Monday, December 31, 2012

Hot Cover Monday! Private Deceptions( (Hauberk Protection, #1, #3)) by Leah Braemel


Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Books 1 and 3 of the Hauberk Protection Series
Format: trade paperback
Released: January 1, 2013

Sex, lies and duct tape… A Hauberk Protection book. Private Property Jodi Tyler’s no-strings affair with her boss is perfect—his power in bed matches his respect for her independence. When he surprises her with a ménage for her birthday, she’s thrilled, yet secretly wonders why he would so casually share her with another man. Inviting old college buddy and future business partner Sam into their bed for one night was supposed to set free her wildest fantasy. Instead Mark finds the tables turned. Now, he’s not so sure he wants to share his treasure…

Deliberate Deceptions
Making Hauberk Protection a success salvaged Chad Miller’s career, but he’s never managed to get over the one fateful decision that spelled the end of his marriage. And the death of his child. For eight years, grief and guilt have haunted Lauren Miller’s climb up the ranks of the Light Brigade, a secret international hostage rescue team. Now she’s the target of a vengeful ex-Brigade operative who’ll stop at nothing to take her down. Even if it means taking out everyone she cares about. Including Chad. Getting him to accept her as his bodyguard? It’ll take some fast talking—and faster hands. 

Warning: Contains sexual fantasies fulfilled, bondage, floggers, angst, lost love, angst, explicit sex, more angst. Keep a box of tissues handy!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book review: How to Misbehave (short story)Camelot series by Ruthie Knox


Coming January 28th 2013. Pre-order now.

What woman can resist a hot man in a hard hat? Beloved author Ruthie Knox kicks off her new Camelot series with this deliciously sexy original novella, in which a good girl learns how to misbehave . . . with all her heart.

As program director for the Camelot Community Center, Amber Clark knows how to keep her cool. That is, until a sudden tornado warning forces her to take shelter in a darkened basement with a hunk of man whose sex appeal green lights her every fantasy. With a voice that would melt chocolate, he asks her if she is okay. Now she’s hot all over and wondering: How does a girl make a move?

Building contractor Tony Mazzara was just looking to escape nature’s fury. Instead, he finds himself all tangled up with lovely Amber. Sweet and sexy, she’s ready to unleash her wild side. Their mutual desire reaches a fever pitch and creates a storm of its own—unexpected, powerful, and unforgettable. But is it bigger than Tony can handle? Can he let go of painful memories and let the force of this remarkable woman show him a future he never dreamed existed?

This is a short novella ebook that kind of will introduce you to Ruthie Knox's new Camelot series. It's packed with more of everything than i expected for a short story. Amber hasn't had the best experience with men. She's not exactly innocent but not experienced either. She's got cute sweet girl looks so she can't get the kind of hot sexy men to notice her that she would like. That seems to include construction guy Tony Mazzara, at first Tony is a pretty messed up guy. He's got some pretty dark secrets and fears and when a tornado sends the two  of them into a basement to wait out the storm he tells Amber a couple of those secrets. I really enjoyed this and am kind of revved up for the series now. Amber wants to dirty up her love life some and Tony is the right guy for the job but there is so much more. Loved Tony so much. He made a terrible mistake when he was younger and has been beating himself up for it ever since. Amber shows him it's time to forgive himself  and learns it's ok to let it go.  A sexy quick read! 5 out of 5 Stars for How to Misbehave by Ruthie Knox.

Find out more about this ebook and the first full book in the series due out in March 2013 here on Ruthie Knox website

Pre-Order here for 99 cents. Well worth it to try out a taste of this new series

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Book review: A Low Down Dirty Shane (Misfits &Mayhem) by Sierra Dean


A Low Down Dirty Shane
Coming December 25, 2012
Thick-skinned vampire assassin meets smart-mouthed druid archer. Run, Cupid, run.
Shane Hewitt has been many things—failed husband, supernatural punching bag, and now a bitch to the vampire council of New York City. He thought killing rogue vampires was the hardest thing he’d ever do. Until a hot redhead smashes into him, shouts orders and announces she’s saving his life.
The sole female warrior in a family of druids, Siobhan O’Malley knows how to take care of herself and protect the big city from beasties who breach gateways from the fae realm. The last thing she needs is a misguided, leather-clad hottie’s help to get the job done.
Except maybe he’s exactly what she needs. Siobhan is expected to be a willing, virginal sacrifice on her twenty-fifth birthday. Sex with Shane to stay alive? If he can pull his foot out of his mouth long enough and stop driving her crazy, no problem.
Now if only the bad guys would leave them alone long enough to get the deed done.
Warning: Contains a wee red-headed archer with deadly aim; a leather-jacket-wearing vampire hunter with a habit for saying all the wrong things; and a life-saving ritual that will leave them both panting.
Sierra Dean is back with a new series branches off her Secret McQueen series. You'll recognize a few names and characters when you read this. Shane steps forward in this book and we finally get to see a little bit about who he is. He runs almost literally into Siobhan and hunter of a different kind on the street. The two of them join up to at first help keep Siobhan from being a sacrificial virgin and then to save her replacement. This is a short read but packed with some kick ass action. I love how Sierra Dean creates these tough as nails female  heroines in her books. Still they come across as feminine sexy woman who can take care of themselves but know how to accept help from a man too when needed.  I loved this but wish it was longer. I would love to see more. 4 out of 5 stars for A Low Down Dirty Shane by Sierra Dean.
Find out more about this book and and her other work on the Sierra Dean website here

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book review: Rescuing Christmas (Anthology) with Vicki Lewis Thompson, Catherine Mann, Kathie DeNoski


Holiday Haven by Vicki Lewis Thompson All Ben Rhodes wants for Christmas is to be left alone. And yet, in a fit of Christmas-cheer-induced insanity, he agrees to help beautiful shelter director Tansy Dexter find homes for all her rambunctious animals. Little does he know that the one truly in need of a loving home this season …is him.

Home for Christmas by Catherine Mann

Information from Ms Mann's newsletter: For those of you who enjoyed my Wingmen Warrior series, this story features Zach Dawson's daughter Shelby, all grown up and ready for her own happily ever after with a flyboy!

Shelby Conrad has had more than her fair share of silent nights. But even though her husband, Tech Sergeant Alex Conrad, is coming home in time for Christmas, Shelby isn't sure he's in time to save their marriage. Can a road trip to deliver three shelter dogs to their new homes teach the couple that the most precious gift of all is hope?

A Puppy for Will by Kathie DeNosky

Will Parker hasn't exactly had all his hopes and dreams met, but work has filled the gaps in his life. Or so he thinks…until an energetic and large Saint Bernard foster puppy and Will's cute neighbor Macie Fairbanks introduce him to the best thing about Christmas and life—unconditional love.

This anthology revolves around a no kill shelter run by Tansy Dexter from the first novella in this book. The characters then are loosely woven together because of that. There's nothing over the top in this book like you might find in some Christmas anthology books.  I really enjoyed all three of these and let loose a giggle or two as well. Tansy is a sweetheart from Holiday Haven and she runs the shelter. She gets some help from  Ben Rhodes no matter how much he wants to resist her he can't. Then in Home for Christmas Shelby and Alex are one step away from divorce although neither really wants that they can't figure out how to communicate their needs to each other. Shelby hopes a road trip to deliver adopted dogs will help with that. Lastly Will Parker's takes in a puppy St Benard for the holidays to help out the shelter even though now days he fancies himself a loner and work a holic. Two bad his new sexy neighbor doesn't know that. For a nice easy enjoyable read this is a great holiday anthology to start with. 4 out of 5 stars for Rescuing Christmas!

Find out more here:
Catherine Mann
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Kathie DeNosky

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Hot Cover Monday! Ruthie Knox! How to Misbehave and Along Came Trouble (Camelot series)


How To Misbehave, coming from Random House / Loveswept, January 28, 2013!
What woman can resist a hot man in a hard hat? Beloved author Ruthie Knox kicks off her new Camelot series with this deliciously sexy original novella, in which a good girl learns how to misbehave . . . with all her heart.
As program director for the Camelot Community Center, Amber Clark knows how to keep her cool. That is, until a sudden tornado warning forces her to take shelter in a darkened basement with a hunk of man whose sex appeal green lights her every fantasy. With a voice that would melt chocolate, he asks her if she is okay. Now she’s hot all over and wondering: How does a girl make a move?
Building contractor Tony Mazzara was just looking to escape nature’s fury. Instead, he finds himself all tangled up with lovely Amber. Sweet and sexy, she’s ready to unleash her wild side. Their mutual desire reaches a fever pitch and creates a storm of its own—unexpected, powerful, and unforgettable. But is it bigger than Tony can handle? Can he let go of painful memories and let the force of this remarkable woman show him a future he never dreamed existed?


Along Came Trouble, coming from Random House / Loveswept, March 11, 2013!
Ruthie Knox’s Camelot series continues in this sizzling eBook original novel, featuring two headstrong souls who bump heads—and bodies—as temptation and lust bring nothing but delicious trouble.
An accomplished lawyer and driven single mother, Ellen Callahan isn’t looking for any help. She’s doing just fine on her own. So Ellen’s more than a little peeved when her brother, an international pop star, hires a security guard to protect her from a prying press that will stop at nothing to dig up dirt on him. But when the tanned and toned Caleb Clark shows up at her door, Ellen might just have to plead the fifth.
Back home after a deployment in Iraq and looking for work as a civilian, Caleb signs on as Ellen’s bodyguard. After combat in the hot desert sun, this job should be a breeze. But guarding the willful beauty is harder than he imagined—and Caleb can’t resist the temptation to mix business with pleasure. With their desires growing more undeniable by the day, Ellen and Caleb give in to an evening of steamy passion. But will they ever be able to share more than just a one-night stand?
Want to know more about Ruthie Knox? Find it here on her website

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Merry Christmas! Gift giving with Award Winning author Dana Marton! 100 ebooks up for grabs!


After a near-death experience, artist Ashley Price is compelled to paint visions of the dead, and fears she's gone crazy. Then she paints a man buried alive and, recognizing the surroundings, she rushes to save him.

Instead of being grateful to her for rescuing him, Detective Jack Sullivan accuses her of being in league with a serial killer. He swears he will put her behind bars. Except, the more time he spends with her, the more he falls under her spell. Can he trust her, or is he walking into another deadly trap?


Did you know that Carly Rae Jepsen fans herself with one of Dana Marton's books in her famous Call Me Maybe music video? My friend, Dana has been writing award-winning romantic suspense for the past 10 years and is gifting 100 Kindle copies of her latest book, DEATHSCAPE, a #1 amazon romantic suspense bestseller right here. To claim your book, email her at danamarton at yahoo dot com. The first 100 people who respond will be gifted with a copy of the ebook via Amazon, so pls use the email that's associated with your amazon account. She would love to add you to her mailing list. She only sends an update about four times a year when she has a new book out. You can, of course, click unsubscribe with the very first issue.

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Dana Marton is an amazon bestselling author of over 30 romantic suspense novels. She's a Rita Award finalist and the recipient of the Daphne du MaurierAward of Excellence.

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Hot new cover reveal and blurb from author Debra Kayn


Shauna Marino left Cottage Grove, California an innocent teenager, gangly, wild and with no fashion sense, always diving headfirst into whatever feelings ruled the moment. Now, she’s back to fix her mistakes. She’s gained a respectable job, set a plan in motion to benefit the town, and all that’s left is to prove to Grayson Schyler she’s changed. Maybe this time, he won’t tell her no when she shows up naked and asks him to make her a woman.

Grayson Schyler, former Wimbledon champion, would’ve recognized Shauna anywhere. She’s made his life sweeter one moment, and hell the next. As someone in the public eye, he’d gone to great strains not to allow the media to misread their relationship, which wasn’t always easy when Shauna was around. Now she’s back, asking for his help, and all he can think about is if she came back to make him pay for what he’d done.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book review: Further Confessions of a Neurotic Hitwoman ( book 2) by JB Lynn


Take three wacky aunts,
two talking animals,
one nervous bride,
and an upcoming hit,
and you've got the follow-up
to JB Lynn's wickedly funny
Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman.
Knocking off a drug kingpin was the last thing on Maggie Lee's to-do list, but when a tragic accident leaves her beloved niece orphaned and in the hospital, Maggie will go to desperate lengths to land the money needed for her care.
But the drug kingpin is the least of her worries. Maggie's aunts are driving her crazy, her best friend's turned into a bridezilla…and a knock on the head has given Maggie Dr. Dolittle abilities—she can talk to animals. Unfortunately, they talk back.
It's just another day in the life of this neurotic hitwoman…

This is the fabulous follow up to the first book in this series Confessions of a Neurotic Hitwoman. JB Lynn is still a fairly new author. This is her third book and i have read all three and the one thing that i have liked is that you can't see what's coming. There's no predictability. You can't see what's coming. Not even a little. lol In this book she does that and also the book is has serious feeling since she's supposed to kill someone but also has all these humorous moments. Not to mention the romances! Yes more than one. There are three love interests this time. Paul the cop, Patrick the cop/hitman trainer and Zeke Maggie's childhood friend who isn't what he seems. I honestly wasn't sure which guy i was rooting for. Paul who i liked some in book one was starting to weird me out. Patrick is super complicated with his life and Zeke isn't much better. All the three are a bit mysterious and so you don't have the full picture of each. Of course this is how the book goes. You don't get to see everything. You're given small pieces of the story and each character and the story progresses you get more and more. I loved this book and spent a lot of time laughing out loud. I feeling like i got a better idea of who Maggie is from Zeke and Patrick too. Mostly you get Maggie's idea of herself. I can't wait to see what happens next. Bring on the next book! 5 out of 5 stars for Further Confessions of  Neurotic Hitwoman by JB Lynn.

Find out more about JB Lynn and her books on her website here

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Book Review: Romancing the Holiday(Anthology) HelenKay Dimon, Jaci Burton, Christi Barth


We wish you a merry Christmas…and a happily ever after!

A memorable three-night stand gets rekindled in a cabin in West Virginia. An office romance is sparked by an impulsive holiday kiss. And two best friends scout locations for a marriage proposal and discover that they make a perfect match. 'Tis the season for laughter, love and a lifetime of happiness.

Edited by Angela James this anthology includes: 

We'll Be Home for Christmas by HelenKay Dimon
The Best Thing by Jaci Burton
Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth

We'll Be Home for Christmas by HelenKay Dimon( Holloway book3)

No man likes having his bedroom skills described as forgettable, but that's just what Lila Payne does when she runs into Spencer Thomas again. When she discovers that he'd lied about his name during their brief three-day romp a few months before, she's so angry that she pretends she doesn't remember him.

Spence regrets his deception, but not as much as he regrets that their time together didn't last longer. When she shows up in his town, looking to revitalize her uncle's mountain resort, Spence is determined to help. Maybe rescuing Lila from a hopeless renovation project will get him in her good graces—and back in her bed.

Lila has no interest in being rescued, and Spence is insulted by her stubborn rebuffs and her "faulty" memory. But when rehab work turns into an after-hours meeting, the two of them are in for a night that just might prove unforgettable

I am starting to love HelenKay Dimon work. I have been able to read a handful of her books so far and have yet to be disappointed. This is the 3rd novella in a series and oh so yummy good. Spence doesn't take relationships seriously but he isn't used to being the one walked away from and told sex with him was no big deal. When he meets Lila Payne at a hotel and they hit it off in bed for three days both think they'll never see each other again but both also regret that they won't a little too. Turns out never isn't that long when Lila shows up in Spence's work world and she finds out he's not who he said he was. Hurt she lashes out at him with words. For some reason he can't let it go once she accepts his apology. He wants to help her and perhaps finally find that he DOES so relationships. Loved this one. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars for me. Read as a stand alone or better yet buy the whole series. 

The Best Thing by Jaci Burton( Kent Brothers book 3)

Tori Lewis had a perfect working relationship with Brody Kent, until a year ago, when a flaming hot kiss changed everything between them. With passion dancing a wicked tease around them, they have to decide which direction their relationship is going. But Tori doesn't want to risk losing her job and the only family she knows, while Brody wants to shake things up and make Tori his. Can he convince her he's worth the plunge into the unknown?

Another great continuing series. You can also read this one alone or buy the entire series so far. This is a quick read you can enjoy snuggled up on your couch for the evening. Tori and Brody work together with the other Kent brothers in their construction business. Last Christmas Brody surprised Tori when he hauled off and gave her a scorching kiss. He doesn't know that Tori has had a crush on him forever and is probably in love with him. Tori also has no family to speak of and the Kent family pretty much took her in when she came to work for them and she doesn't want to lose that so she has been avoiding Brody ever since. Plus he has a playboy love em and leave em reputation around town. No heartbreak for her. Brody  has his work cut out for him if he wants to capture her heart. Think he can manage it without screwing it up at least once or twice? Ah the fun is reading and finding out. A must read! I very much enjoyed this one too. 5 out of 5 stars for The Best Thing!

Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth

Caitlin McIntyre’s heart stops when her best friend drops to one knee and proposes. Kyle Lockhart never once hinted over the years that he has any idea she’s in love with him. Not wanting to jeopardize their friendship, she’s never let it slip. Good thing, too, since it turns out he’s only practicing—he’s about to propose to someone else.

A business merger might not be the most romantic reason to propose to a woman he barely knows, but Kyle’s determined to win the respect of the dying father who’s never seen him as quite good enough. Kyle’s always depended on Caitlin’s friendship, while trying to ignore the physical response she arouses. So he turns to her when it comes time to craft his proposal, not realizing his decision will affect their relationship, forever.

This Christmas, Kyle and Caitlin get one last chance to admit their feelings for each other, and find a mutual happily ever after, before he commits his life to another woman and Caitlin leaves town and him…for good.

This is a new to me author so i didn't know what to expect. Caitlin is best friends with Kyle and both are in love with each other but neither one knows it. When Kyle proposes Caitlin is stunned and then knocked back when she finds out he's only practicing so he can ask another woman. This one didn't really work for me. The characters are all kind of shallow and/or mean. It wasn't very uplifting  or fun for a holiday book. I did like the ending where Kyle finally got a clue and also a backbone. I would still give this author another chance. This was only a novella which isn't enough to judge if you like a author or not. Unfortunately this one is only 2 out 5 stars for me. 

Overall Romancing the Holiday anthology as a whole is a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Definitely worth picking up and reading. HelenKay Dimon and Jaci Burton's novella's are totally worth it.

Find out more about the authors on their website's.

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Book review: Red Hot Holiday! (Anthology) Anne Calhoun, K.A. Mitchell, Leah Braemel


Out on December 3rd 2012
I’ll be home for Christmas…to fulfill all your dreams.

This holiday, a Mountie is determined to get her man. A widow finds a fireman who ignites her passions again. And two men unsure of their commitment discover a happily ever after—and a blindfold—under their tree. No matter your desires, this collection of three shorts is bound to treat you to all the joys of the season.

Edited by Angela James, this anthology includes:

I Need You for Christmas by Leah Braemel
Breath on Embers by Annie Calhoun
Wish List by K.A. Mitchell

Red Hot Holiday is a tis the season type anthology of 3 sizzling erotica novella's. While i love anthologies i have trouble reigning in all my thoughts when it comes to reviewing them. First up is Wish List by K.A Mitchell. 

Blindfolds. Handcuffs. Submission.
There's so much Jonah Kendrick hasn't tried, and so much he wants to explore. But just before Christmas he finds a ring box in his boyfriend's desk. Jonah panics. He loves Evan and their sex is hot, but how can Jonah be ready for forever, when there are so many items on his Naughty Bucket List? Desires that might drive Evan away.
Evan's noticed Jonah has been distant. His usually talkative and cheerful boyfriend is preoccupied. The seemingly straitlaced Evan stumbles across Jonah's wish list of sexual kinks, and Evan realizes he may not have to hide his true nature from Jonah after all. The Dom in him wants to see Jonah on his knees, begging, submitting, but Evan isn't sure Jonah's ready to accept what being Evan's sub would mean.
The two lovers must figure out how to share their hidden desires with each other before their secrets permanently damage their love.
This one is a male on male holiday erotica. Jonah and Evan are pretty different or so each one thinks. Jonah gets scared when he thinks a set of wedding rings he finds are for him and Evan. That gets him thinking about what he might be missing out on if he and Evan decide to stay together forever. He makes a wish list of sorts about sexual things he might want to try. Evan mistakenly finds it and decides to try at making some of them come through. When Jonah doesn't know is that Evan can easily fulfill that wish list. Evan was a Dom previously but he buried that part of himself away. Now it looks likes he might not have to. I enjoyed this one but sometimes i wanted to yell at Jonah and say duh? Can't you see what Evan is trying to show you? lol 
Next up is I Need You for Christmas by Leah Braemel.
Ryan Porter is a sculptor, and beneath his callused hands, even the most rigid metals bend to his will. So, too, does his girlfriend Megan—a confident, strong woman who delights in submitting to Ryan’s dominance in the bedroom.
Megan is a Mountie, and she’s spent the past few years in the arctic following her career dreams. Family obligations kept Ryan at home, but their love survived the distance thanks to several hot visits. A Mountie always gets her man, and Megan is bound and determined to keep Ryan.
Now Megan’s with Ryan for the holidays…but how long will this visit last? She’s always been willing to do anything Ryan desires, but will he finally tell her that all he needs for Christmas is her?
In this novella Megan and Ryan have been together for years but mostly living apart and sustaining their relationship on visits. Megan is back though with a surprise for Ryan. Problem is Ryan has a surprise for her too. There are some really hot sex scenes in this novella involving a swing, rope and something made of marble. Ah a artist mind is very clever. The love and romance you feel coming off Megan and Ryan is sigh worthy. Megan being a Mountie is the tough one which is a bit of a flip from the guy being in that roll but it works. I loved both characters so much. Definite red hot read!
Lastly we have Breath  on Embers by Anne Calhoun. I have not read this author but i will be after reading this novella.
Christmas is the perfect time for Firefighter Ronan O’Rourke to take things to the next level with his sexually adventurous girlfriend. He knows she has feelings for him—and he’s sure of his feelings for her—but when Thea refuses his invitation to sample Christmas in New York City because what they share is nothing more than sheet-burning sex, Ronan sets out to change her mind.
Deep down Thea Moretti knows she cares for Ronan, but she can’t move past her grief over her late husband. Loud music and sex with Ronan are the only things she’s got that her feel alive, so she takes as much of both as she can get. She knows Ronan wants more, but during the darkest time of the year finding her way won’t be easy.
Ronan gambles everything and challenges Thea: one night of passion with him and another man. Can he prove to her that what they share isn’t just great sex but an emotional connection strong enough to last forever?

I  have to admit this one was my favorite. Ronan is a fireman in the city of New York. On St Patrick's day this year he met Thea Moretti. It doesn't take long to look into her eyes and see her pain. Ronan is a rescuer in his heart and has been there done that with grief given his line of work. Thea lost her husband in a terrible car accident and moves from Ohio to New York City to get away from all the memories. She's only surviving day to day really though. Then comes Ronan into her life. She's using him for sex and escape.  He wants more and he wants to help her be whole again the way she did that for him. Ronan is an amazingly patient and giving man. Thea is one tough cookie too but Ronan has to keep chipping at her and showing her it's OK to live again. Love this one. Touch my heart. I was rooting for Ronan and Thea the whole way. Warning there is a menage in this novella. Pretty steamy with Ronan's fellow firefighter Tim. Now i want to know more about this Tim guy and see a story for him.

Overall the whole anthology was well worth reading. You can get a taste of erotica in a few different forms so if you have not tried it this is a awesome place to start. Three super sexy hot reads in one ebook! 4 out of 5 stars for Red Hot Holiday!

Find out more on the authors websites. See their individual covers and read excerpts and find out more about their other books.

Leah Braemel
K.A. Mitchell
Anne Calhoun