Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An old Favorite. Mr perfect by author Linda Howard

Do you have a old favorite? A book you just love and could read over and over? What book is it and why do you like it? I have several. Quite frankly every Julie Garwood book she's written.  One that comes to mind though from time to time is the first Linda Howard book i read. i can't even remember how i ended up reading it. A friend recommendation i think. the book in question is called " Mr Perfect" First plus is it takes place in Warren/Sterling heights MI area. I am from Michigan. The second thing. the characters are awesome. The male and female leads mesh so well. Oh and third yes third there is such a  mix of suspense and romance and comedy there is no room to get bored with it.  It was  initially published in hardcover in 2000 and paperback 2003. It's not been re issues that i know of so you might have a hard time finding it. I found myself a copy last week on paperback swap.com. It's a place you trade your books you don't want anymore for ones that you do. Check out the website for more info. Use this link to join if you don't mind letting me use you as a referral. http://www.paperbackswap.com/index.php?r_by=modokker@yahoo.com.
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OK back to Mr perfect. I hunted up a little back cover info on the book to give you a taste. Here it is.


That's the deliciously racy topic that Jaine Bright and her three girlfriends are pondering one night at their favorite after-hours of spot: Mr. Perfect. Would he be tall, dark, and handsome? Caring and warmhearted - or will just muscular do? As their conversation heats up, they concoct a tongue-in-cheek checklist that becomes an overnight sensation, spreading like wildfire at work and sizzling along e-mail lines. But what began as a joke among friends turns deadly serious when one of the four women is murdered....Turning to her neighbor, an unpredictable police detective, for help, Jaime must unmask a killer to save her friends - and herself. Now, knowing whom to trust and whom to love is a matter of survival - as the dream of Mr. Perfect becomes a chilling nightmare.

OK it sounds like of ominous and parts of it are i guess but the romance and funny parts balance it out so much. I swear i laugh out loud several times while reading it. Obvious Mr perfect gets 5 Modokker Book Pick stars! Love it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book review: Almost Perfect by author Susan Mallery

Wow a weeks gone by again and here i am slacking again. It's been a really crazy busy week but i finished it off by reading Susan Mallery's new release, Almost Perfect. This is the 2nd book in the fools Gold series. The first i reviewed here was called Chasing Perfect. In Almost Perfect Liz Sutton is a New York Best selling author. She grew up in Fools Gold but didn't have a easy time of it and fled at 18 when the Ethan the boy she thought loved her denied knowing her to his friends. Ethan Hendrix you met in Chasing Perfect. He was supposed to have a career racing bikes like his best friend Josh Golden but a accident ruined that chance and then his fathers death thrust him into being responsible for his fathers company and head of his family. Liz found out a few weeks after she left she was pregnant with Ethan's baby but when she came back he finds him otherwise occupied so she left again to have and raise their baby on her own. She tries one other time 6 years later but someone intervenes and Ethan doesn't know about the baby still and Liz is deeply hurt by his rejection of both her and their son. Before you know it 11 years go and she gets a email from 2 nieces she didn't even know she had. They are alone and in trouble and she has to go back to Fools gold to help them. Except Ethan still lives there. Here is a little blurb from Almost Perfect.

Almost Perfect

HQN -- Book 2 Fools Gold series
July 2010
Back in high school, Liz Sutton was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Then she'd stolen the heart of the most popular boy in town, and their secret romance helped her through the worst of times. Until Ethan Hendrix betrayed her and everything they'd ever meant to each other. Devastated and pregnant, Liz left Fool's Gold, California—forever, she thought….
Now Liz must return to town and face the man who doesn't know of their son's existence. And this time she won't have the option of making a quick getaway. Ethan and Liz can't deny their passionate attraction, even after all these years. But will their desire be enough to spark a second chance at love?
Ok honestly i kept going back and forth on whether i liked this book or not. lol Ethan is a real ass if you ask me and i wanted to smack him several times. He certainly had to have been immature at 18 and seems it took him a while to grow up. Liz is just awesome not only does she deal with being pregnant and raising a baby on her own but then she claims her 2 nieces without hesitation. The blows keep coming at her but she stands up and does what she has to do. Ethan finally gets a clue at the end but i really wanted to whack him a good one way before then. You can read the first and 2nd chapter by going to Susan mallery's website by clicking HERE. You can read about the first book Chasing Perfect. Her next release is this series is called Finding Perfect which features Raoul who first appeared in Bakery sisters series Sweet Spot as a teenager.
I give Almost Perfect 4 Modokker Book Pick stars. Can't wait for Raoul's book in September. You have plenty of time to pick up the Bakery Sisters series to find out about Raoul's back story.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book review: Dangerous by author Diane Palmer

This is my first review of a Diane Palmer book. I've read several of her books and while reading them I've been really pissed to totally charmed. Swear i'm not going to read another book of hers and then do it again. I don't know that I've read one I'd read again but maybe this time i may have found one that i would. Are you saying huh? Well my small experience with Diane Palmer books the man is usually at least 10 years older and a real ass. He eventually gets a clue as to how lucky he is at the end but in the mean time you really want to string him up cause he is mean and arrogant. In the book Dangerous, Kilraven is a FBI agent whose wife and 3 yr old girl were gruesomely murdered 7 years earlier. He'll stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice and using Winnie if he has to to do it. Winnie is  a 911 operator who doesn't have to work for a living because she's rich but does so anyway because of a worth ethic instilled in her at a young age. Winnie has some demons of her own as her mother ran off 12 years earlier with her uncle. Seemingly deserting her at a young age.  Can Kilraven open his heart to love again? Course that's the big question. Will he catch his little girls killer? Read and see. Below is a little bit from Dangerous.

He is every inch the desperado.

Tall, lean and headstrong, FBI agent Kilraven lives by his own rules. And one of those rules includes keeping his hands off Jacobsville’s resident sweetheart, Winnie Sinclair, no matter the temptation. Shy and innocent, Winnie couldn’t handle a man like him—a merciless man with a haunted past. And this small town may hold not only the woman he fights to resist, but the answers to a cold case that is very personal to Kilraven....

Winnie has had her own share of sorrow and senses Kilraven’s pain. Even though she tries to deny it, the gentle 911 operator feels a connection with the darkly handsome agent. When he makes the disturbing discovery that her family’s unsavory past might have a bearing on his case, Winnie is determined to help him crack it...and the ice around his heart.

As they combine forces in a dangerous investigation, the stakes rise ever higher. Winnie’s life is on the line, and she’ll need Kilraven more than ever. But if they are to have a future together, her ruthless Texan will need to confront his past and risk it all for their love.

I really enjoyed this book more than any other Diane Palmer i've read. I give it 3 and 1/2 Modokker Book Pick stars. I don't mind the age difference thing in her books but she makes the male leads more nasty than i could put up with. I actually came to like Kilravin though, the hero in this book. He did have a good reason for the way he was and once he finally got past all that it was good. I'd really like to see her female leads be a bit stronger as well. Many of them are just there to be kicked around it seems. Winnie has some guts in this book so perhaps her newer books aren't as bad in that department. I'm not giving up on reading Diane Palmer just yet.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Book review: McKettricks of Texas :Austin by author Linda Lael Miller

It's been a while since i've posted but in my defense it's been crazy busy at my house. My oldest graduated from High School in June. We threw him a party and we did college orientation. The month ended with 4th of July weekend of course and here i am. Doesn't mean i didn't squeeze in any reading. I can always squeeze some in here and there. The book i just finished is the third in a series by Linda Lael Miller on the McKettricks of Texas. This one was about Austin the youngest of the McKettrick brothers in this series.  The two oldest brothers have hooked up with sisters. The Remington sisters. There are 3 sisters and the youngest, Paige used to date Austin. He broke her young heart years ago because he was scared of how serious she was and didn't know how to handle it. He got caught red handed cheating on her. Years later Paige is a nurse and he is doing the rodeo circuit. In Tate's book he gets thrown off Buzzsaw  one mean ole bull and almost gets himself killed. In this book he decides he needs to face the bull down and ride it one more time. He does and gets the points to win. Later his older brothers track him down at a bar and confront him for doing something so foolish considering his previous injuries. He says he's fine but moments later he collapses and ends up in the hospital. Guess who the older McKettricks hire to be a nurse for him? Oh yes Paige. This move on at a slow and steady pace from there. Here is a little snippet about Austin's book.

McKettricks of Texas: Austin

World champion rodeo star Austin McKettrick finally got bested by an angry bull. His career over, his love life a mess, the lone maverick has nowhere to go when the hospital releases him. Except back home to Blue River and the Silver Spur ranch. But his overachieving brothers won’t allow this cowboy to brood in peace. They’ve even hired a nurse to speed along his recovery. Paige Remington’s bossy brand of TLC is driving him crazy. As is her beautiful face, sexy figure and silky black hair.

Paige has lost count of the times Austin has tried to fire her, but this determined nurse is not going anywhere until he’s healed, body and heart.

Austin’s brothers are laying bets that Paige’s place in his life just might become permanent.

If you've read the first two books in this series i believe you can see how this is going to end and even if you haven't you can. it's kind of predictable but i like it just the same. This was a great series that i'm sorry has ended. Can't wait to see what Linda Lael Miller writes next. You can find out more about this book and her other books by going to her website by clicking here. Where you can also read a excerpt from Austin's book as well as the first two. I give The McKettricks of Texas 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. Wonderful fun read with a bit of romance, action mixed nicely together.