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eARC Book review: Three Weddings and a Baby (Heart Falls #9) by Vivian Arend

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After the stories are done, their stories go on.

One of the great parts of writing a long, family saga is that I get to revisit characters who have already hit their happily-ever-after. Over the past couple of years I’ve written short vignettes revisiting characters from the HEART FALLS series. They’re written specifically for readers who have already enjoyed the main stories. These visits with favourite friends were sent out in newsletters, and are available for FREE ON MY WEBSITE.

But, for readers who want the stories on their ereader, I’ve made them available digitally for your convenience. Check first to see where each vignette fits into the full series if you want to avoid spoilers for books you haven’t yet read!

AS WELL, this collection contains a BRAND NEW short story for Josiah Ryder and Lisa Coleman. This collection is the ONLY place to read this story!

1. Reading Order for the HEART FALLS series

The following wedding vignettes:
2. Surprised at Bootstomp Point (Caleb & Tamara) 3K words
3. Heartfelt at Heart Falls (Walker & Ivy) 4K words
4. A Wild Horse Wedding (Luke & Kelli) 3.5K words

And the short story:
5. Oh Baby! (Josiah & Lisa) 17K words

A cute puppy, a wedding, and a baby.  that’s it. That’s the blurb. lol.

Longer cheater version:

Lisa and Josiah are thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. He’s got his veterinarian work; she’s been busy stepping in to help her sisters and friends whenever and wherever they need. And they have Ollie, the sweet little terrier that can’t get enough of either of her favourite humans.

But as one year ends, and a new one begins, Lisa can’t help but wonder if there’s something she’s missing. What exactly is she supposed to focus on now that her extended family is settled and all her sisters are happy?

If you're a fan of the Heart Falls series you are going to want to read this vignette novella. Vivian Arend gives us snippets from previous stories. As the title says three weddings and a baby. If you read a series you wonder what happens after the book ends? Well here's our chance to see what happens to some of your favorite characters. I loved all these quick stories and of course wish they were longer but I always wish any good story was longer lol. I can't wait to see what's next.

Find out more about Vivian Arend and this series here

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