Sunday, September 27, 2020

eARC Book review: Man’s Best Friend (The Dogmothers #5) by Roxanne St. Claire


Available Sept 25th 2020

eARC Provided by author

Declan Mahoney and Evie Hewitt are childhood best friends who become young lovers on one summer night in the Carolina mountains. But the next morning, they learn Declan’s firefighter father has been killed while saving Evie’s family and home. Consumed by grief, and determined to take up his responsibility as the oldest Mahoney sibling, Declan turns from Evie. That heartbreak sends her running halfway across the state, rarely seeing Declan over the next twenty years. But when Evie comes back to Bitter Bark, a couple of meddling grannies who call themselves the Dogmothers hatch their plan to rekindle this romance. They arrange a "chance" meeting and plant some surprises along the way.

When she sees Declan, Evie is knocked over by emotions for the firefighter who might just be the reason she’s forty, childless, and dedicated to her career. She’s also nearly knocked over by the Husky-Malamute mix at his side. With an unexpected assist from a dog who’d been surrendered at the fire station, Declan decides he can’t miss this chance to reconnect with the woman he’s never forgotten. It doesn’t take long for old feelings to burn hot…and it doesn’t take long for Evie, a veterinary neurologist, to notice something's not quite right with the gorgeous dog Declan’s about to put up for adoption.

As they work together to help Judah, more than one creature is healed. Evie starts to demolish the walls grief had raised around Declan’s heart, and he reawakens her dreams of marriage and motherhood. But as they fall back into each other’s arms, Declan discovers the truth about his father’s death, and that revelation threatens more than their love…it could threaten their lives. Will Evie and Declan’s dreams be destroyed by tragedy? Or can they finally let go of the past so they can take hold of the future…together?

Book 5 in the Dogmother's series we get Declan's story. It's not a easy one. Evie and Declan were inseparable as teens. Everyone thought they would marry. Tragedy struck and suddenly it's over. Declan's father is killed fighting a fire and Evie's house. Declan feels he has to be the man of the house and take care of his family. He ends it with Evie and she leaves town. Now she's back to take care of her grandfather and Declan finally sees what a fool he's been. Twenty years gone. Can he get Evie back? This one got my heart and mad me sad and angry. Sometimes I just wanted to shake them both. It was interesting to see where the renewed relationship developed and how the families helped it a long. A excellent and engaging read. I was so happy when everything worked out and Declan got closure about what happened with his dad. 

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