who has been sent to give him one last chance at redemption. ANGEL BE GOOD captures the essence of the classic Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and offers a touch of humor and romance. A perfect holiday feel-good read.

Find out more about this book and Cathy Carmichael by clicking here

Buy for free from Amazon for Kindle Angel-Be-Good

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Book review: Love Rescued Me by Debra Kayn


Love Rescued Me by Debra Kayn Nov. 4, 2011

What's small-town veterinary doctor Samantha James to do when the one person she trusts and shares her secret with isn’t who she thought?

Samantha James moves to small-town Skamania, Washington to escape the crooked cops who framed her younger brother, Parker, and sent him to prison for a crime he didn't commit. With the goal of setting up her veterinary practice and making a home for Parker when he's released, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with the local forest ranger.

Undercover officer Bobby Thorn is only in Skamania posing as a forest ranger to apprehend the scumbag who killed his partner. He doesn't have time for romance. But, when he goes to town seeking help for the injured wolf he finds, he can't help but be drawn to the fiery veterinarian. Caught between sharing sizzling nights with Samantha and doing his job, he finds himself torn. Will he be able to keep from blowing his cover, catch a killer, and keep the woman he loves safe all at the same time.

There is something dirty in Skamania. Under cover officer is Bobby Thorn is masquerading as a park ranger to catch a killer. He is also distracted by the new veterinarian Samantha James. Samantha has just moved into town and opened a new veterinarian clinic. A fresh start she hopes. For a short book only 138 pages there is plenty going on. There is a killer on the loose a dirty sheriff, Samantha's brother in prison for something he didn't do while she is harassed by police and then there is Bobby Thorn is not who he says he is either.  Take a quick little ride through this book for action pack romantic suspense in a small package.  4 out of 5 Modokker Book pick stars for Love Rescued me by Debra Kayn. Find out more about this book, read a excerpt and Debra Kayn's other books by clicking here.

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Book review: Warrior Agent by Dana Marton (Book 3 Agents under fire trilogy)


Available now
Warrior Agent -Dana Marton
Agents under fire trilogy

Troy Hill has been tirelessly working for months to bring down a corrupt congressman. When the man’s goons capture him and lock him up, he knows they can’t afford to leave him alive. His only chance at escape is the congressman’s new security guard, Claire Montgomery. He expects he’ll have to either manipulate her into setting him free or kill her. He doesn’t expect to fall in love with her.

This is the last book in the Agents Under Fire trilogy by Dana Marton. I've been lucky enough to read and review all three. This series has been packed with sexy capable men as well as sexy capable take charge women. I think in this one Troy meets his match in Claire. I was excited to see a ex military woman who can kick butt and does so. You don't see many of these kinds of books and i was cheering Claire on through the whole book. Warrior agent wraps up the thread on the dirty congressman and his brother and you get  Gabe and Jake from the two previous two books in this trilogy when they come and help Troy.  Action packed right to the end. Dana Marton really know her romantic suspense and you get a big dose of that in this book. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. This was one of those one sitting books. I think it took about 2 hours to sit and read and i was wishing for more in the end. lol
Find out more about Dana Marton and  this series and read chapter 1 of this book by clicking here.

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Book review: The Next Always (book 1 The Inn Boonsboro trilogy) by Nora Roberts


The Next Always - Nora Roberts

Berkley Trade
On sale November 1, 2011
America's favorite writer" (The New Yorker) begins an all-new trilogy-inspired by the inn she owns and the town she loves.

The historic hotel in BoonsBoro, Maryland, has endured war and peace, changing hands, even rumored hauntings. Now it's getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother. As the architect of the family, Beckett's social life consists mostly of talking shop over pizza and beer. But there's another project he's got his eye on: the girl he's been waiting to kiss since he was fifteen...

This is the first book in a new trilogy by Nora Roberts. I feels similar to her Bride quartet series to me so far. The book itself is packaged beautifully similarly to the Bride Quartet books. The series is about 3 brothers, the Montgomery's. Beckett, Owen and Ryder listed as youngest to oldest. I love love the names she chose for these guys. This book is Beckett's. He is the architect of the family although all 3 have things to bring to the table. Beckett's had a crush on book seller and widower Clare Brewster since she was 15. She's back in Boonsboro now widowed by her military husband with 3 little boys to raise.

A big part of this book is spent on getting the trilogy started and on details. Lots and lots of details about the restoration on the inn. That's expected i guess somewhat in the first book. You have to get all the players in place. There are quite a few. I could do with less construction talk though and hope there isn't as much in book two and three. Bride Quartet books were similar. Problem is when you have to much you tend to start skipping parts and sometimes miss important stuff. I didn't skip anything but i thought about it more than once. There is a bit of paranormal in this book with a ghost of a woman in the inn. It's kind of fun and makes sense with it being a old building. There is also some suspense when Clare finds she has stalker. I enjoyed the book and getting to know all the characters. I wish there had been a little more back story on Beckett and Clare from school but i had the feeling that there wasn't much there since she was high school sweethearts with her now deceased husband. Now that the intro to the series is done I'm hoping for more romance in book 2 that comes out in May of 2012. 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Nora Roberts The Next Always.  Read a excerpt and find out more about this book and Nora Roberts other books here. Nora Roberts

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Mancandy Monday A trio of sexy men!

I went to see Immortals this weekend and so then of course had to go look up some of the sexy men in this film. Here is a trio of them. Henry Cavill, Luke Evans and Kellan Lutz.


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Veterans Day and SEAL of my Dreams with help from Roxanne St Claire

November 11th, today is Veteran's Day. Do you know a veteran? Have a family member serving right now? It was about 20 years ago i spent the first 6 month of my time in the Army in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. I was young. Only 20 and i look back now and i realize i didn't know a thing about life. I didn't know a lot about anything. I did a lot of growing up in those months. I was only afraid a few time in my months in the desert. To young to know better i guess. I made some fast friends that some i still have. A few of my fellow soldiers are still in the Army and have spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past years. Many have retired or gotten out over the years as well. I was in 24th trans. and drove a M915 truck and trailer combo. It was the most exciting and awesome feeling to drive one of those rigs. My husband that i met when i got attached to 24th trans still drives a truck.


There is a wonderful book put together by a huge group of to my thinking wonderful authors and all it's profits going to awesome veterans charity. The name of the book is "Seal of my Dreams". All proceeds are pledged to the Veterans Research Corporation a non-profit foundation supporting veterans medical research. I hope you'll support this charity buying the book.

I asked one of the authors and a wonderful lady to talk a little about the book and she gave me permission to use some of her post from her blog Murder She Writes.

A PICTURE WORTH 100,000 words

A few months ago, the New York Times ran this photo of U.S. Navy SEALs as they prepare for a night mission to capture Iraqi insurgent leaders near Fallujah, Iraq. My guess is there were a lot of newspapers dampened with drool that morning. I know mine was. In a matter of hours, the photo had hit Twitter, courtesy of a few romance writers who no doubt stared at that shot and invented that hero’s goal, motivation, conflict, heroine, backstory, and probably an entire new SEAL series. Can’t you just see him on a cover? As a matter of fact, someone did!
The original tweeters, Christie Ridgway and Alison Kent, started chatting about how inspired they were by the photo. That man is the essence of a hero — fearless, loyal, honorable, and willing to die for what he knows is right. The tat, scar, and physique spell sexy, but it’s where he is and what he’s about to do that takes my breath away. That online admiration led to the SEAL of My Dreams anthology for charity.

Within days, Christie and Alison had arranged to obtain the rights for the picture and contacted a group of authors known for their love of a good military hero, asking if we would write short stories with a Navy SEAL hero and donate the proceeds to a military charity.

I was honored and humbled to participate in this remarkable project, one of nineteen authors who contributed eighteen short stories and one tear-jerking forward by Robyn Carr. When I first heard the ambitious schedule and the quality and quantity of the authors (oh, the deadlines!) I admit I was skeptical that this concept could fly. Lesson to me: never doubt the power of a Navy SEAL.

SEAL of My Dreams releases on 11/11/11, with eighteen glorious Navy SEAL heroes. Click here for sneak peaks of stories written by Jami Alden, Stephanie Bond, Kylie Brant, Helen Brenna, HelenKay Dimon, Cindy Gerard, Tara Janzen, Leslie Kelly, Elle Kennedy, Allison Kent, Gennita Low, Jo Leigh, Marliss Melton, Christie Ridgway, Barbara Samuel, Stephanie Tyler, Loreth Anne White, and yours truly. Wow, that is some incredible company to be in!

And very special thanks to awesome Bell Bridge Books for publishing the paperback and ebook versions of SEAL of my Dreams, with all proceeds pledged to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit foundation supporting veterans’ medical research.

Many of these authors don’t just write about military heroes, we also have a few special ones in our hearts and lives. My nephew, an Army Ranger I’ve mentioned here a few times, spent fifteen months in Baghdad and while he returned home to us healthy and whole, his health care costs and issues can be daunting. I was thrilled to give my time and talent for a program that I know will help thousands of heroes just like my nephew.

My story, “Whirlwind,” is set on the shores of Barefoot Bay, giving readers their first snapshot of the island location that will be front and center in my upcoming contemporary romance series. I’ve read through the whole anthology and I can assure you this collection is power-packed with romance, passion, danger, action, emotion, and eighteen breathtaking Navy SEALs.


You can buy the book today!
Buy from Amazon
Buy from Barnes and Noble
Find out more about Roxanne St Claire here
You can also check out the Seal of My Dreams website here

I hope you'll support veterans everywhere by checking out this book and buying it. I've read it myself and enjoyed it immensely. There is such a array of different stories. Your emotions will run the gamut and in the end you'll feel different from when you started. If you are a romance reader it's also a chance to read some authors you probably haven't before and perhaps become a new fan of a few of them.

Please remember the veterans in your life and the ones you don't even know this Veterans Day.

Book review: SEAL of my Dreams by various authors

eARC provided by netgalley

Available  Veteran's Day - 11/11/11

All proceeds pledged to the Veterans Research Corporation a non-profit foundation supporting veterans medical research
SEAL of My Dreams is now available digitally at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as in print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bell Bridge Books.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Robyn Carr
Coming Home by Jami Alden
Baby, I’m Back by Stephanie Bond
SEALed Fates by Kylie Brant
Going Dark by Helen Brenna
Finding Home by HelenKay Dimon
SEALed With A Kiss (A Black Ops., Inc. story) by Cindy Gerard
Panama Jack by Tara Janzen
Wrapped and SEALed by Leslie Kelly
Worth the Risk by Elle Kennedy
Twenty-One Hours by Alison Kent
Not Waving But Drowning by Jo Leigh
Her Secret Pirate by Gennita Low
SEALed By Fate by Marliss Melton
Signed, SEALed, Delivered…I’m Yours by Christie Ridgway
Dog Heart by Barbara Samuel
Whirlwind by Roxanne St. Claire
Holding On by Stephanie Tyler
Letters To Ellie by Loreth Anne White

This book is a book put together by almost 20 authors. They all donated their efforts for free for a cause they feel is worthy. Some from what i read at the end of the book have family members in the military or previous military. You don't need a military connection though to want to support Veterans and our nations soldiers. If you're out today and see a veteran be sure to say thank you for their service. Tell them you appreciate them. Just say hello! As a veteran myself I was touched that a group of authors would get together and do this. I was excited to read the book because i love military heroes. Love to read about them. There were also a couple authors offering up stories that went with their on going series that i love and wanted to see what they were about.  The stories were all well written some short some longer all in some way showing  bits and  pieces of what many veterans lives might be like. All riveting and gut wrenching at times. There's lots and lots of love in this book too though. I've never read a book like this but thoroughly enjoyed it and in the process found several new to me authors to check out.  5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars. Get this book. You can support veteran find new authors and get all those awesome military guys right at your fingertips.

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Book review: The Heart of Killer ( Book 1 The Killer series) by author Jaci Burton

ARC provided through


The Heart of a Killer

Book One in The Killer Series
Available now at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Chapters, The Book Depository.

No one said coming home would be easy. But for Dante Renaldi, it's murder.

Before the Special Forces hero has even unpacked his bags from twelve years of active duty, he's embroiled in murder—corpses bearing the brutal trademark he's seen only once before—on the worst night of his life.

The last time Detective Anna Pallino saw Dante Renaldi, they were in love. Now, he's part of the connection to a string of fresh homicides and a horrible assault Anna only survived thanks to him.

More than anything, Anna wants to trust Dante. But as the bodies and the coincidences stack up, Anna will have to decide, and fast: Is the man she owes her life to the very same one who wants her dead?

This is a brand new series by Jaci Burton called The Killer series. The heart of a Killer is book one. On her website she doesn't have any info on the next book so I'm not sure how this series will go. If the characters from book one will be in book two and so on. Time will tell. For this book  I have to say I have not read anything like this from Jaci before. I am only familiar with some of her contemporary books. This one was good but here and there i got kind of bored. Just a smidge though. In the beginning of the book starts with a prologue that explains how the main characters know each other as teenagers first, bonded as friends that ends with a terrifying ordeal and a death. Anna and Dante are a item and he just picks up and leaves it seems after the ordeal.  The book picks up after that 12 years later with Dante coming back after being gone for those 12 years and another murder. This book is heavy on thrilling suspense and light on romance.  It definitely leans more to the suspense. There are several murders that surprised me and the killer was a surprise as well. I had a suspect in mind but then he ended up dead so when i thought i had it maybe figured out i was wrong. lol This is a good sign in a book. If you can figure it out before your halfway through where's the fun? I can honestly say i was surprised and a bit shocked by who the killer was. You start liking your characters it sucks when they are not what you thought. I am excited to see where Ms. Burton goes with this series.  Aside from being bored a few times it was a great read with well written characters and a good plot. Certainly kept me guessing. 3 1/2 Modokker Book Pick Stars for Heart of a Killer. You can find out more about this book and Jaci Burton's other works by check out her website here.

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Giveaway!! Blog tour guest post by Lisa Renee Jones author of The Zodious series and the Storm that is Sterling.


In the Storm that is Sterling I get to visit a place I love. VEGAS BABY!

I started going to Vegas a couple times a year back in my corporate days. For the first few years, I did a lot of just seeing everything and very little gambling. Then one night I stopped at a roulette table and the rest is history. I LOVE roulette. It’s exciting, wild and crazy – just like Sterling!

In the Zodius series the Renegades have an inner city headquarters beneath NEONOPOLIS which is a real place.

Neonopolis, a 250,000 sq ft shopping mall, is a $100 million entertainment complex in Las Vegas, Nevada located on top of a $15 million city parking garage. It is located on the Fremont Street Experience, at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard. In keeping with the complex's name, it contains three miles of neon lights.

Ironically its one of the few places in Vegas I’ve never been!

Probably because I was HERE:

 Like I said – roullette is a wild exciting ride just like Sterling!

And who is Sterling? This is the picture I used to motivated me while I was writing Sterling:



Sterling Jeter has remarkable powers and has shown himself

to be just about indestructible. But beautiful, brilliant Rebecca

Burns knows that even a Super Soldier needs comfort, and so

much more…

But she can see that deep down,

he’s just a man…

Sterling and Rebecca’s teenage romance was interrupted,

but years later the heat between them flares back to life.

Even though it endangers everything they’re fighting for, it’s

impossible to resist picking up right where they left off…

Read an excerpt HERE:


Now to win any of my backlist ebooks of your choice –

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And to win a copy of SANTA BABY’S UK release - guess what I am going to do in Vegas next July!!!

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Book review: The Storm that is Sterling (Zodious series book 2) author Lisa Renee Jones


Sourcebooks Casablanca (November 2011)

Barnes & Noble

Sterling Jeter, Renegade Super Soldier, is fearless, powerful, and wildly unpredictable. His life-threatening mission is to save the beautiful, brilliant astrobiologist Rebecca Burns from ruthless villain Adam Rain. But their immutable mutual attraction threatens to put them in the path of death… or worse…

Adam, the leader of the evil Zodius soldiers has developed a street drug from his newborn’s DNA that is so addictive that he could easily created a worldwide dependency on him as the only source, as withdrawal kills the user. This drug will give Adam the power to rule the entire population if his plan for mass distribution is achieved. Sterling, and a brilliant, cancer stricken scientist, must stop Adam before it’s too late. But can Sterling trust this woman when he discovers this drug might be her only way of surviving cancer?. Is he in bed, and in love, with the enemy?

He may be invincible to everyone else…

Sterling Jeter has remarkable powers and has shown himself to be just about indestructible. But beautiful, brilliant Rebecca Burns knows that even a Super Soldier needs comfort, and so much more…

But she can see that deep down, he’s just a man…

Sterling and Rebecca’s teenage romance was interrupted, but years later the heat between them flares back to life. Even though it endangers everything they’re fighting for, it’s impossible to resist picking up right where they left off

The Hero: Sterling
He was created, molded, formed from life, love, and misery…

Lethally daring. Ruthlessly passionate. He invites death to his door. Welcomes it with each breath he draws, each step he takes. And thus he is danger. A volatile storm that will sweep across the calm realms of humanity and shake it to the depths of its core. And that storm is…Sterling.

The Storm that is Sterling is the 2nd book in the Zodious series. Book one The Legend of Michael  came out in May of this year and i really enjoyed it. This series is a a romantic suspense with a twist. These are your military alphas that so many of us enjoy but hopped up on alien DNA later known as GTECH's. Government experiments on soldiers produced these super soldiers who is turn eventually went rogue in two different factions when the government sought to get rid of them. They are the Renegades and the Zodious soldiers ran by twin brothers, Caleb and Adam Rain. One good and one evil. Sterling is one of the Renegades. A good guy who had kind of a rough life until he found his niche in the Army. Sterling is leading the fight to get rid of ICE an addicting drug put on the streets by Adam Rain. He is assigned to pick up a scientist one Rebecca (Becca) Burns who they hope will help them counteract the drug. One problem. Becca has cancer and is dying and Sterling has a past with her. Before Sterling can get her stashed away though she is taken by one of Adam's Zodious soldiers along with him.  This is a fast paced story. You're left with some guessing as to what's going on and who is who and how's it all going to end up all right. Or is it going to be alright. Lisa Renee Jones gives you a bit of a thrill ride all the way through and leaves you guessing as to what's next at the end of the book. I am loving her characters and I especially can't wait for Caleb (leader of the Renegades) to get his story and meet his  lifebond. This series is still revving up i think. 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for The Storm that is Sterling. Find out more about this series and the author Lisa Renee Jones by clicking here.

Swing back by this blog tomorrow and Lisa Renee Jones will be guest hosting and giving away a pretty cool Prize.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Free ebook Friday! Here to Stay by author Debra Webb

From what i've read this is the 3rd book Debra she wrote in her career.


Nathan Blackrope has never forgotten a single thing about Paige Weston. Not how much he loved her or the way she betrayed him, and not the plans they had once made. Plans that included marriage and children…things Nathan has never found—or wanted—with anyone else. Now Paige is back and Nathan is about to discover the shocking reason she left him…and why she has finally returned.

Getting intimately involved with Nathan again is the last thing Paige intends to allow when she returns to Trinity. She has never forgiven him for the way their relationship ended. In spite of her best efforts, she is still drawn to the proud Apache man who once stole her heart and gave her nothing in return. Nothing except her beloved child—a child whose father has no idea he exists…

Find out more about this books and Debra's other releases by checking out her website here

Buy free for kindle from Amazon
Buy free for Nook from Barnes and Noble here

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Book review: Free Short Story!! The Day of the Dead by Karen Chance

Review by Sarah


Back of the Book Blurb: The Day of the Dead is a short story connected to the New York Times bestselling Cassandra Palmer series of urban fantasy novels. It was first published in the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (2008) and is now being offered as a free ebook. It features Tomas, a character from Touch the Dark (2006), the first Cassandra Palmer novel. Tomas has returned to an ancient village in South America to destroy his former master, a former Conquistador named Alejandro. Before he can locate Alejandro, Tomas runs into Sarah, a mysterious woman searching for her missing brother.

Review: At just 36 pages, this is truly a short story. That being said, it was free (yay!) and pretty darn good. And absolutely perfect to read while my son was in his karate lesson and my daughter was bouncing off the chair next to me, chattering nonstop. Which is why I normally can only read at night:-)

Tomas is over four hundred years old, and has not had the best vampire life. He was born to an Incan mother and a Spanish Conquistador father, turned into a vampire and made to collect human snacks for a real sadistic master vamp named Alejandro. He ends up slave to another master vamp, escapes him, and has returned to the small village in the mountains to try and kill Alejandro (gahhhh, I hear Lady Gaga every time I type his name). It is the Day of the Dead, and there are other strangers in this tiny village, one of whom is Sarah, a mysterious and capable woman searching for her missing journalist brother. Not everyone is fully human, though, and Sarah and Tomas end up joining forces. I won't go into further plot points because, hey, at 36 free pages you can read it yourself.

Tomas is a well-developed character - I really felt like I knew him about halfway through the story. His motivations for killing Alejandro are understandable, and his morality really shines through. Sarah's secret identity is a unique twist in the paranormal genre, and I enjoyed reading about her, although I wanted to know more about her history. Usually short stories are focused on either action or character development, but the author has done a nice job balancing the two. The story moves along nicely with lots of fights, suspense and surprises, and the beginnings of a sexy romance.

Good stuff!

4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars

For more information about the author and her books, check out her website at
This is also where you can find this free read.