Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Ebook Friday!! Spying in Heels by Gemma Holliday

This weeks free ebook is Gemma Halliday's Spying in Heels. I bought this for my kindle but haven't read it yet.


High Heels Mysteries book #1
released Aug. 23, 2011
Gemma Halliday

L.A. shoe designer, Maddie Springer, lives her life by three rules: Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. But when she stumbles upon the work of a brutal killer, her life takes an unexpected turn from Manolos to murder. And things only get worse when her boyfriend disappears - along with $20 million in embezzled funds - and her every move is suddenly under scrutiny by the LAPD's sexiest cop. With the help of her post-menopausal bridezilla of a mother, a 300 pound psychic and one seriously oversexed best friend, Maddie finds herself stepping out of her stilettos and onto the trail of a murderer. But can she catch a killer before the killer catches up to her...

Sounds good going by the blurb. If you read it. I would love to know your thoughts. Find out more about Gemma Halliday and her books by checking out her website.
Get the book free for Amazon Kindle here Amazon/GemmaHalliday

Thursday, September 29, 2011

River Marked by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson Series #6)

Review by Sarah


Back of the Book Blurb:

Car mechanic Mercy Thompson has always known there was something different about her, and not just the way she can make a VW engine sit up and beg. Mercy is a shapeshifter, a talent she inherited from her long-gone father. She's never known any others of her kind. Until now.

An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River-one that her father's people may know something about. And to have any hope of surviving, Mercy and her mate, the Alpha werewolf Adam, will need their help...

Review: Ah, it feels so good to be back in Mercy's world, in the sixth adventure for our coyote shifter and walker. She is now Adam's fiance and mate, after surviving the faerie queene, a pissed off vampire Mistress, and various and sundry supernaturals, plus one psychotic rapist. But living Mercy's life vicariously is the ONLY way I want to live it, because by page 7 she is once again getting the crap beat out of her. Her strength and stubbornness are exceeded only by her loyalty to her friends. Gotta love the girl!

Patricia Briggs is a masterful storyteller, and River Marked is an elegant example of how a story should unfold. The pace is swift, the characters an interesting mix of the familiar and the new, and as the mystery is revealed the menace and danger continue to increase. Mercy is once again caught up in a swirling mix of supernatural freakiness and adventure, as she and Adam try to enjoy their honeymoon while figuring out who or what is killing people in the river. Soon Mercy meets other Native American shifters, and a good bit of her father's lineage is revealed as well, explaining her nature and abilities. The revelations about her father explain so much, making the reader realize just how beautifully crafted the entire storyline has been up to this point. Every clue, every little piece of Mercy's history, has a place in the puzzle that is assembled here.

Mercy and Adam learn they were manipulated by the fae (there's a shock!) to spend their honeymoon near the River Devil's hunting ground, and they soon join forces with local Native American medicine men to defeat the monster. As the River Devil gains in strength, she pushes Mercy to her limits in a violent final showdown.

Urban fantasy does not get better than these books. Mercy's world perfectly straddles the real and the supernatural, creating its very own magical "between" place capable of transporting readers. By having Mercy so involved in normal daily living, the author has created a much more believable world, and allows for a smooth addition of the supernatural. The blending of Native American and European folklore and mythology is seamless, highlighting the common themes and variations between the pantheons. Those of us who grew up reading the original Grimm's fairy tales will recognize the often terrifying European fae (as opposed to the sanitized, Disney versions), and they are a great addition to a world of vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves and more. Ancient legends pop up frequently in these books, and casual readers and students of folklore alike will devour them.

5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars

For more information about Patricia Briggs' novels, visit her website at
She has many, many books in print, but is perhaps best known for the following series:

Mercy Thompson Series Alpha and Omega Series
Moon Called On The Prowl (short story in this anthology)
Blood Bound Cry Wolf
Iron Kissed Hunting Game
Bone Crossed Fair Game (January 2012)
Silver Borne
River Marked
#7 ?? Spring 2013

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book review and Giveaway!!: Night After Night(book 2 Reliance Group) by author Janelle Denison

Night after night is the follow up book to Into the Night her April release and debut of her Reliance group series. I read and reviewed book one a couple months ago and enjoyed it. Book 2 Night after Night is available October 4th.


St. Martin's Press

The Reliance Group Series - Book 2
October 4, 2011 Preorder from Amazon and Barnes &Noble right now.
USA Today bestselling author Janelle Denison turns up the heat in her latest novel about the men of The Reliance Group, who mix business and pleasure with reckless abandon ...

The son of a con-artist, Sean O'Brien learned the hard way that living by your own rules comes with a price. After a brief time behind bars, Sean is now ready to live an honest life, and pay for his past mistakes. But even his gorgeous face and seductive charms can't make up for his prison record . . .until a member of The Reliance Group sees Sean's potential for good and gives him a job at the Onyx Casino.

Zoe Russo has met all types of men on the Vegas strip. But when Sean pays a visit to her casino boutique, she knows she's in luck. They share an immediate, irresistible attraction, and for the first time in her life she's found a man she thinks she can trust. But when Zoe stumbles onto the truth about Sean and his reasons for persuing her, she can't help but question his feelings for her. Is he for real, or has she been a fool for love? Until now, nothing has prepared her for the thrill, and risk, of gambling on love.

This is a hot little romantic suspense with a couple of stories going side by side. Kind of a two for one.  There is Zoe and Sean but also Zoe's best friend Jessie gets a little side story too. Sean is a member of the Reliance group founded by Caleb Roux. Sean was recruited by Caleb after a short stint in the state prison for a con gone wrong. Thankfully the judge saw something in Sean and hooked him up with Caleb. Sean is the bartender in the club in Vegas that doubles and the Reliance group headquarters. His assignment this time is to get close to Zoe Russo and see if she knows where her dad is. Her dad is suspected of embezzling millions in a land development scheme and has gone missing. Reliance group has been hired to find him. Grant Russo Zoe's father is also the man that got Sean's dad put in prison 12 years ago when they got caught in a ponzi scheme and Grant was able to make it look like Sean's dad acted alone. Talk about a uncomfortable assignment. It's all made worse when Sean meets Zoe and there is a instant attraction. It seems like everything is lost when Zoe finds out what Sean is really doing but then she decides to work with Reliance group to find her dad and hopefully clear his name. While there looking for Grant Russo someone is stalking Zoe and threatening her life. They need to find him and the missing money fast. This didn't end the way i thought it would. There is a nice little twist or two at the end i didn't expect. Sean is so hard on himself when it comes to his past but he finally finds a way to forgive himself in the end and i really loved this character.  The little side story is this book is Zoe's best friend Jessica and her first love she unexpectedly runs into while helping Zoe. I won't say more than that because they are not the main focus of the book but i enjoyed their side story too. Giving Night After Night by Janelle Denison 4 out of 5 Modokker book Pick stars. I found myself caring about all the main characters by the end of this book and seeing how people can change if they really want to.  Find out more about this book  (including a excerpt) and Jenelle Denison's other work by checking our her website.

Janelle has offered a paperback copy of Night After Night to one lucky commenter. Leave a comment with a valid email address and your in. I'm sorry but it's open  U.S. residents only. End at might night Friday Sept. 30th. Be sure to sign up to follow this blog. More giveaways next week. To follow scroll about halfway down the page and there is a box on the left side to do just that.

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Book Review: A Lawman's Christmas (McKettrick's) by Linda Lael Miller

I received a ebook copy of this book through netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

If you are a fan of the McKettrick series by Linda Lael Miller you are in luck! This is a new book that goes with the series and features Clay McKettrick. Clay is the son of Jeb and Chloe McKettrick from Second Hand Bride.


A Lawman's Christmas
Linda Lael Miller

Love comes home for the holidays in a brand-new McKettrick tale from New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller

The sudden death of the town marshal leaves Blue River, Texas, without a lawman…and twenty-five-year-old Dara Rose Nolan without a husband. As winter approaches and her meager seamstress income dwindles, she has three options. Yet she won’t give up her two young daughters, refuses to join the fallen women of the Bitter Gulch Saloon and can’t fathom condemning herself to another loveless marriage. Unfortunately she must decide—soon—because there’s a new marshal in town, and she’s living under his roof.

With the heart of a cowboy, Clay McKettrick plans to start a ranch and finally settle down. He isn’t interested in uprooting Dara Rose and her children, but he is interested in giving her protection, friendship—and passion. And when they say “I do” to a marriage of convenience, the temporary lawman’s Christmas wish is to make Dara Rose his permanent wife…

This is a sweet little book of only 256 pages but packed full of that McKettrick spirit. Clay McKettrick wanted a ranch of his own. He had plans to build a small house and barn and start his own ranch in Blue River Texas. For now he took the job as Blue River's town marshal while he waited for spring to start building. Dara Rose Nolan was already twice married and widowed and her last husband was the last town marshal who died in a embarrassing way. She was living in the marshal's house on borrowed time and knew it.  Dara Rose had  two small girls ages 5 and 6 Harriet and Edrina that are just as cute and funny as can be. Clay arrives in town and meets Edrina right away and they click and Clay already gets a soft spot for her.  He meets Dara Rose then and decides that she needs the house more than he does and tells her he'll stay at the jail for now. Unfortunately the town council decides if he isn't going to live there they need to sell it. They already have someone in mind and that someone has been after Dara Rose to put her kids in a orphanage and come and marry him and mind his home.  Clay comes to the rescue of course.

You'll just love these characters. It didn't take me long at all to like Clay and the girls are adorable. Dara Rose is a bit prickly but she is hiding some secrets and protecting her hearts and her girls. She can't help it. This i awesome little Christmas love story McKettrick style. I give a Lawman for Christmas 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. To read more about Linda Lael Miller and her other Cowboy books check out her website.

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Mancandy Monday! Karl Urban

The handful of things i've seen him in i think he could take on any role. He even does the bad guy well. lol Giving you two pictures because i couldn't resist. Look forward to seeing him in future flicks.



Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Ebook Friday! Marie Force and Kathy Carmichael

Two free ebooks today. First up Marie Force. If you've read Marie Force's Fatal series this is the new novella. Fatal Destiny, The Fatal Wedding Novella.


With the week of their wedding finally upon them, Washington, D.C., Police Lieutenant Sam Holland and her fiancé, Senator Nick Cappuano, are at odds. In the aftermath of a tragic loss, they struggle to reconnect as the big day draws near, but their work keeps pulling them apart. When a new clue into a cold case surfaces, Nick asks Sam not to take any foolish chances before the wedding and to leave it alone for the time being. Sam agrees, but she can't let it go entirely and winds up trapped in an explosive situation. Then an unwelcome visitor from her past threatens her future happiness… With trouble at every turn, will Sam survive long enough to walk down the aisle?

Available at the following places online.
Read Fatal Destiny:
Barnes & Noble
Carina Press
All Romance Ebooks

Find out more about Marie Force and her book on her website where a excerpt to this novella can also be found.

The next book is Kathy Carmichael "Kissing Kelli". I have not read this one but it sounds cute and funny and i like that combo. I did get it on my kindle today though so hopefully i get to read it soon. I've love to hear about it if you purchase it and read it.


Kissing Kelli

Handsome cowboy, Bobby Gray Nelson, would like to put his brand on Kelli Palmer’s heart … but will she give him the boot?

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning romantic comedy, Chasing Charlie.

“Sweet” romantic comedy. When rodeo champion Bobby Gray Nelson meets feisty Kelli Palmer, she refuses him on every count. Always up for a challenge, he is determined to woo this woman who might be his soul mate. Kelli’s sister claims dibs on this handsome cowboy, so Kelli reins in her attraction. Losing is not an option for Bobby Gray. He comes up with a plan to place his brand on Kelli’s heart.

Can Kelli stand her ground — even after his toe-curling kiss?

Available at these places online.
Kindle (Amazon)

Nook (Barnes&Noble)
Sony eBookstore Reader Store
Apple iBookstore iTunes

To find out more about Kathy Carmichael's books and a read a excerpt you can do to her website and find out what else she has available.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book review: Bad Boys Do by author Victoria Dahl

I received a ebook copy of this book through netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

Bad Boys Do is the second book in the Donovan Brothers Brewery series and is out September 27th. Book one "Good Girls Don't" is available right now. The series opened up with the novella "Just One Taste" in the anthology book The Guy Next Door. Blurb below.


Olivia Bishop is no fun. That’s what her ex-husband said. That’s what her smart bob and glasses imply. And with her trademark determination, Olivia sets out to remake her life. She’s going to spend time with her girlfriends and not throw it all away for some man. But when an outing with her book club leads her to a brewery taproom, the dark-haired beauty realizes that trouble – in the form of sexy Jamie Donovan – may be too tempting to avoid.

Jamie Donovan doesn’t mean to be bad. Sure, the wild streak in his wicked green eyes has lured the ladies before. But it’s time to grow up. He’s even ready for a serious romance. But how can that be when Olivia, the only right woman he has ever met, already has him pegged as wrong.

Jamie meets Olivia at the pub when she comes in to meet a book club group. Only she is the only one that actually read the book. They are really there to have fun and watch sexy Jamie Donovan and his kilt covered ass. Olivia is pretty straight laced and she feels boring. Jamie is exciting and fun and seemingly bad boy as they come. Olivia is looking to change things about her self and so is Jamie. They decide to help each other with that. Jamie's brother and sister have no faith in him. He lets them believe what they want because it's easier and he feels guilty about some things in his past. He wants to make improvements to the bar part of the brewery by adding a restaurant. Olivia knows something about what it takes to do this so she helps him figure out how to go about it. Olivia wants to loosen up and learn how to have fun. Jamie knows all about being fun and carefree. Why not have fun together. Sounds easy right?  Of course you know someone is going to try and screw it up, but who? Bad Boys Do is a lot of fun but at the same time very emotional. I thought Jamie was going to walk away from his brother and sister a lot sooner than he did. Victoria Dahl writes a fun but emotional story with this one. You just want to hug Jamie a time or two. Both Jamie and Olivia are hurting for different reasons and they help each other heal. A few things that bugged me were Eric being a bit overboard on being a ass to Jamie about everything he perceived Jamie was doing wrong and Olivia bringing up her age difference. She is 35 and Jamie 29. Six years isn't much and these days 35 is not old for having a baby. I have a feeling Eric will get his in the next book though. Bad Boys Do gets 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars. Can't wait for book 3 Real Men Will. Eric Donovan's book. To read more about this series, find a excerpt and all Victoria's other books check out her website here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book review: An Angel for Christmas by author Heather Graham

review by Sarah


Christmas has never brought out the best in the MacDougal family. Still, year after year, they gather together in the Blue Ridge Mountains to try to make the season merry and bright. But this year is an especially strained one, between Shayne’s impending divorce, Morwenna’s slavish devotion to work and Bobbie’s reluctance to face what life has to offer. They’ve never felt less like a family. Then, in the midst of a snowy sibling shouting match, a mysterious stranger appears. He could be a criminal, a madman – or something far more unexpected. Despite their fears and the growing danger in the dark woods around them, the MacDougals take a leap of faith. But when another stranger arrives on the mountainside, they don’t know which of them to believe. One of these men can’t be trusted. And one is about to bring Christmas into their hearts.

Review: If An Angel for Christmas were dessert, it would be the literary equivalent of rainbow sherbet - sweet and light, universally liked and lacking anything heavy. It is a traditional, heartwarming story of a family gathering for Christmas, dealing with disappointments and failures, but still brought together by tradition and love. It takes the arrival of Gabe, an injured state trooper hunting an escaped prisoner, to shake up their routine and help them realize how lucky they are to have each other. His quiet presence at their home acts like a mirror held up to each MacDougal, helping each to realize who they really are, and what they want in this life. There are lots of sweet, mysterious moments. I especially liked that the mother, with her quiet faith and belief in the goodness of others, is the only adult who does not undergo a transition or have an epiphany. She is a calm, steadying presence, just as she has been all their lives.

Readers looking for romance will find very little of it here. Rather, this is an inspirational tale combining the magic of the Christmas holiday with a good angel versus evil angel theme, a family rediscovering their bonds of love, and gentle, anecdotal meditations on faith. This is perfect for a quiet afternoon of holiday warmth and fuzziness.
4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars

For more information about Heather Graham and her books, visit her website at

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Free ebook Friday Surrender at Dawn by Laura Griffin

This is a very short story by Laura Griffin. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.


Former Navy SEAL Jack Brenner knows he's in trouble the minute Charlotte Whiteside steps into a seedy Thai bar and asks him to help rescue her brother, who is being held hostage on a nearby island. Jack doesn't want to get tangled up in Charlotte's problems or anyone else's, but an obligation to a SEAL teammate prompts him to help her. They embark on a nighttime mission that turns out to be more dangerous--and passionate--than either of them ever imagined.

Read more about Laura Griffin and her books including her latest release "Snapped" in stores and online right now from her website here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book review The Black Sheep Sheik (Harlequin intrigue) by author Dana Marton

This is another great book by Dana Marton. I don't know how she does it but she packs so much story into a small amount of pages. The Black Sheep Sheik is only 219 pages but it's jam packed full of story and suspense and romance. There are bad guys and good guys and i kept guessing which was which.


From Dana Marton's website
Black Sheep Sheik is the exciting conclusion to the six-book miniseries Cowboys Royale that I was asked to write with five other authors. I hope you’ll check them all out. Together the books tell the story of a brotherhood of royals who come to the United States on business and end up finding love. But each book is enjoyable on its own, having its own roller coaster plot and heart-warming romance. Happy reading!

The back cover blurb.
Waking up from a coma in a remote Wyoming cabin, Sheik Amir Khalid thought he was dreaming when he laid eyes on the woman he'd spent one steamy weekend with. Dr. Isabelle Andrews was every bit as gorgeous as he remembered—and nine months pregnant. But when shots rang out and it was clear their hideaway had been discovered, Amir's questions had to wait. Desperate to keep Isabelle and his unborn baby safe, Amir vowed to personally guard them 24/7. And as the independent beauty fought him at every turn, he knew it wasn't just royal protocol that made him want to keep her by his side. He'd give up everything that was expected of him if it meant protecting the family he'd only just met. Including his life.

Ok i was not fortunate enough to get to read the other 5 books in this series but I'm going to try and track them down. First i love sheik books and romantic suspense is my fav genre these days so these are right up my alley as they say. If the first 5 are as good as this one they will be worth tracking down. You can read this as a stand alone but a few parts of the book will clue you in that it's a series but it doesn't take away from this book at all.  Isabelle meets Amir at a hospital costume party. She is dressed like a harem girl and he a prince. Little did she know it wasn't a costume. He is a sheik. Royalty from a small country. It was one of those love at first site things or perhaps lust at first site. They spent 2 days together pretty much in bed and then Isabelle snuck out. Isabelle is a surgeon at the hospital and lucky for Amir that she is because the next time he sees her he's in a hospital bed in a remote cabin in the Wyoming wilderness and in bad shape. Amir gets the shock of his life when he gets a look at her and she is 9 months pregnant and a bigger shock still when he finds out he's the father. He insists that they marry but Isabelle says no way. No one is going to take over her life.  Someone is out to kill Amir and by extension Isabelle since she is with him. The book is spent with Amir trying to get her to marry him and getting away from the bad guys. Action packed there is no slow boring spots. It just clicks away packed  full of romance, hot sheiks, baddies and one pregnant lady. I just loved Amir. He starts off like most Sheiks do being bossy but finally figures out that Isabelle needs to be independent to be happy. Now he's got to figure out how to get her to trust that he can do that. Isabelle is one tough chicky who is the boss of herself and has worked hard to get where she is.   To read more about this book check out Dana Marton's website to read the first chapter. . Definitely a hot read. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for The Black Sheep Sheik by Dana Marton.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book review: A Very Vampy Christmas by Kerrelyn Sparks (from Sugarplums and Scandal )

Review by Sarah J.


Back of the Book Blurb: Maggie O'Brien is thrilled when she lands a starring role on the Digital Vampire Network's hottest soap opera, As the Vampire Turns. Doesn't hurt that her leading man is Don Orlando de Corazon, the greatest lover in the vampire world! But who is Don Orlando really? Nobody knows, not even Don Orlando. As the couple sets out in search of his mysterious past, "home for the holidays" takes on a new meaning when the recently-turned vamp discovers his own Christmas miracle.

Review: This is a delightful little story about a studly amnesiac vampire and the sweet, 100+ year old vampire who loves him. Maggie has had a serious crush on Don Orlando since she saw him acting in the soap opera, but once she lands a role opposite him, she learns he's quite the slutty, sleazy jerk. Or is he? Turns out Don Orlando is acting in real life, too, because he has total amnesia. His memories begin the night he was turned into a vampire. Maggie contacts Ian at MacKay Security & Investigations, and they begin tracking down his identity, visiting the New Orleans Coven and traveling to Texas. For a short story (60+ pages), this packs a lot of action and character history. I really liked both Maggie and Don Orlando, and wanted to know what happened next. Kerrelyn Sparks's unique style of breezy, sweet romance balanced with action and a fast pace creates a wonderful escape, and a nice addition to the Love at Stake universe she has created.
4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars

Although this story was only $2, I would recommend buying the anthology Sugarplums and Scandal for just $5 more. If you like the paranormal romance genre it's a better deal.

For more information about the author and her wonderful Love at Stake Series, visit her website at

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book review: A Bloody Good Secret by author Sierra Dean

I've been really lucky this year with new authors. Sierra Dean is one of these spanking brand new authors and i think she is one to watch. I have read her debut book "A Secret This Way Comes" her novella "The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters" and the second full book in this series " A Bloody Good Secret". When i read the first one i thought what the heck is up with this title? Once you get past the first chapter you have a ah haa moment and it's all very clear. The lead character's name is " Secret McQueen". I think it's pretty clever how she has set up the titles to the books so far. I've read that the next full book in this series is due out possibly spring 2012 and is titled "Deep Dark Secret". Sounds good huh?  While we're waiting in November will be another novella "Secret Santa". How about we get to a blurb for this book for now.


Straight from Sierra Dean's website. If you have not read book 1 you might not want to read beyond this.
pre buy now out Sept 20th 2011


You can’t keep a good Secret for long.

After cheating death twice in one night, confessing her true nature to her werewolf soul mates and being asked to kill one of her closest friends, Secret took a much-needed vacation. By running away.

Now she’s back in town—dragged kicking and screaming—determined to clear Holden Chancery’s name. Right after she finds out what he’s accused of. It shouldn’t be hard— Holden has a habit of using their new and scintillating psychic bond to break into her thoughts and dreams at some very, shall we say, awkward moments.

Just a few things stand in her way: a secretive Tribunal leader, a group of would- be vampire slayers and two werewolf boyfriends who refuse to let her operate in her customary lone-wolf style. Even less amusing are the terrifying creatures that someone is using in an attempt to gain control of the council. Even for this out-of-the-ordinary bounty hunter, it’s a challenge with potentially deadly teeth.

Warning: Contains an ever-plucky heroine with no shortage of weapons, super-hot mind games, an ever-complicated love triangle and one hell of a creepy amusement park.

I'm sure you can guess that i loved it!! Excellent writing. Very witty and it just kept me right there in the book. The characters are all for the most part very likable and well the Men seem to all be pretty darn hot. Secret seems to attract all of them too. She already has 2 werewolf soul mates but then she suddenly starts dreaming about have sex with Holden. What??? lol Then she is also in bed with her vampire boss Sig at one point in this book. What i am saying is you can't get bored reading this book. It moves along at a nice steady pace and there is something happening all the time. I felt like i was on this fast moving train and you don't want to get to your destination cause you're having to much fun. Like the previous book and novella there was what the heck that's the end already moment.  Not that is was a bad ending but you were so into it you are ticked there isn't more. Sierra also has the punch you in the face cliff hanger ending down pat. Going to have to learn patience for waiting for the next book reading this series. Luckily you won't have to wait long because there is another novella coming out in November called "Secret Santa".Christmas and Secret McQueen what could happen? lol A lot! Seriously if you are into paranormal romance this is a great series. If you have not tried it yet this is the perfect author to start with.  It might seem really bloody and gory going by the titles but it's not really about that.  All i can say is I'm ready and waiting for the next book. I give "A Bloody Good Secret" by author Sierra Dean 5 out of 5 Modokker book pick stars! Fabulous reading. Paranormal at it's best. Read more about the series by going to Sierra Dean's website. Blurbs and excerpts included!!

Since she has a blurb on her site for Secret Santa here it is too.

Secret Santa
A Secret McQueen Novella
Coming November, 2011
’Tis the season for ho-ho-homicide.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The season for mistletoe, Christmas lights…and a killing spree. When Secret’s friend, Detective Mercedes Castilla, asks for help to solve a series of murders longer than a string of lights, Secret resigns herself to the fact her holidays will be anything but peaceful.
It seems someone is killing New Yorkers in an unusually gruesome way, and as the bodies pile up faster than presents under the tree, the police are no closer to finding the killer than Secret is to finding the perfect present for one of her boyfriends, Lucas.

Tracking down a monster in Manhattan the week before Christmas is almost as difficult as shopping for her ever-expanding collection of loved ones. When tragedy strikes close to home, Secret must do everything in her power to put an end to the horror in time for Santa to come down the chimney.
Warning: Contains a less than merry McQueen with a sword and a reason to use it; a festive new use for mistletoe; and a promise that will haunt Secret like the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Free ebook Friday! Spotlight on author Karen Rose Smith!

Today we get two Karen Rose Smith ebooks for FREE!!

First up in Love in Bloom from Amazon

Dr. Paige Conrad needs Clay Reynolds' help. However, he can't give it because she and the rest of the town of Langley, Maryland, might discover his secret. Clay has no memory of the first twenty-five years of his life. The past and his father's rejection is behind him. Digging it up brings back nightmare he has fought for ten years to control.

After spending three years in underdeveloped countries following her parents' vision of healing, Paige has come to Langley to gain perspective on her life and help an old friend with his medical practice. Learning Clay was involved in a rock climbing accident and went through the rehabilitation process, she wants him to share his experience with a trouble teenager to give the boy hope.

Paige and Clay are inexorably drawn to each other. But can Clay trust Paige and share his secret? Can Paige dare to follow her own dreams.

Next is Nathan's Vow on by Karen Rose Smith
Book 1, Search For Love Series

When Nathan Bradley's ex-wife disappears with his daughters, he does everything in his power to find them. His private investigator hits a wall and suggests Nathan convince psychic Gillian Moore to help him. At first, Gillian is reluctant. She'd come to L.A. from Indiana to get lost in the escape her gift that sometimes seemed more like a burden. As a manicurist, she is learning to relax again and enjoy life. But when Nathan makes his plea and shows her a picture of his girls, she knows she must help him. However, the spark and sizzle between them becomes a fascinating impediment to her progress. Gillian, who was once burnt by a divorced dad, tries to keep her perspective. But Nathan is a force to be reckoned with. Will her gift lead her to love or heartache once again?
To claim this book for free at smashwords click the link add this book to your cart and then at check out add this code FY44J.
To find out more about Karen Rose Smith check out here website by clicking here

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book review: Dark Side by author Belinda Bauer

Review by Sarah


Dark Side
May 2011
Simon & Schuster

Back of the Book Blurb: In bleak midwinter, the people of Shipcott are shocked by the murder of an elderly woman in her bed. As snow cuts off the village, local policeman Jonas Holly is torn between catching a brutal killer and protecting his vulnerable wife, Lucy.

When the inquiry is commandeered by an abrasive senior detective, Jonas finds himself derided by his colleagues and ashamed to admit to Lucy that he’s been sidelined. It seems his first murder investigation may be over before it’s begun. But when he receives a series of increasingly sinister anonymous notes, Jonas is thrust back into the center of the case. Someone in the village is taunting him, blaming him for the tragedy. Someone thinks he’s not doing his job; someone seems to know every move he makes. And soon Jonas has to ask: Who’s hunting who?

Review: This is a beautifully written, incredibly rich mystery novel set in a quiet country village where a series of murders is taking place. The story has a claustrophobic feel, from the tiny village of tiny cottages, to the long dark nights of midwinter. The village is surrounded by steep hills, and the residents are a collection of depressing individuals. And they seem to be suffering from an unusually high number of tragedies. Serial killers, paralysis-causing accidents, dementia, drunken veterans with missing limbs, etc etc. Jonas himself has given up an exciting police career to care for his beloved wife, Lucy, who is dying of MS. His parents are dead, and he has mysterious trauma from his childhood. He works, takes care of Lucy, and also does all the housework. And now a killer is getting busy in Shipcott, killing off people Jonas has known his entire life.

With the bleak setting of the story, the grisly crime mystery, and the depressing characters, you might think the book would be depressing, too. But the author is a master at quirky insights, unique turns of phrase, and dark, tongue-in-cheek humor. She sprinkles the story with pop-culture references, primarily to television shows and horror movies. I snickered more than once while reading. However, shortly after the first murder I was pretty sure I knew who had done it and why, but the answer was so cliched and overused I hoped I was wrong. I wasn't. Sigh.............. . But, I will say the entire book is well worth reading.

I can't go into much more detail without giving away some of the secrets of this novel. I highly recommend it for the well-crafted mystery, the marvelously cloying atmosphere and the darkly humorous character insights.

4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars
For more information visit the author's website at

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Book review: Body of Sin( Book 4 in the Otherkin series) by author Eve Silver

I received a copy of this book through netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

First i have to say i have never read a Eve Silver book. I kept hearing things about this book so i decided I needed to read it. Lucky for me netgalley had it and i did get to read it. I didn't know that it was part of a series until right before i read it but i asked Eve Silver ( on twitter) if it would be hard to follow without reading the other 3 books first. She said most people seem to do fine so i was happy to hear that and settled in for some reading time. I will say right now that it does stand alone but while reading i knew it would be much better with the other brothers stories so i hope to get those read soon.
I didn't feel lost though.


Body of Sin
August 23, 2011

From the back cover:

Once the favorite son of the Lord of the Underworld, Lokan Krayl held enviable privileges and powers. Powers that led to a devastating betrayal—murder.

Resurrected by his immortal brothers, Lokan is still trapped in purgatory. He has no way to contact his family. He has no answers. In order to find the truth about his death and who killed him, he must escape his prison. And there’s only one way out: through the twelve gates of his eternal enemy, Osiris.

But Lokan has help. Bryn Carr, the woman who duped him once before, is his beautiful yet unwanted guide. She’s been sent by his brothers to aid him. She’s his last hope. Lokan must place his fate—and that of the mortal and immortal worlds—in the hands of the one woman he can never trust.

Lokan Krayl. First i just love this name. He is hot as all get out by the description the author gives too. The Book goes back and forth from 7 years ago to when Lokan met Brynn til present day. Lokan is dead. Murdered by someone he never expected. He died for someone he loved. He needs to find a way back to topworld to live in order to protect that which he loves and that he can alone can protect. This took me a while to read but not because i didn't like it. It's one of those stories you absorb slowly because it's not a cut a dry book. You have to think a little. I was very engaged in the characters. Brynn and Lokan are so different yet compliment each other. I loved both characters. I liked all the supporting characters, Lokan's 3 brothers and Brynn's 3 brothers. I am always impressed when a author can set up a world outside of our normal world and have it make sense. Come up with names for everything and it not sound corny. Eve Silver hit it all. The whole set up of topworld,  null zone and the underworld and everything else. I loved and hurt for Lokan and Bryn on their journey through this book. I cared. That should say it all. I give Body of Sin 5 out of 5 Modokker Book stars. To find out more about this book, read a excerpt and this series you can check out Eve Silver's website by clicking  here

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Book review: Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe (Royal House of Shadows Series #2 and Harlequin Nocturne #121))

Review by Sarah

Back of the Book Blurb:

Royal House of Shadows: Book II
Available Sept 20th 2011 at

Barnes and Noble
Books A Million

Once upon a time…the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance. Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal heirs…and time is running out…

Princess Breena had been dreaming of her warrior lover when she was ripped from her Elden castle and thrown into a strange, dangerous realm. Lost and alone, she prayed for survival and vengeance for her stolen kingdom. She found both in a woodland cottage…in a dark bear of a man.

The golden-haired beauty had eaten his food and slept in his bed when Osborn found her. Though he wanted to awaken his virgin princess to carnal pleasures, Breena wanted more—including his warrior skills. Skills the once-legendary mercenary had long buried. Now Osborn had a choice—risk his life or deny his princess her fairy-tale ending.

Review: This is Book #2 in a wonderful paranormal-romance-fairy-tale series called Royal House of Shadows. (To read my review of Lord of the Vampires, click here: .

Each book is the story of one of the four royal heirs of the Kingdom of Elden. Lord of Rage is Breena's story, the only princess of the four. Breena has been raised to be a gentle, innocent, ladylike princess. Although she adores her parents and brothers, she feels powerless. Her magic is weak compared to her mother's, and while her brothers are being trained to be powerful warriors and statesmen, she is being trained on the royal domestic life of a future queen. She has led a sheltered, cossetted life, and her only escape has been in her sleep, when she travels to the dreams of her warrior lover. One day her castle is attacked by the evil Blood Sorcerer, and before her parents are murdered, she and her brothers are magically flung far away.

Breena finds herself in a strange land, with no magic and very little memory of how she has come to be wandering in this wilderness. After days of wandering through the woods, she is exhausted, hungry, and bloody from her trek. She sees a cottage and wanders in, and here we have a fun nod to the classic fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The cottage is the home of Osborne, her dream warrior, and his two younger brothers. Osborne is the last of a great line of warriors known as Berserkers (love the Norse legend nod as well!), and he has sworn revenge on the killers that slaughtered his people. Breena and Osborne soon realize that they have been dream lovers, and while Breena is delighted to find the reality even fiercer and sexier than the dream, Osborne feels used, believing she wants him for his mercenary skills to avenge her family. Most of the story is the slow building of trust and sexual tension between them. The author is a master at creating sexual tension, as she brings them together and then, just as things are about to get even hotter, Osborne will get an attack of conscience (Breena is a virgin princess, after all), or anger (does she love him or want to use his him?) and back off.

But love, lust and good solid warrior training conquer all. Breena's magic grows as she recovers her memories, and her loving presence helps Osborne begin to heal from the wounds of his horrific past, as he concentrates on Breena and training his two brothers, keeping his people's traditions alive. Initially they are united in their twin desires for vengeance and mutual lust, but this grows into love and respect as they spend more time together.

If you like romances with solid relationship development, awkwardly tender romantic gestures, steamy almost-sex and sex scenes, magic, adventure and legend, then this is the book for you. Breena is a heroine a reader cheers for, because she's brave and stubborn and works very hard for her skills. Osborne is a great hero - brave, wild, sexy, flawed, and scarred inside and out. Add in the whole animalistic thing and you've got one combustible hero. Fast-paced and completely enjoyable to read, this is truly a magical little bonbon - enjoy!
P.S. And may I just say, "Holy crap!" - because whoever did the cover art actually read the story. There is nothing more annoying than book covers that don't match the actual characters or story. Breena's armband, gown and cloak are accurate! Woo Hoo - go Harlequin Art Department!!

5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars
For more information about Jill Monroe and her books, visit her website at

Royal House of Shadows series:

Book I: Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter (September 2011)
Book II: Lord of Rage by Jill Monre (October 2011)
Book III: Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen (November 2011)
Book IV: Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh (December 2011)

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Mancandy Monday! Paul Walker

Late but here it is. This weekend has been crazy and my kids start school tomorrow so today has been prep day!


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Free ebook Friday! Throwaway by author Heather Huffman

This weeks' free ebook is from author Heather Huffman " Throwaway". I usually post just the link to Amazon but often times it's free on Barnes and Noble and other ebook sites.


Out for purchase Aug. 20th 2011
Heather Huffman

Jessie Jones is living the life–except for the fact that she earns it by working the streets. She’s been under pimp Spence’s thumb for fourteen years, and she isn’t looking to change it.

That is, until undercover cop Gabe walks into her life and offers her something she’s never had before: a love, a future, a home. But even if Jessie could walk away from Spence, there are darker forces of evil who want her to stay put, or worse, dead.

In this romantic suspense, author Heather Huffman delivers an adventure from the vibrant streets of St. Louis to the caves of the Ozarks as Jessie discovers whether she can love another, whether she can love herself, and whether any of it is enough.

Find out more about this author and read a excerpt on her website

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Book review: Hold me by author Betsy Horvath

I received a copy of this book through for my honest opinion and review.

This is Betsy Horvath's debut book. I was looking through netgalley's website and came across it and decided to check out the blurb and then of course i wanted to read it. This is how i came to read this one. Hold me is a sexy little romantic suspense. Let's get to the blurb.
Coming September 5, 2011 from Carina Press

Available for pre-order now
Katie McCabe’s life is going nowhere fast when FBI Special Agent Lucas Vasco jumps into her car at an intersection. Luc, his undercover guise blown, is on the run from the Mafia and expects to be killed at any moment. What he doesn’t plan on is finding himself attracted to the firecracker beside him. He feels compelled to protect her when her life is threatened, and insists she stay with him for her own safety.

After learning she has become the target of a psychotic hit man, Katie is whisked off to Luc’s house to hide. Once there, she’s shocked to discover that she and Luc have an unexpected connection—a connection Luc already knew existed, but withheld. Will their intense attraction reach flashpoint despite their misunderstandings and the pain of the past?

This is a great debut book for Betsy Horvath. Lots of action but lots of hot sweaty sex and of course romance. lol Katie McCabe is minding her own business driving her car down the street when it stalls at a intersection. All of the sudden this guy opens the door and jumps in and tells her to GO! Uh uh not happening. She tells him to get out but he can't because he has a killer after him. He finally gets her to go when bullets starts flying around her. This would be Luc FBI special agent Luc Vasco hot guy! They get away from the bad guy when they crash but they both end up arrested. Once everything is sorted out though Kate kinds herself the object of a killer's evil eye. He wants her dead. Luc decides he has to protect her and keep her safe. Luc has a secret though.  They already know each other. Katie has a big family 3 brothers and 2 sisters and a foster sister. The relationshipa for some characters are very complex. You get a little glimpse of some of them but the main focus is of course on Katie and Luc. When i read this i kept thinking i can totally see a follow up book or two. Guess what? I emailed the author and she confirmed there are 2 more in the works.  There were some really good secondary characters in this book so my mind wanders to who they could be about. Could it be David his supervisor who has been like a brother to him. Justin his ex partner or Melanie his and Katie's Foster sister?? Perhaps one of Katie's brothers. Lots of potential. This book had some of everything i like in a romantic suspense. Hot steamy sex scenes, pretty nifty car chases, bad guys, romance and my favorite humor. I give Hoold me by author Betsy Horvath 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars. To find out more about Betsy check out her website and blog by clicking here