Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ARC Book review: Trapped with the Tycoon (Mafia Moguls #1) by Jules Bennett


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One snowbound night with the boss… 

Braden O'Shea needs access to Zara Perkins—to her life, to her house. So he hires the stunning event planner to keep her close. But after one magical dance, he finds himself driving her home in a snowstorm—only to be stranded by her side. And now that he's had a taste of her, seduction is his only goal… Zara stirs his blood like no woman he's ever known. 

But the commitment-shy beauty knows she must keep her distance from a man with such a risky reputation. He's her boss! He's off-limits. Now if only she can keep her hands to herself until the snow melts…

Braden O'Shea and his siblings need to fulfill their dying father's last wish. Right before passing away the elder O'Shea asks for Braden to find some valuable scrolls that were lost to the family years ago in a house they had to vacate at the time. Zara Perkins is the owner of that house now and being a party planner Zara falls right into his plans to get close and get in her house. Even luckier for Braden a snow storm makes it easier when he offers to drive her home and gets stuck there when all the roads get closed. Little did he know that he would be drawn to Zara in a way he doesn't want to let her go. Caught in a betrayal of her trust though he's scrambling to figure out how to keep her in his life once he confesses.  I grew to love the O'Shea family in this book. Just the tip of the iceburg i think in finding out about the family but a great start. Braden has to decide what's more important to him. Zara or his promise to his dad. Doing what's right or doing what you really want to do and not caring if it hurts anyone. As head of the family now he has to decide which direction that family is going to go. Zara on the other hand has to decide if she can trust and if she can love. I enjoyed this story. The only think i can say more is i wish it was longer. Can't wait for book two!

Find out more about Jules Bennett and this series here.  www.julesbennett.com