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Cover reveal!!! Jessica Scott "All for You"(Coming Home #4)

 photo Scott_AllForYou_ebook_zps9694b346.jpg

Available Feb, 4th 2014

A desire that defies reason and a love worth sacrificing for, featuring Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli and Army Captain Emily  Lindberg.

Camp Taji, Iraq
Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli had seen better days. He closed his eyes, wishing he was anywhere but curled up on the latrine floor in the middle of some dirty, shitty desert. The cold linoleum caressed his cheek, soothing the sensation of a billion spiders creeping over his skin. He had to get up, to get back to his platoon before someone came looking for him. Running patrols through the middle of Sadr City was so much better than being balled up on the bathroom floor, puking his guts out.
He’d sacrificed his dignity at the altar of the porcelain god two days ago when they’d arrived in northern Baghdad. It was going to be a rough deployment; that was for damn sure. Dear Lord, he’d give anything for a drink. Anything to stop the madness of detox. Why the fuck was he doing this to himself? Why did he pick up that godforsaken bottle every single time he made it home from this goddamned war?
The walls of the latrine echoed as someone pounded on the door. It felt like a mallet on the inside of a kettle drum inside his skull. “Sarn’t Ike!”
Reza groaned and pushed up to his hands and knees. He couldn’t let Foster see him like this. Couldn’t let any of his guys see him like this. “You about ready? The patrol is gearing up to roll.”

Holy hell. He dry heaved again, unable to breathe until the sensation of ripping his guts out through his throat passed. After a moment, he pushed himself upright and rinsed out his mouth. He’d definitely seen better days.

He wet his brown-black hair down and tucked the grey Army combat t-shirt into his uniform pants. Satisfied that no one would know he’d just been reduced to a quivering ball of misery a few moments before, he headed out to formation, a five- to seven-hour patrol through the shit hole known as Sadr City in his immediate future.

He was a goddamned sergeant first class and he had troops rolling into combat. They counted on him to do more than show up. They counted on him to lead them. Every single day.

Maybe by the time he reached thirty days in country, he’d stop heaving his guts up every morning. But sick or not, he was going out on patrol with his boys.

The best he could hope for was that he wouldn’t puke in the tank.

Find out more about Jessica Scott here

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Book review: Rumor Has It (Animal Magnetism #4) by Jill Shalvis

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He’ll help unleash the new woman in her…

Special Ops soldier Griffin Reid doesn’t exactly have happy memories of growing up in Sunshine, Idaho. He’s only come back to recover from a war injury, and while he refuses to admit he’s in a weakened state, he finds comfort in the last person he’d expect.

Kate Evans teaches fourth grade science in Sunshine, the place she’s always called home. Dreaming of graduate school and a happily-ever-after, she’s desperate to break out of the monotony of Sunshine. Luckily, a certain sexy man has just come back into her life.

To Griffin, Kate as always been his little sister’s friend, but now he’s finding her to be so much more. As both attempt to forge their paths, they must decide if their passionate connection can turn into something lasting…

This is the much anticipated ( by me anyway) book 4 in the Animal Magnetism series.  The count down to release day took forever! Griffin Reid is back in Sunshine with a pretty bad set of injuries he doesn't want anyone to know about. It's convenient his sister is getting married and so he can use that for cover for a while until he can figure out what he's going to do now that he's out of the military. Kate Evans is Griffins sisters best friend.  She's also a teacher and she's a huge giver. Gives her time all over the place so much so she forgets to give to herself.  Kate has had her eye of Griff for a long time but he's been away so long and she's a nervous wreck around him. Whenever she's nervous she spouts off all kinds of scientific facts which is hilarious. There are worse things she could do you know?  Griff adores her but doesn't want to put all his internal stuff on her door. Kate wants to let loose though and she decides Griff is the perfect man for the job. Their relationship is a great mix of sweet and sexy. Griff helps Kate with her family her class and anything else he can and Kate is just there for him. The chemistry between these two is crazy intense! Jill Shalvis does not disappoint with her wonderful characters and witty dialog.  This is the kind of book you can't wait to read and you plow through it and love it and then wish you could forget it so can read it all over for the first time all over again! 

One of the funniest parts that made me laugh i bet it makes you laugh too. 

" Our earlobes line up with out nipples." He grinned. " Why miss Evans. You said nipples."

One o

Find out more about Jill Shalvis ( She has a awesome daily blog) on her website here

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book review:Christmas in Tahoe by Elisabeth Barrett

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Available now.
Silicon Valley actuary Ann Smith is an expert at calculating probabilities, but lately the odds haven’t been in her favor. Two years ago her fiancé died a week before their planned Christmas wedding, leaving Ann heartbroken and alone. When a friend suggests heading up to Lake Tahoe for a long Christmas weekend of skiing, wine, and relaxation, Ann thinks it might be just the thing to help get her life back on track. But Ann’s plans go awry when her friend cancels at the last minute, and Ann ends up driving to Tahoe with Chase Deckert, a sexy snowboarder who pushes all her buttons.

Chase Deckert is a man who lives by his own rules. A few years ago his business partner betrayed him by selling out their biomedical research for a quick profit. Chase left science far behind, and now spends his days snowboarding in Tahoe, wanting nothing to do with the dog-eat-dog world of Silicon Valley. Chase has closed his mind and his heart and only believes in one thing: fate. But fate seems to be in a giving mood, because joining him for Christmas is a brave, beautiful woman who shows him the true meaning of the season and helps him rediscover a part of himself he’d long forgotten.

Fueled by the mountain scenery, the season, and their unbelievable chemistry, Ann and Chase end up learning more about each other—and themselves—than they ever imagined possible. Can one long, steamy Christmas help them realize they’re meant to be together? Or when the holiday is over will they be right back where they started?

Ann Smith is recovering from a huge personal loss. So far she's just been trudging a long only living but looking for the way back to life. Her fiance died suddenly 2 years ago right before Christmas when they were supposed to get married. Instead of a wedding it became a funeral. How do you recover from that? Chase Deckert is also recovering but from a very different situation. Chase was a scientist and when his business partner stole all his research on Malaria and ran with it he decided he had enough and retreated from life to slopes in Tahoe. He wasn't in it for the money he just wanted to help people.  Brought together inadvertently by a friend right before Christmas when Chase gives Ann a ride up to Tahoe to share his cabin sparks fly. This was a great read. The characters felt real. Chase is so gentle with Ann but finds out she's the tough one not him. Even though she's scared she doesn't let it slow her down or keep her from doing things she wants to do. Chase is stuck in a rut. When Ann offers more at the end of their time together will be let go of the past or run?  I was on the edge of my seat wondering what he'd do. This book was a delight from start to finish.  An emotional and satisfying read! 

Find out more about Elisabeth Barrett on her website here

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Slow Ride Home! Interview and Giveaway with Leah Braemel

 photo SlowRideHome_LeahBraemel_zps670b31fb.jpg

Losing his father was hard enough, but now Ben Grady must face the fact that he and his brother may not be sole owners of their beloved ranch. To protect his family’s legacy, he’s forced to rely on the legal prowess of the woman who stars in his erotic fantasies: Allie O’Keefe. Ben’s never forgotten the illicit encounter they shared fifteen years ago—or forgiven himself for letting her go.
Allie thought she’d moved beyond the scandal that cost her Ben in the past. But working so closely with the seductive rancher arouses the wild child within the cautious woman she’s become. Though she tries to keep business and pleasure separate, Allie soon gives in to temptation, and discovers Ben’s sensual skills surpass even her X-rated memories…

Allie has every intention of leaving Bull’s Hollow forever after her investigation is complete. But there are a few complications. Not the least of which is that while saving the ranch, Allie’s lost her heart.
I'm excited to bring you this short interview i did with the fabulous Leah Braemel! I was lucky enough to spend some time with her this past summer at Lori Foster's Readers and Authors Get Together in Ohio.
1. Slow Ride Home is a different kind of book for you. Can you tell us a little about it and how you approached writing it that was different from your other work?

I’m guessing that by “a different kind of book” you mean one that doesn’t include a menage? While I did originally include a flashback to the menage Ben, Allie and Logan had fifteen years before, I couldn’t see having a modern day menage being true to Allie’s character and my editors asked me to reduce the element to a reference so readers wouldn’t expect another.

Another comment I’ve heard is about how there is a mystery element to it where Ben and Allie must prove if there is a lost Grady relative , though I didn’t think of it as being a mystery when I wrote it, and it’s not shelved as a mystery. I think readers of my Hauberk series are more likely to be familiar with that style of my writing, where the Tangled readers might be surprised.

2. What keeps you motivated to keep writing when you experience a big setback?

Sheer stubbornness? A binding legal contract to produce the book also helps in the motivation department. Though I must admit that there have been a lot of days when I’m declared to my family that “I’m done,” one of my biggest motivators to keep me sitting at my keyboard is opening up my email or Facebook and finding a note from someone who has read my previous books who had to let me know that they found something in them that they liked. I’d feel like I was letting them down if I walked away. So here I still am, plugging away.

Having said that, I don’t know if I could stop writing in itself. I’ve always had stories going through my head, and I’ve always written them down. What would change if I got that ‘big setback’ that I couldn’t get over, is that I’d go back to the way I worked before 2007 — I’d keep writing the stories but leave them on my hard drive unpublished.

3. If you had to start all over again in your writing career what would be the one piece of advice you would give yourself?

“Don’t wait so long to try” or maybe I’ll borrow the old Nike slogan of “Just Do It!”

Although I’d been writing since I was a pre-teen, I constantly heard “everyone has a novel they want published; what makes you think you’re any different/could succeed?” from almost everyone and “you suck” from the one person who had seen my writing before the mid 1990s. The only way I could stop the stories from going through my head was to write them down, but I didn’t show anyone my work until around 2004. Which meant I was in my mid-40s. I’d love to know what I could have accomplished if I’d started in my 20s, or even my 30s.

4. Your new release "Slow Ride Home" is book one in a trilogy. Can you tell us about the other Grady Legacy books? Can you tell us anything about future books?

No Accounting for Cowboys, book 2 in the Legacy trilogy, will be Jake’s story. As readers of Slow Ride Home discover, Jake’s been keeping some secrets. In his book, he’s faced with several tough choices regarding his future and has to decide what path he should take. (With the help of Paige, the brand new accountant the family brings in to sort out their books.) Wrangling the Past

5. You’re stuck on a secluded island. Would you want the company of a really sexy man or a really good book. Which would you choose and why?

A really sexy man — because for me a sexy man is muscular and also very handy. So he’ll be able to build me shelter and find me food and as well as treat me like a goddess as I write my own books. ;)

Buy Slow Ride Home here:

The only woman in a houseful of men (even the cat and dog are male), Leah Braemel loves hiding away from all the dust bunnies while she writes sexy heroes and heroines finding true love. To read more about Slow Ride Home or any of Leah’s other books, you can visit her website, follow her on Twitter, or on Facebook.  
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Giveaway!! Soothing His Madness! Pre-release giveaway!

by Debra Kayn
Published: November 25th, 2013
In Debra Kayn's next biker romance novel, Bantorus MC and Lagsturns MC merge into a war zone of chaos where desperation and love is the only thing that'll save them.

Slade Ramchett, vice president of the Bantorus Motorcycle club, has failed his two bo
ys, his woman, and his club. Between battling with his ex-wife and her gambling addicted husband, Los Li shooting at his old lady, and the merge of colors with a rival MC, Slade's ready to go out shooting before the madness infects everyone he loves.

After working years at Cactus Cove, Taylor can't imagine life without Slade or the club. She's definitely done keeping their relationship secret. When Slade's world is ripped away from him, she'll help him anyway she can…including blackmail and putting her life on the line.
Romance Author, Debra Kayn, lives with her family in the beautiful coastal mountains of Oregon on a hobby farm. She enjoys riding motorcycles, gardening, playing tennis, and fishing. A huge animal lover, she always has a dog under her desk when she writes and chickens standing at the front door looking for a treat. She's famous in her family for teaching a 270 lb hog named Harley to jog with her every morning.
Her love of family ties and laughter makes her a natural to write heartwarming contemporary stories to the delight of her readers. Oh, let's cut to the chase. She loves to write about REAL MEN and the WOMEN who love them.
When Debra was nineteen years old, a man kissed her without introducing himself. When they finally came up for air, the first words out of his mouth were…will you have my babies? Considering Debra's weakness for a sexy, badass man, who is strong enough to survive her attitude, she said yes. A quick wedding at the House of Amour and four babies later, she's living her own romance book.
Twitter: @DebraKayn
Grand Prize: 
e copy - Breathing His Air (book #1), plus  
e copy - Waiting To Exhale (book #2), plus 
e copy - Soothing His Madness (book #3).
2 Extra Prizes:
e copy - Soothing His Madness (book #3)
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Cover reveal! Tipsy Take it off series by Cambria Heart

 photo Tipsy_ebooksm_zpsfd8fe1b6.jpg

Title: Tipsy
Author: Cambria Hebert
Series: Take It Off - all the novels in this series can be read as stand alones
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Format: Ebook and Paperback

***This is a new adult contemporary novel and contains sexual content and graphic language. It is not intended for young adult readers.***

Julie Preston is an artist. But her canvas isn’t paper or clay. It’s hair. She spends her days coloring, blow drying and styling her clients hair at the Razor’s Edge salon. Julie is also annoyed. She went out on a date and had a great time, gave the guy her number and the jerk never called.

So when he waltzes into the salon and sits down in her chair she briefly considers strangling him with the pink cape she fastens around  his neck.

Too bad she can’t.

Blue Markson, the guy who never called, is a police officer so causing him bodily harm would be a first class ticket into the slammer. Just looking at him again makes Julie forget why she was mad in the first place, but she’s already learned that Blue is nothing but heartache. So when he starts coming around, acting like he hadn’t made her stare at the phone for days, she tries to brush him off.


Her life is about to blow up in her face, she’s about to get caught up in a sticky web of crime and the one guy who can help her is the one guy she vowed never to trust again.

 photo forbio_zps971872b7.jpg

Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series, the new adult Death Escorts series, and the new adult Take it Off series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting 

Author Links:
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Cambria’s website: 

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Book review: Roman Holiday: Chained (Roman Holiday #1) by Ruthie Knox

 photo 18373084_zps74dafc91.jpg

Meet Ashley and Roman—complete opposites who can’t hide their attraction—in Episode 1 of Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday.
Ashley Bowman is having a bad week. Reeling from the death of her beloved grandmother, she returns to the Florida Keys only to learn that a heartless Miami developer has gotten hold of the crappy vacation rentals she calls home. Ashley has one day to clear out before Roman Díaz destroys the only place in the world that matters to her. Chaining herself to a palm tree in the bulldozers’ path seems like a good way to stop him . . . until she realizes she should’ve brought food and water. And pants. Also, it would help if the evil developer weren’t so ridiculously hot.
The last thing Roman Díaz needs is some sun-kissed blond protester getting her picture in the newspaper and messing up his plans. He bought the property fair and square, and the resort he wants to build on the site is the key to realizing his highest ambitions. But when a hurricane blows through, Roman has to hustle Ashley to safety if he wants to protect his reputation—and that means giving in to her unreasonable demands.
Roman needs to learn a little compassion, and Ashley’s decided to teach it to him . . . even if she has to drag him all over the Eastern Seaboard to do it.

This is a interesting new serial by Ruthie Knox. For the month of November there will be a new episode each week. Then that's it until March of 2014 when it continues with 5 more episodes.  I'm not sure how i feel about this yet but I'm going to give it a whirl and see where it goes. Episode one opens up with Ashley Bowen chained to a tree. Her grandmother sold her childhood hang out and safe place two years ago and then died without telling her about it. Now she's protesting the company that wants to tear it down and build a resort. Roman Diaz is that guy.  Thank god for him. For although he's a jerk he's a jerk who gives her water and a umbrella to block sun. UNTIL... It starts to rain and a category 3 hurricane is coming in. That umbrella doesn't do much then. This is a introduction into the serial and really just a tiny glimpse at only 58 pages. You get a small bit of background on both Ashley and Roman. Just enough to wet your whistle and make you want a little more to drink. I was both intrigued and ticked off when it ends of course with some drama and the thought of what next!! You have to tune in next week to find out.  This episode is available on Amazon right now and at 99 cents it's not a bad deal when you figure out the price for the whole series is going to be about five bucks.  Lots of mystery here to keep you on edge. 5 out of 5 stars for Roman Holiday: Chained by Ruthie Knox.

Find out more about Ruthie Knox and the serial on her website. There is even a  excerpt of chapter 1 if you want to try it before you buy it.  Find it here

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Book review: Texas Tango (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #2) by Cynthia D'Alba

 photo 13498799_zps782dc977.jpg

Available Nov 5th
Their wedding might be fake, but there’s no faking the mutual attraction.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 2

Dr. Caroline Graham is happy with her nomadic lifestyle fulfilling short-term medical contracts. No emotional commitments, no disappointments. She’s always the one to walk away, never the one left behind.

But now her great-uncle is gone and her grandmother is on her deathbed, more concerned about Caroline’s lack of a husband than her own demise. What’s the harm in a little white lie? If a wedding will give her grandmother peace, then a wedding she shall have.

Travis Montgomery has one dream left—to build the ranch he and his wife planned before he lost her to cancer. There’s just one thing standing between him and the last bit of acreage he needs—a last living heir who has one traveling foot out the door…and an unusual request that challenges his determination to never again place his heart at risk.

The land he wants in exchange for a faux marriage. Everyone wins. Until things start to snowball…and the hearts they stand to lose are their own.

Warning: This book contains a tortured widower who doesn’t want a wife and an independent doctor who doesn’t want a husband. Hot stuff between the sheets and failed efforts to avoid emotional involvements.

Caroline is in the last 6 months of a 2 year contract working in a medical clinic in Texas. She's been moving place to place as a traveling Dr for years but has never stayed this long anywhere. Since she's been there she's become close with the Montgomery family. She's attracted to Travis Montgomery but he's never really spent more than 5 minutes talking to her over the 18 months she's been there. Now her great uncle has passed away and left her his ranch. A ranch Travis has always wanted. Caroline's parents have never been around and she and her much younger brother were raised by her grandmother and is now dying as well. All her grandma Mamie wants is to see Caroline married before she dies so Travis get enlisted to fake marry her. They make a deal. He marries Caroline and she will gift him the ranch.  It all seems so simple until it all falls apart. This was a great book. Travis is such a sweetheart. It's hard to find a man as giving as this one. He's Caroline's rock with all the stuff that happens in her life. They fall in love but past hurts and pride keep them from saying so. Throw in Travis' boisterous nosy family and Caroline's 14 yr old brother showing up and spilling the beans and it's a mess. This book is a little predictable but i enjoyed it so much it didn't matter. The sex scenes were way more hot than i expected and i can't wait for book three. 4 out of 5 stars for Texas Tango by Cynthia D'Alba.

Find out more about Cynthia D'Alba here

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Book Review: Slow Ride Home (The Grady Legacy #1) by Leah Braemel

 photo SlowRideHome_LeahBraemel_zps670b31fb.jpg

Available November 11th
Losing his father was hard enough, but now Ben Grady must face the fact that he and his brother may not be sole owners of their beloved ranch. To protect his family's legacy, he's forced to rely on the legal prowess of the woman who stars in his erotic fantasies: Allie O'Keefe. Ben's never forgotten the illicit encounter they shared fifteen years ago—or forgiven himself for letting her go.

Allie thought she'd moved beyond the scandal that cost her Ben in the past. But working so closely with the seductive rancher arouses the wild child within the cautious woman she's become. Though she tries to keep business and pleasure separate, Allie soon gives in to temptation, and discovers Ben's sensual skills surpass even her X-rated memories…

Allie has every intention of leaving Bull's Hollow forever after her investigation is complete. But there are a few complications. Not the least of which is that while saving the ranch, Allie's lost her heart.

This is the first book in a new contemporary series with characters with a painful past. Ben and Allie were inseparable as teens. Allie's dad worked on Ben's family ranch and his family didn't approve of Allie.  Several things happened back then that she thought forever would set them apart. Her dad got fired for stealing from the ranch and someone made a sex tape of Ben and his best friend Logan and her together.  She left town with her heart and pride broken. Now years later she's back and she's the one person who can help Ben sort out his legal problems. As a lawyer and claims investigator for his insurance company she's has to find out who is trying to steal a part of his ranch by claiming to be a long lost Grady heir.  Allie has to prove there is no heir and someone is committing fraud or Ben might lose the ranch.  In the midst of all that Ben and Allie get closer again and secrets come out.   There are several things going on in this story as it lays the ground work for the series and brings you the second chance love story of Ben and Allie.  There's a few bad guys in the mix and as the secrets start to unravel Allie and Ben get closer.  I liked how this story played out. Ben and Allie had a hard and painful break up but once Ben found out everything that happened to Allie during that time he sets out to win her back.  He never gives up and knows he has to do it slowly to gain her trust again. A hot mix of sizzling and sweet!! Great beginning to the series. I can't wait to see what happens next! 4 out of 5 stars for Slow Ride Home by Leah Braemel.

Find out more about Leah Braemel and this book on her website here.

Hot Cover Monday! Nearly Departed (Spring Cleaning Mysteries) by JB Lynn

 photo NearlyDepartedfinal_zpsd2107b28.jpg

Available Dec 1 2013
Victoria Spring hates her job. The last career a reluctant medium should pursue is crime scene clean up; it would have been nice to know she could talk to ghosts before taking the job. 

As the co-founder of SPRING CLEANING, most of the hard work should be covered by her business partner & brother, Jerry. And it was...until he was shipped off to Afghanistan and declared missing in action over two years ago. Determined not to disappoint her parents, Vicky keeps the business afloat "just until Jerry gets back." But when she agrees to clean up the murder-suicide of three college students, she knows she'll need help. Ex-cop Smoke Barclay is more than a little mysterious, but he has great references, passed the puke test, and has a decent hand shake, so he's hired. Smoke's help should make this job a breeze, but when the ghosts of the three victims show up at the scene claiming all three were murdered by someone still on the loose; Vicky knowsnothing about this job is going to be easy. 

Helping the ghosts move on means finding out what really happened to happened to them...even if it means Vicky may be the next victim.

Find out more about JB Lynn here

Pre-order here

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Book review: Hell on Wheels (Black Knights Inc. #1) by Julie Ann Walker

 photo 13088406_zps40c63003.jpg

Black Knights Inc.--Behind the facade of their tricked-out motorcycle shop is an elite special ops team assigned the jobs too hot for anyone else to handle.

Hold On Tight...

Ex-Marine Nate "Ghost" Weller is an expert at keeping his cool--and his distance--which makes him one hell of a sniper. It's also how he keeps his feelings for Ali Morgan in check. Sweet, sexy Ali has always revved his engine, but she's his best friend's baby sister...and totally off limits.

Rough Road Ahead

Ali's never seen anything sexier than Nate Weller straddling his custom Harley--or the flash of danger in his eyes when she tells him she's in trouble. First something happened to her brother, and now she's become the target of a nasty international organization. With Nate, her life is in the most capable hands possible--but her heart is another story altogether.

This is the introduction book to the Black Knights Inc series. Although upon reading the series up to date the characters revolve a bit this is the one that started it all and you get a intro to several characters as well and the main two for this book of course.  Nate has been in love with Ali for years but her brother Grigg is also his best friend . He swore to Grigg he'd never touch her so to keep from breaking that promise he was always cold around her and rarely if ever spoke to her.  Now Grigg is dead and the details around his death are somewhat of a mystery. Nate feels guilt because he was there and couldn't prevent it.  Ali who is just a school teacher and wouldn't hurt a fly suddenly finds herself in danger someone is after her. Without her brother to go to she finds herself going to Nate and the rest of his team to help her.  While the team tries to find out what's going on Nate battles himself and his desire for Ali along with his guilt. This book will make you laugh and make you cry. What Nate has to do for his best friend will leave you a emotional wreck. You can only guess at it until it's finally revealed.  I think you can get yourself entrenched in this series very easily by the time you hit the last page in this book.  The characters are all so individual and different. The suspense and romance elements are great! Always a fan of alpha military guys and kick ass girls and this series hits both! 4 out of 5 stars for Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker.

Find out more about the Black Knights Inc series  here

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book review:Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights #2) by Cat Johnson

 photo 16033659_zps7b0c041b.jpg

Available now!
One Good Girl...
After her sister snags a hot Oklahoma cowboy, Emma Hart figures it’s her turn to saddle up. And with two country boys pursuing her at once, she’s in for a wild ride...

Two Sexy Guys...
Lieutenant Colonel Logan Hunt can’t deny the heat between him and Emma is fierce. But Logan isn’t looking for anything serious...just a chance to blow off some steam. So why is he crazy jealous when he sees pro bull rider Jace Mills trying to charm Emma into bed?

Winner Takes All...
Logan knows he and Emma could have something special—and not just because she’s smokin’ hot. Now he has to find a way to prove that even a no-strings-attached guy like him can stick around for the long haul…

You know i read book one in this series and was not 100% sold. I liked it a lot but it just didn't give me that POP i wanted. Well book two has definitely got the POP!.  We met most of the players in this story in book one. Logan is Tuck's boss and commanding officer but they are also best friends. Although Emma appeared in book one Logan doesn't meet her until now and it's a knocks you on your butt kind of meeting when they see each other. Logan and Emma have this awesome night together after Tuck and Becca's ( Emma's sister) wedding. Emma goes back to New York not sure where she stands with Logan. Logan gets home to find his dad has had a major stroke and is now bogged down in trying to help his parents with their store and his dads recovery. In the meantime Emma comes back to Oklahoma for a visit with a really big surprise. If only she can figure out what Logan's feeling are for her she might be able to tell what it is. What i like about this book is both Logan and Emma are older and have some life experience. Logan is stable and honorable and Emma is a lot of fun and loving. Throw in a couple of extra people to get in between them and a big ole secret and nosy butting in family members and it's a lot of fun to see this couple find their way to each other.  A sexy fun read!!  Hang in to the end and there's a peak at the next book where we might find out that Jace and Tara might not be as annoying as they come across in this book. I can't wait! 4 out of 5 stars for Two Times as Hot by Cat Johnson.

Find out more about Cat Johnson  and this series here

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Hot Cover Monday! Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean

 photo ChasingKings72lg-200x300_zpsc2a8f8f2.jpg

Chasing Kings
Coming December 2013
A porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suite…
Samantha Hart wishes things would stop happening in Vegas when a case of mistaken identity lands her in the Hard Rock’s racy Provocateur suite—an S&M wet dream that’s occupied by an honest-to-God porn star. Ethan Silver’s reputation should put her off, but his naughty charm and wicked-sweet smile have her agreeing to a night on the town. Then wishing for a night in, as well.
Ethan knew the instant he stepped through the door that this wasn’t the Samantha Hart he was almost desperate to see. Yet he can’t help it. He wants to ease the blushing bookseller out of her shell and show her a good time…and not just in the bedroom.
As a hot night on the Strip turns into a hotter night at the hotel, Ethan begins to prove there’s a good guy under his bad-boy façade. There’s a loan shark hot on his tail, though, and only Sam can help keep his movie-star face intact. But telling her the truth could cost him something he needs more than money. Her love.
Warning: Contains a bad boy porn star with all the right moves, a good girl who wants to go bad, and one wild week in Vegas.
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