Saturday, July 17, 2021

eARC Book review: Meant to Be My Cowboy (Wranglers of Wyoming #3) by R.C. Ryan


Available July 27th 2021
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A woman on the run must trust her family's sworn enemy in this thrilling tale by one of the best in cowboy romance.

The cowboy she can’t have . . . is the one she can’t resist.
Annie Dempsey has two rules for her new life in Devil’s Door, Wyoming: no romance and no drama. Fresh off a bad breakup, she’s already avoiding love. And as long as she steers clear of the Merrick clan—her family’s sworn enemies—avoiding drama won’t be a problem. But when a charming stranger steps in to protect Annie from a sudden threat, both her rules fly out the door. Because Annie’s mystery hero . . . is a Merrick.

Jonah Merrick won’t allow anyone—even a Dempsey—to be harmed on his watch. It doesn’t hurt that sweet, gorgeous Annie makes his heart beat like never before. Against his family’s objections, Jonah insists Annie hide out with him at his ranch while they try to outwit a dangerous pursuer. But as the days turn into weeks, Jonah realizes he’ll stop anyone who tries to harm Annie . . . or the loving future they’re building together.

Jonah meet Annie Dempsey when she first gets into town. Annie works for her uncle's bank and just so happens she doesn't know her uncle is a enemy to to Jonah's family. By the time the two of them find out they aren't supposed to like each other it's to late. Then Annie finds herself is danger and Jonah and his family are ready to step in a help and protect her. If you like a good family romance where the family element is strong you'll enjoy this book. The Merrick's are larger than life. A nice enjoyable read.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

eARC Book review:Good Twin Gone Country (Dynasties: Beaumont Bay #4) by Jessica Lemmon


Available July 27th 2021

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What happens when a good girl asks a bad boy to help her break all the rules?

“Please show me how to break a few rules…”

Hallie Banks is done being “the good twin,” living in her superstar sister’s shadow. But what does she know about letting loose and having fun? She needs a teacher, and fortunately, gorgeous bachelor bad boy Gavin Sutherland is up for the job. Soon Hallie bursts out of her comfort zone and loses herself to Gavin's sizzling touch. But living on the edge always comes with a cost…and now the moment of reckoning is nine months away!

Hallie is the good girl twin. Always the one taking care of  everything. Now she wants to be bad and Gavin Sutherland is just the one to teach her how to let loose.  Watching these two get to know each other and become close was so exciting! This was a fun and flirty read. You get a little of all the previous couples in this series as well. It's hard to decide on a favorite of the series but I have a special admiration for Hallie.  I awesome wrap up to the four book series.

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