Sunday, September 27, 2020

eARC Book review: Once Upon a Billionaire (Blue Collar Billionaires #1) by Jessica Lemmon


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I never finish a project late. Ever. So, when sassy, stilettoed Vivian Vandemark swaggers in with a roll of red tape to shut down my construction site, you can imagine my reaction. Although, it involves a sledgehammer and perfectly good drywall, so maybe you can’t.

She doesn’t look or act like any government employee I’ve met and I’m determined to uncover her secrets. When I lean in, I lean in hard. But so does Vivian. Now that we’re incinerating the bedsheets, we’re in way over our heads.

What started out as physical infatuation quickly morphs into more. Vivian is staying at my place and I’m helping bury her father. She’s meeting my adoptive family and I’m hiring her fresh-out-of-rehab brother. With our checkered pasts, trust doesn’t come easily, but hell if I let that stop me from living happily ever after…

First in a new series we start with Nate and Vivian. Vivian used to be a billionaire and now she's working a not so glamorous job and trying to make ends meet and take care of her younger addict brother. She's also trying to disappear into the woodwork and not be noticed because of what her criminal father did that took away her billions. Nate of the other hand came from nothing. She's no stranger to addiction since his mother is a addict. He was adopted by a family that were billionaires and given new direction and a chance at a good life and he ran with it. Vivian is sent to his construction site and he can tell right away she's more than she wants to appear. These two clash a lot but are also so good for each other. You wanted them to make it. Both have issues with their pasts and that's a lot to work through and they almost destroy it all before they figure things out. I enjoyed this book and look forward to Nate's brothers stories.

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