Tuesday, February 23, 2021

eARC Book review: Rocky Mountain Forever (Six Pack Ranch #12) by Vivian Arend


Available Feb 16th 2021

eARC Provided by author

It’s never too late for love.

Years ago, Mark Coleman made the only possible choice and left Rocky Mountain House before he tore his family apart. When he hears the four clans—Six Pack, Whiskey Creek, Moonshine and Angel—are working together to create a memory book, Mark also discovers the one detail that finally triggers his return.

Because he’s not just coming back to the family. Now that Dana is free and ready to move on, Mark plans to give the only woman he’s ever loved all the devotion and happiness she deserves, no matter how much sweet-talking, or dirty talk, it takes.

Meanwhile, when a shocking truth is shared with the oldest of the Six Pack sons, Blake Coleman begins a journey of assessment. Can he really fill his father’s boots and be the leader his generation turns to for guidance?

With lots of visits with all your favourite Colemans, this is a celebration of love and the lessons learned along the way.

Warning: this book is full of happily-ever-afters. Lots of I love yous, lots of babies, lots of laughter and happy tears. Pretty much, readers familiar with the series have a ton of feel-good hours of reading ahead. If you want angst—this isn’t it.

Mark Coleman is the brother who left home and no one really knew why. Now he feels it's finally time to return home and see if he can make things work with the one women he wanted and couldn't have. This book is about Mark but also has the Coleman family as a whole has decide to start a memory book. While Mark is on his journey to a future the rest of the family is reminiscing about the past. Alot of the family is in this story. You can read this alone but I don't think you would get as much enjoyment out of it without reading the other books first. Overall if you have read this series this book is a treat!

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Monday, February 15, 2021

eARC Book review: Deathmarch (Broslin Creek #7) by Dana Marton


Available now.

eARC Provided by author 

Welcome back to Broslin Creek! Can't wait to catch up with you. How about a cup of coffee at Finnegan's? You won't believe what's happening. Allie Bianchi, the town bum's daughter, just blew back into town. UP. TO. NO. GOOD. No doubt. Well, Harper Finnegan is a police detective now. She's not going to get her hooks into him so easily this time. Not when there's murder afoot! You just watch and see.

On the verge of losing her business, Allie Bianchi, a historical reenactor, must return to her hometown that never accepted her family. The sooner she leaves again, the better. But when the town recluse is murdered on the night of her arrival, his prepper hoard stolen, she becomes Detective Harper Finnegan's number one suspect. In what universe is her town black sheep ex-boyfriend now a cop, arresting her for murder?

I have not read a book in this series in a while. Allie left town years ago thinking Harper Finnegan didn't love her. Misunderstandings and assumptions messed everything up. Allie is back in town for a job when disaster strikes. A snow storm puts her car in the ditch and walking in blowing snow to town when she's picked up by none other than Harper.  Then she gets arrested for murder. What else could go wrong. This is a fast paced story with multiple things going on. It's the kind of book that draws you in and makes you want to read just one more chapter even though you have to get up early and go to work in the morning. 

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eARC Book review: The Hitwoman Owes a Favor by JB Lynn


Available Feb 26th 2021

eARC Provided by author 

Maggie Lee may be an inept hitwoman, but she pays her debts.

When Maggie told her friend Mia that she’d help her out of any mess she found herself in, she meant it. Of course they’d both been fifteen at the time.

Maggie hasn’t seen Mia in forever, until she suddenly shows up, intent on holding Maggie to her promise. Mia’s husband has disappeared, taking their money with him and she desperately needs it. 

While Maggie has other things to worry about, namely protecting her father from whoever is trying to kill him, Mia makes it impossible for her to not reciprocate the favor. 

Bound by a pinky swear, Maggie tracks down Mia’s soon-to-be-ex but doing so puts her at odds with the guys who have her back: Patrick, Zeke and Gino.

If Maggie’s not careful, her long-ago promise could have deadly consequences…especially since her psychic friend has predicted she’s going to die.

This long standing series is back with another look into Maggie Lee's life. Never a dull moment for Maggie. When a old friend shows up out of the blue asking for help and holding a secret over her heard Maggie has no choice to help. Patrick and Gino still messing with her heart. Which one will she choose, if at all? I know who I am rooting for. Then there's her father and the rest of her family. Someone always wants her time and attention. I really enjoyed this book. Action packed from start to finish. Starting to get very fond of Gino. Can't wait to see what's next for Maggie.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

eARC Book review: No Holding Back (McKenzies of Ridge Trail #1) by Lori Foster


Available now

eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

Introducing The McKenzies of Ridge Trail, an all-new sexy contemporary romance series from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster.

Not needing him won’t stop her from wanting him…

Trucker Sterling (Star) Parson is no stranger to the challenges a woman faces, both in her industry and in life. But she can take care of herself. She’s never needed—or wanted—a man around...until she meets Cade McKenzie. The take-charge bar owner sets off all kinds of alarm bells for Sterling, but he also sets her heart racing.

Cade’s lived in Ridge Trail long enough to know trouble when he sees it, and the moment Sterling—Star—walks into his bar, he knows trouble’s come to call. Secrets run deep in the small town and Cade can tell Star’s got as many as he does, leaving him itching to uncover every last one. But finding common ground will mean trusting one another, further feeding an intense attraction that’s growing impossible to resist.

Lori Foster gives us something exciting with her new book. Sterling is kind of a small time vigilante helping women in need in the sex trafficking's she encounters as a trucker. She's been hanging out in Cade's bar and Cade's been noticing her and wanting to know more. When Sterling gets into some trouble and Cade comes to the rescue it's his chance to delve deeper and find out what Sterling is all about. This book starts off quick and stays at a quick pace. Cade and his family do the same as Sterling but much more organized and trained and Sterling fits right in. Someone from Sterling's past is after her and Cade and his family will stop at nothing to protect her and others like her. I really enjoyed this book. Lori Foster really hit it out of the ballpark for me and I can't wait for book number two.

Find out more about Lori Foster and this series here www.lorifoster.com