Friday, December 3, 2021

eARC Bok review: The Hitwoman Pays a Debt (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #28) by J.B. Lynn


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Maggie Lee is a woman who pays her debts and now she’s running herself ragged.

When the mysterious Ms. Whitehat asks her to work at a dentist’s office to gain access to a safe, Maggie can’t say no.

She probably should have turned down her murder mentor, Patrick Mulligan, when he wants her to tail a suspicious cop, but she owes him.

And she also couldn’t refuse to help US Marshal Griswald when he requests her assistance to solve one last case before he retires.

Speaking of his retirement, Aunt Susan is planning the party of the century for him and she expects Maggie to bring a date.

But making it to the party on time may prove difficult since repaying her debts has resulted in Maggie doing a dangerous dance with a killer.

Poor Maggie. She doesn't have a normal life. Murder and Mayhem seem to follow her. Her family and friends try her patience and the men in her life give her fits. In this installment she has to do a job for the mysterious Ms Whitehat, help Patrick and Griswald with one last old cold case before he retires. She's never alone though since she has her crazy group  of animals to take her back. It's fun to watch what Maggie is going to have to do next. How the author keeps this series fresh and juggles the large and varies member of this series cast is pure art. Maggie's love life is complicated.  I used to root for Patrick and then Angel but I think I have switched to Gino now. In any case I hope Maggie finds love that sticks. Always action packed and keep you guessing story.

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

eARC Book review:Peppermint Bark (The Dogmothers #7) by Roxanne St. Claire


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Getting stood up for her high school prom turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to Colleen Kilcannon. That's when Joe Mahoney offered to fill in as her date, and magic happened. By the end of that night, Colleen was ready to give up her dreams of flying the friendly skies and seeing the world…because nothing in that world could compete with her firefighter. She and Joe married, had a family, and remained deeply in love until he died in the line of duty, leaving her a widow for twenty years.

Tim McIntosh has avoided Bitter Bark for forty-five years. But when the international business executive returns to his home town to fulfill his father’s dying wish, seeing Colleen again is inevitable. Determined to deliver a decades-old apology, he visits the dog treat store she runs, where a couple of sweet old ladies persuade him to participate in Peppermint Bark, a holiday dog fostering program. They even have the perfect dog for him to foster, an impish Westie named Bucky. There’s just one problem...someone else has already claimed that dog. Someone Tim remembers quite well.

As Colleen and Tim rekindle their friendship and co-foster a dog that seems to only be happy when they’re together, old sparks ignite. But they only have the month of December together before he returns to his life of world travel…and she returns to what suddenly seems like a mundane existence. Their relationship deepens while they set out on an impossible holiday mission to fulfill his father’s deathbed request, uncovering life-changing secrets. It’ll take one clever Westie, two scheming grannies, and a whole lot of Christmas magic for Colleen and Tim to finally get a second chance at a dance that just might last forever.

Colleen and Tim had something as teenagers. Well Colleen thought she did until one stormy prom night Tim didn't show up to take her to the prom and then he just disappeared. Joe Mahoney stepped in and Colleen found the love of her life. Fast forward to present day. Joe has been gone for 20 years now. Colleen is content with her life the way it is. That is until Tim shows up in her life again. This a second chance romance. I was a little worried at the beginning because even though Joe Mahoney is long dead in this series I felt a loyalty him. Tim won me over but I was conflicted much of the story. Tim and Colleen reconnect and get to know each other again 45 years after the last time they saw each other. I really enjoyed this story. It's great that the author brings in glimpses of past characters in her books so you get this warmth of knowing the families in the series. Great warm fuzzies Christmas story with a second chance at love.

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

eARC Book review: Home for a Cowboy Christmas by Donna Grant


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Tis the season—for everyone except Emmy Garrett. She’s on the run after witnessing a crime. But when it becomes clear that trouble will continue following her, the US Marshal in charge takes her somewhere no one will think to look–Montana. Not only is Emmy in a new place for her protection, but now, she’s stuck with a handsome cowboy as her bodyguard…and she wants to do more than kiss him under the mistletoe.

Dwight Reynolds left behind his old career, but it’s still in his blood. When an old friend calls in a favor, Dwight opens his home to a woman on the run. He tries to keep his distance, but there’s something about Emmy he can’t resist. She stokes his passion and turns his cold nights into warm ones. When danger shows up looking for Emmy, Dwight risks everything to keep her safe.

Emmy Garrett is on the run. A mob boss wants her dead. A US Marshal decides to hide her with a friend out in the middle of Montana. Dwight Reynolds in that friend. He's got the experience to protect her and keep her safe. It doesn't take long for feeling to form between the two but with possible death hanging over Emmy she doesn't want to consider love just in case she doesn't make it. I like this book. It's more of a suspense than a holiday themed book but I loved the suspense and i Loved the relationship building between the two main characters. I stayed engaged throughout the story. A great read for me.

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

eARC Book review: Billionaire Ever After (Blue Collar Billionaires #3) by Jessica Lemmon


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Once Upon a time…
I met Talia Richards at a charity fundraiser, and my world stopped on a dime. When she proposed I work with her on a project, I leapt at the chance. Months later, I’ve only seen her twice since that fateful night. Twice. I’m dying.

The day I cave in and fly out to visit her, I watch as she is unfairly fired by a pair of dimwits—one of which is quickly acquainted with my fist. I sweep in and offer Talia a contract to work for me, as long as she doesn’t mind moving into the townhouse next door…

A balcony away, she’s driving me crazy in the best way imaginable. She’s in my bed, her long dark hair tangled around my limbs as well as my heart. She keeps reminding me she’s going home soon. Now to convince her that what we have is as rare and wild as she is… Here goes nothin’.

Third and final book in this series brings up Archer Owen. Archer is the only brother of the three that isn't adopted. He feels as though he's struggled his entire life for his dads approval while his adopted brothers got all the praise. Didn't mean he didn't love them but it did frustrate. Talia Richards needed Archer's help so she went after him to get him to work with her. A year later of email semi flirting and he flies out to see her only to witness her getting fired. Not until he gets a chance to defend her first. Now she's working for Archer as a consultant. Sparks are flying but Talia has been burned before by people she loved. She messed up before and it's to scary to go through that again. I loved Archer. He's a dream come true. The author makes him very likable. He's a supportive brother. Is there for everyone and works hard. Talia is fun and cool and determined. Great wrap up to the series.

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

eARC Book Review: The Hitwoman and the Body (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #27) by J.B. Lynn


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When mob boss Delveccio is framed for murder, it's up to everyone's favorite hitwoman to prove he didn't do it.

But that's not the only problem Maggie and her menagerie are dealing with. It's not even the biggest one.

The person who is threatening to kill Maggie's entire family needs to be dealt with.

Things are going to get messy...even by Maggie's standards.

Maggie has her hands full as always. Her mob boss is being framed for murder. Someone is trying to destroy her family and she's trying to juggle all her secrets and the men in her life. There's never a dull moment for Maggie even though she probably wishes for some. Maggie and her group of supportive animals together always manage to keep everyone out of trouble in the end. The trip there for the reader is a lot of laughs and edge of your seat moments while we wait to see what's going to happen next. This long term series doesn't feel long and I think that's because the author keeps everything fresh. Maggie's life just never stops revolving much like this readers own life. Oy! If you haven't started reading this series it's never to late. Get started today.

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