Monday, March 29, 2010

My coming out soon must read list

Yes i do seem to have many lists. It occured to me there are several books coming out soon i just HAVE to read. Here's that list:
 Lover Mine by JR Ward. 8th book in the Black Dagger Brother hood series. If you love paranormal and hot vampires this series is for you. I've read the first 7 in the series and i'd rate all most all of them a 5 out of 5 stars. Comes out April 27th.

Next something a little softer. Savor the Moment. Third book the Bride Quartet series by Nora Roberts. I've read the first two so far and loved them both. The fourth and final will come out this coming fall. Savor teh Moment comes out April 27th

One more softer book. Susan mallery has a new series coming out and this will be the first book in that series. Chasing Perfect is also due out April 27th. If you are familiar with Susan mallery books and have read the Bakery Sisteres trio of books you'll recognize Raoul from that series. He's all grown up in this book. I think you'll love it. I haven't read a Susan mallery book i haven't loved myself.

Susan Squires has a new book out also. I have the first two in this series on my current reading list below and this is the third in that series. A Twist in Time. This is out now in stores where available.

Lastly is Erin Quinn new book dues out may 4th. Haunting Beauty is the follow up to Haunting Beauty i reviews a few posts below. I for one and looking forward to this book. I hope you are too.

You can order or pre-order and the case might be any of the above books by clicking the covers thru . No doubt i'll have to add to this list. If you have a book you are looking forward to that is coming out soon or has just come out please post it in the comment section so we can all check them out.

Don't forget to post a comment and answer the easy question from my review of Erin Quinn's book Haunting Beauty from last week. Scroll down to find it or look for it on the right side of this page adn click to get to get it. You have til April 1st to enter and you could win a free autographed book from Erin Quinn!


Current reading list

Do you have a current reading list? Meaning a list of book you'll be reading in the next few weeks. There is a TBR pile or to be read pile but this is different. Sometimes i suddenly need to read a lot of books this turns into my current reading list. Here's what on it right now.

I've been hearing and reading a lot about author Tori Carrington who is actually two authors a husband wife team that go by the names Lori and Tony Karayianni in real life. I decided i need to read their Sofie Metropolis series.  They are as follows:
Sofie Metropolis
Dirty laundry
Foul Play
Working Stiff.
To find out more about this series in the mean time click here to go to the Sofie Metropolis website.

Next i'm also taking a crack at Nalini Singh's book Blaze of Memory. This came out November of 2009. While I've read Angel's Blood and Archangel's Kiss ( and posted a review here) that's all I've read of Nalini's books so when i saw it at the library while looking for something else i had to grab it. To find out more about this book in the mean time you can go here.

On the list also is Flat out Sexy by Erin McCarthy. This is the first in a series and i read the 2nd book already before i realized there were more. I will review that 2nd book (Hard and Fast) once i get thru the first and review it. You can find out more about these books here at Erin McCarthy's website.Flat-Out Sexy (Berkley Sensation)

Ah and of course another Nalini Singh book. This one is a Anthology with a few other authors. The book is called Must have Hellhounds. Her story in the anthology is called Angel's Judgement and it tells the story of Sara and Guild Director and how she met Deacon. This goes along with other Guild hunter books. Angel's Blood and Archangel's Kiss. I highly recommend this series. To read about this book click here

Lastly i just added to the list two Susan Squires books. I just discovered this author yesterday thru chat. I went in search of her book then today only to find i couldn't find even one. Of course you have to realize i live in a very rural area when i say that. I use two libraries, i tried them first and then one small used book store and Walmart. Like i said slim pickings. That's all we have here locally. I did what i always do when i can't find what i want i use my states Elibrary system and put in a order to borrow from another library in my state that has it. If you are not familiar with this system check your local library or their website for details. I know of several states that have this. I found what i was looking for with the elibrary system and ordered myself  One with the Darkness and Time for Eternity . I look forward to reading these and reviewing them also.

That's the end of my currently reading list for now. Besides the Susan Squires books several other on my list were ordered thru my elibrary system. Luckily once they come i get them for three weeks. Plenty of time to read them and then some. I hope you'll take the time to check out these wonderful authors and their books while i work my way thru my list. Stay tuned for reviews and don't be surprised if i add more books in the mix.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Book review: Haunting Beauty by Erin Quinn/ Book giveaway contest

This is a new author for me which is always exciting. Even better when i like the book they've written. Haunting Beauty is the first in a series. It came out in August of 2009 but i just came across it recently. If you are a fan of paranormal this is a book you should check out. If you've never read a paranormal perhaps it is time to try one.

Let's start with a excerpt from Haunting Beauty.


A mysterious stranger . . .

Danni Jones believed everything about her past—that she was an unwanted child abandoned by her mother. That she was an outcast set apart by her clairvoyance. That she was alone. Then came the stranger. Dangerously seductive Sean Ballagh appears out of nowhere with a startling story that will challenge everything Danni thought was true.

A lost woman . . .

He claims that Danni’s family has been searching for her ever since she disappeared twenty years ago. He’s come to bring her home to Ireland. But Danni fears there’s more to his story than he dares to reveal. And the only way to find out is by following Sean back in time, to a forgotten past, to a world where nothing is what it seems.

A terrifying legacy . . .

Now, in a land where the mystical and the occult are as vivid as the emerald fields, Danni must rewrite history to save her family, to fight a force more evil than she ever imagined, and to reunite with the one man she was destined for—or live forever in time as nothing more than an ethereal memory, a tragic and haunting beauty…

There is a whole lot going on in this book. Time travel, ghosts, romance and love, mystery and intrigue. This book will keep you guessing all through out. I've read alot of paranormal books but this one is different from anything I've read before. It's is NOT predictable at all which is great. Like i said it keeps you guessing. The 2nd book in the series Haunting Warrior comes out May 4th.

That means you need to read Haunting Beauty by may 4th if you want to dive right into Haunting Warrior. lol Haunting Warrior will be about Rory Danni's twin brother. You can read chapter one of both Haunting Beauty and Haunting Warrior by going to Erin Quinn's website by clicking here. I will admit one thing. When i got this book i wasn't sure I'd like it by reading the back i wasn't sure i was in the mood for the dark element i felt would be in this book. I did finally decide to get started and try and it and well i was sucked in quite fast. lol Didn't want to put it down. I wanted to sneak to the last pages to see what happens. Thing is with a book like this it won't really help you at all. You have to read the entire thing from start to finish to get the answers you want. I give this book 5 our of 5 modokker book pick stars. Loved it and would recommend it to anyone. Give it a try.

Erin Quinn has graciously decided to provide one of her book to a random commentor to this blog entry. She is offering a autographed copy of either Echos or Whispers written as Erin Grady. Just leave a comment telling me what the name of Erin Quinn next book in this series is called. Really simple it can be found on this page. Don't forget to leave your email address so i can contact you or check back for your name to see if you're a winner. Book will be sent to you by Erin Quinn herself. Contest ends April 1st!

Book review: Montana Legacy by R.C. Ryan

I recently came across this book on a blog somewhere. The cover intrigued me first and the fact that i like Montana stories. That was enough for me to read the excerpt and then i was in Walmart a day or two later and saw it on the shelf so i picked it up to look it over. I wasn't in the market to buy any books that day so i still didn't buy it until a few days ago. I picked it up again and saw it was a 3 part series. Love those as well. It's similar to a series by Linda Lael Miller but since i love those i had faith i might like this series just as much. This book is part of a 3 part "fools gold" series. The second and third books are called "Montana Destiny" (May 2010) and "Montana Glory" (November 2010). Below is a little explanation and back story on the 3 cousin in these books.

He was called a crazy old coot by the folks of Gold Fever, Montana, because he'd spent a lifetime searching for the sack of gold nuggets discovered by his ancestor, and stolen by a greedy prospector who was later found dead, the gold missing. The name stuck, and Coot McCord passed on his legacy to his three grandsons, challenging them in his will to carry on the treasure hunt.

Cousins Jesse, Wyatt and Zane McCord had grown up under the same roof, not only blood related, but best friends, until the fabric of their family began to unravel, and their parents chose separate paths. Now adults, they are drawn into their grandfather's obsession, but they will have to overcome many obstacles on their path to regain the easy friendship they had once enjoyed.
Now a excerpt from Montana legacy:
There’s nothing hotter than first love . . .

They’re the last of the McCord men . . . three rugged, restless cousins. They will inherit their family’s vast Montana rangelands — only if they seek the glittering treasure buried somewhere on the McCord land. But what these sexy cowboys will never see coming is . . .the women who can tame their wild hearts.

She was the one person who shook Jesse McCord’s quiet determination. She was the only one he ever let in, body and soul. Then suddenly Amy Parrish left without warning — or a word — and the oldest McCord cousin devoted his life to the family ranch. Now Amy is back, caring for her ailing father and offering Jesse help in finding the legendary McCord gold. With luck, his pride will keep him safe from her irresistible charms — and his own unexpected desire . . .

Amy isn’t about to give Jesse a second chance. She’s keeping her assistance strictly business, even if the  hungry look in Jesse’s eyes is getting harder and harder to resist. But under the wide prairie skies an unseen enemy is fast closing in, threatening Amy and Jesse’s very lives and the promise of their . . .

Montana Legacy.

Please note that R.C. Ryan is a pen name for Ruth Ryan Langan

This was one of those books i didn't want to put down. This being the first in the series you have to get a little back story and the cousins have to get back together and so a good portion at the first of the book is dedicated to that. Which means the story between Jesse and Amy takes a while to get going but once it does it off and running and hot! I thought this was your basic romance but there is actually some danger in intrigue involved when someone seems to be trying to Kill Amy. Or is it really Amy they are after??? I can't tell you what would be the fun in that. Read the book! Of course it has to do with that supposed treasure Coot spent his life looking for. This is set in Montana on a massive ranch so if that's your kind of thing you should check this book out. I'll give it 3 and 3/4 out of 5 Modokker book pick stars. I think the next 2 will be better only because they have gotten the back story mostly out of the way on the 3 cousins pasts and their getting back together in this first book. More room for story now. I'm betting the next is a 5!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Kiss is the the follow up book to Angel's Blood. You MUST read Angel's Blood before reading Archangel's Kiss or you'll be totally lost in the first sentence. In Angel's Blood you meet Elena a Guild Hunter who gets hired by the Archangel of New York Raphael to hunt another Archangel. Elena usually hunts vampires not angels. This is how their relationship starts. Raphael can kill her with a thought pretty much but Elena is no pushover and their interactions keep you quite riveted to the page. This was one of those books where i really wanted to not be bothered and just read til i finished it. I believe i may have just done that too. lol I read it months ago. Getting on the follow up book Archangel's Kiss. You might want to stop reading right now if you've not read Angel's Blood cause i'm going to give some details away that'll spoil it if you haven't read it yet. Ok you were warned.

In Archangel's Kiss Elena awakens from year long coma to find she is a angel herself. She retains all her hunting abilities and discovers she has some new ones too. The threat to her in this book comes from several places and you kind of have to try and figure out who is really after her. I'll admit there was some places in the book i was confused but this is where i think you have to read Angel's Blood first. If you read it before read it again before starting Archangel's Kiss. I found myself trying to remember stuff from the first book. I did it backward but i reread Angel's Blood after Archangel's Kiss. Below is a excerpt from Archangel's Kiss.

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux wakes from a year-long coma to find herself changed—an angel with wings the colors of midnight and dawn—but her fragile body needs time to heal before she can take flight. Her lover, the stunningly dangerous archangel Raphael, is used to being in control—even when it comes to the woman he considers his own. But Elena has never done well with authority…

They’ve barely begun to understand each other when Raphael receives an invitation to a ball from the archangel Lijuan. To refuse would be a sign of fatal weakness, so Raphael must ready Elena for the flight to Beijing—and to the nightmare that awaits them there. Ancient and without conscience, Lijuan holds a power that lies with the dead. And she has organized the most perfect and most vicious of welcomes for Elena…
There are you intrigued? I don't know how Nalini Singh can put this all together. Very creative thinking. to me there is so much to consider in how one would put a story like this together. If you would like to read the first chapter of Archangel's Kiss you can do so here The book has been out for a few weeks. I couldn't find it at my local Walmart or Kmart which are the only local places to buy here but interestingly enough because i mention Angel's Blood to my librarian she had them both available to check out shortly after it was released. Needless to say i was happy. lol There is supposed to be 4 books in this series the next is not due out til the first part of 2011.
In parting if you want to find out about Angel's Blood and read a excerpt you can go here for that.
I give Archangel's Kiss 4  Modokker book pick stars. Read Angel's Blood first!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

last chance to enter Linda Lael Miller's Take a Cowboys Home Sweepstakes

Last chance to enter Linda Lael Miller's "Take a cowboys Home Sweepstakes" Contest ends March 5, 2010 Enter the sweeps then try for a instant prize. Enter daily thru march 5th. Take a Cowboys Home Sweepstakes

I'm working on reading Nalini Singh's new release Archangel's Kiss. I'm a quarter of the way thru and will post a review when i'm done. check out the first book in the so far 2 part series Angel's Blood. Awesome book.  Go to Nalini Singh website for a excerpt etc.