Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Release

New Release's come out every Tuesday right? Two of my favorite authors had new books come out yesterday. Christine Feehan's new book "Street Game" came out yesterday. This book is part of the Ghost Walker series. If you are into Paranormal Christine Feehan is a good author for you to check out.  Click here to read a excerpt of Street Game and check out Christine Feehan's other works.

The other  author whose book i've been waiting for is Julie Garwood's new book "Sizzle"! Julie Garwood is starting a new series begininng with Sizzle. I've read quite a share of Julie Garwood books and have never been disappointed. click here to read a excerpt of Julie Garwood's new book Sizzle.

I have bought Street Game so i'm going to go get started on reading that one for now. If you get a chance to read this books please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks.

Curl up with a book and a Nook contest

You can click on the box to the right to enter. It doesn't quite fit on my sidebar but i'll leave it there for now til the 5th of January when the contest end. National bestselling authors Anya Bast and Lauren Dane are giving the Barnes and Noble Nook away. Click the box to the right or follow this link Both authors also have their own giveaways going check their blogs for details. Good luck!


Welcome to Modokker Book Picks! I am a avid book reader. Mostly of the romance genre but I've been known to read other things now and then. Romance books give me a chance at escapism. I don't have to think about all the crap in my life for a while and can jump into another life and in some cases another world. There is nothing better than to get away from thinking to much. Try it you'll like it. I have 3 boys and a part time job plus helping my husband with our small one truck trucking company. lol I did say small. I squeeze my reading in where i can. You will most likely find me at the Dr's waiting room with a book in my hand. Getting the oil changed? Book in my hand. Sitting in the car waiting for school to get out? Book in my hand. I read sometimes instead of watching TV in the evening. It works for me. When do you squeeze in your reading time?