Sunday, September 27, 2020

eARC Book review: Once Upon a Billionaire (Blue Collar Billionaires #1) by Jessica Lemmon


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I never finish a project late. Ever. So, when sassy, stilettoed Vivian Vandemark swaggers in with a roll of red tape to shut down my construction site, you can imagine my reaction. Although, it involves a sledgehammer and perfectly good drywall, so maybe you can’t.

She doesn’t look or act like any government employee I’ve met and I’m determined to uncover her secrets. When I lean in, I lean in hard. But so does Vivian. Now that we’re incinerating the bedsheets, we’re in way over our heads.

What started out as physical infatuation quickly morphs into more. Vivian is staying at my place and I’m helping bury her father. She’s meeting my adoptive family and I’m hiring her fresh-out-of-rehab brother. With our checkered pasts, trust doesn’t come easily, but hell if I let that stop me from living happily ever after…

First in a new series we start with Nate and Vivian. Vivian used to be a billionaire and now she's working a not so glamorous job and trying to make ends meet and take care of her younger addict brother. She's also trying to disappear into the woodwork and not be noticed because of what her criminal father did that took away her billions. Nate of the other hand came from nothing. She's no stranger to addiction since his mother is a addict. He was adopted by a family that were billionaires and given new direction and a chance at a good life and he ran with it. Vivian is sent to his construction site and he can tell right away she's more than she wants to appear. These two clash a lot but are also so good for each other. You wanted them to make it. Both have issues with their pasts and that's a lot to work through and they almost destroy it all before they figure things out. I enjoyed this book and look forward to Nate's brothers stories.

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eARC Book review: Man’s Best Friend (The Dogmothers #5) by Roxanne St. Claire


Available Sept 25th 2020

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Declan Mahoney and Evie Hewitt are childhood best friends who become young lovers on one summer night in the Carolina mountains. But the next morning, they learn Declan’s firefighter father has been killed while saving Evie’s family and home. Consumed by grief, and determined to take up his responsibility as the oldest Mahoney sibling, Declan turns from Evie. That heartbreak sends her running halfway across the state, rarely seeing Declan over the next twenty years. But when Evie comes back to Bitter Bark, a couple of meddling grannies who call themselves the Dogmothers hatch their plan to rekindle this romance. They arrange a "chance" meeting and plant some surprises along the way.

When she sees Declan, Evie is knocked over by emotions for the firefighter who might just be the reason she’s forty, childless, and dedicated to her career. She’s also nearly knocked over by the Husky-Malamute mix at his side. With an unexpected assist from a dog who’d been surrendered at the fire station, Declan decides he can’t miss this chance to reconnect with the woman he’s never forgotten. It doesn’t take long for old feelings to burn hot…and it doesn’t take long for Evie, a veterinary neurologist, to notice something's not quite right with the gorgeous dog Declan’s about to put up for adoption.

As they work together to help Judah, more than one creature is healed. Evie starts to demolish the walls grief had raised around Declan’s heart, and he reawakens her dreams of marriage and motherhood. But as they fall back into each other’s arms, Declan discovers the truth about his father’s death, and that revelation threatens more than their love…it could threaten their lives. Will Evie and Declan’s dreams be destroyed by tragedy? Or can they finally let go of the past so they can take hold of the future…together?

Book 5 in the Dogmother's series we get Declan's story. It's not a easy one. Evie and Declan were inseparable as teens. Everyone thought they would marry. Tragedy struck and suddenly it's over. Declan's father is killed fighting a fire and Evie's house. Declan feels he has to be the man of the house and take care of his family. He ends it with Evie and she leaves town. Now she's back to take care of her grandfather and Declan finally sees what a fool he's been. Twenty years gone. Can he get Evie back? This one got my heart and mad me sad and angry. Sometimes I just wanted to shake them both. It was interesting to see where the renewed relationship developed and how the families helped it a long. A excellent and engaging read. I was so happy when everything worked out and Declan got closure about what happened with his dad. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

eARC Book review: Three Weddings and a Baby (Heart Falls #9) by Vivian Arend

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After the stories are done, their stories go on.

One of the great parts of writing a long, family saga is that I get to revisit characters who have already hit their happily-ever-after. Over the past couple of years I’ve written short vignettes revisiting characters from the HEART FALLS series. They’re written specifically for readers who have already enjoyed the main stories. These visits with favourite friends were sent out in newsletters, and are available for FREE ON MY WEBSITE.

But, for readers who want the stories on their ereader, I’ve made them available digitally for your convenience. Check first to see where each vignette fits into the full series if you want to avoid spoilers for books you haven’t yet read!

AS WELL, this collection contains a BRAND NEW short story for Josiah Ryder and Lisa Coleman. This collection is the ONLY place to read this story!

1. Reading Order for the HEART FALLS series

The following wedding vignettes:
2. Surprised at Bootstomp Point (Caleb & Tamara) 3K words
3. Heartfelt at Heart Falls (Walker & Ivy) 4K words
4. A Wild Horse Wedding (Luke & Kelli) 3.5K words

And the short story:
5. Oh Baby! (Josiah & Lisa) 17K words

A cute puppy, a wedding, and a baby.  that’s it. That’s the blurb. lol.

Longer cheater version:

Lisa and Josiah are thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. He’s got his veterinarian work; she’s been busy stepping in to help her sisters and friends whenever and wherever they need. And they have Ollie, the sweet little terrier that can’t get enough of either of her favourite humans.

But as one year ends, and a new one begins, Lisa can’t help but wonder if there’s something she’s missing. What exactly is she supposed to focus on now that her extended family is settled and all her sisters are happy?

If you're a fan of the Heart Falls series you are going to want to read this vignette novella. Vivian Arend gives us snippets from previous stories. As the title says three weddings and a baby. If you read a series you wonder what happens after the book ends? Well here's our chance to see what happens to some of your favorite characters. I loved all these quick stories and of course wish they were longer but I always wish any good story was longer lol. I can't wait to see what's next.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

eARC Book review: Happily This Christmas (Happily Inc #6) by Susan Mallery


Available September 29th 2020

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There’s no place like Happily Inc for the holidays…

Wynn Beauchene has a thriving business, a great kid and a mildly embarrassing crush on the guy next door—local cop Garrick McCabe. She’s a strong, independent woman who can’t help dreaming what-if about a man she barely knows. Until he needs her help…

Garrick’s pregnant daughter will be home for Christmas, and his house needs a woman’s touch. Garrick and his little girl were tight once and he’s hoping a small-town Christmas will bring her back to him. But thawing his daughter’s frosty attitude will take more than a few twinkle lights. Maybe sharing the holiday with Wynn and her son will remind her of the joy of family.

As the season works its magic on these wounded souls, Wynn realizes it’s time to stop punishing herself for a painful secret, while Garrick remains haunted by the ghosts of past mistakes. Will he allow Wynn to open the only gift she truly wants—his heart?

Wynn has been punishing herself for something she did 15 years ago. Holding herself back emotionally and keeping her heart closed because of it. Garrick has a grown daughter that's about to have her first baby. They had a falling out when she was a teen and Garrick is determined to find out what happened and reconnect. I loved Garrick and Wynn together. They made a great team. Garrick's daughter comes to stay the last few weeks of her pregnancy because her military husband is deployed. She was quite annoying at first but does a lot of growing up by the end of the book.  The story lags a bit here and there but i enjoyed seeing characters from previous books popping up. Overall a enjoyable read perfect for a fall evenings read.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

eARC Book review: The Hitwoman Plays Games (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #24) by JB Lynn

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Life’s not all fun and games…

Hitwoman Maggie Lee has faced off against some bad people in the past, but nothing she has ever faced before has prepared her for her new assignment. Nothing.

What could be worse than working at a kid’s game center?

Flashing lights, beeping machines, screaming kids on a sugar high, and the world’s biggest claw machine may be the combination that finally pushes Maggie over the edge, as she tries to hold down a legit job as a cover for her first PI case.

Not that her downtime offers any respite. While she’s “off” she has to deal with family drama, dangerous dancers, a weird job assignment from the mob boss, and a VERY high stakes poker game.

Thankfully she’s got her animals to confide in, a bodyguard who’s looking out for her and a certain police detective on her side.

Maggie’s got to deal with the hand she’s been dealt…but there’s no guarantee she’ll come out the winner.

Maggie once again finds herself in a predicament. The woman never catches a break. It seems she's always juggling several balls at once. From taking care of Katie her niece, her multitude of animals and her family there's not a lot of left over time for anything else. This book like the others in the series have many laugh out loud moments and hold your breath moments. It's exciting and dangerous at every turn. Maggie has several men her in life but seems at some point every one let's her down.  It all comes out ok in the end but the journey is a good hang on kind of time. If you want to thoroughly entertained this series is just the one.

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