Thursday, December 26, 2019

eARC Book review: The Hitwoman Goes to Prison (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #21) by J.B. Lynn

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Available Dec 27th 2019

Family is everything.

That’s the motto Maggie Lee lives by. She’s proven that she’ll do anything (even become an assassin…albeit an inept one, as God likes to remind her) to take care of those she loves.

Even when they drive her crazy.

But as Maggie attempts to reunite a young boy with his mother, her own family is in danger of falling apart.

The human members are facing a heartbreaking loss, the animals are mutinying against one of their own, and a missing skull is causing trouble for everyone.

Maggie may be able to save an innocent’s life, but can she save her family?

Maggie is in a constant state of crazy. Her family seems to finally be settling in at her Grandfather's farm but all is not well for very long. There's a new animal in the family fold and skull to be found with a mysterious past and a sister leaving town. While Maggie solves one problem new ones crop up.  A crazy whirlwind of animal and danger Maggie handles it all somehow. Each installment of this series keeps me riveted from beginning to end. The author manages to keep the story fresh and interesting.  Always a wonderful evening read.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

eARC Book review: The Rancher's Redemption (The Millers of Morgan Valley Book 2) by Kate Pearce

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Widowed for ten years, now running the family ranch, Adam Miller is no longer the fun-loving guy who married his high school sweetheart the moment they graduated. His bitterness in the aftermath of her death even alienated his closest link to her—Lizzie Taylor, her best friend. But when Adam comes across Lizzie in a dire situation, he’s compelled to help—and finds himself with an unusual opportunity to make amends . . .

A struggling single mom, Lizzie’s extremely wealthy ex ran out on her when she got pregnant. But now he and his family have decided to fight for custody of her young son. When Adam shocks her by offering to pose as her partner, awkward as it may feel, it’s Lizzie’s best chance to hold onto her child. And as they strive to present a united front, their old friendship rekindles, sparking an unexpected attraction—along with past hurts and secrets. Soon they realize they’ll have to find a way to forgive if they want to move forward—especially with each other . . .

Adam and Lizzie were friends growing up then Adam fell for Lizzie's best friend and married her. Short years later his wife died and Adam has mourned her ever since. Now 14 years later Lizzie is back in town with her son Roman trying to make a life for herself. Lizzie has a problem when family of the father of her son start harassing her. Suddenly wanting visitation rights and trying to prove she's unfit. Adam takes this chance to try and make amends. This was a complex story and parts of it were really good and parts that left me thinking what the heck. I've really enjoyed this series but this book left me scratching my head at times. I'm hoping the next book will redeem my admiration of this series. There's a bonus short story at the end of this book that was fun to read.

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