Monday, March 29, 2010

Current reading list

Do you have a current reading list? Meaning a list of book you'll be reading in the next few weeks. There is a TBR pile or to be read pile but this is different. Sometimes i suddenly need to read a lot of books this turns into my current reading list. Here's what on it right now.

I've been hearing and reading a lot about author Tori Carrington who is actually two authors a husband wife team that go by the names Lori and Tony Karayianni in real life. I decided i need to read their Sofie Metropolis series.  They are as follows:
Sofie Metropolis
Dirty laundry
Foul Play
Working Stiff.
To find out more about this series in the mean time click here to go to the Sofie Metropolis website.

Next i'm also taking a crack at Nalini Singh's book Blaze of Memory. This came out November of 2009. While I've read Angel's Blood and Archangel's Kiss ( and posted a review here) that's all I've read of Nalini's books so when i saw it at the library while looking for something else i had to grab it. To find out more about this book in the mean time you can go here.

On the list also is Flat out Sexy by Erin McCarthy. This is the first in a series and i read the 2nd book already before i realized there were more. I will review that 2nd book (Hard and Fast) once i get thru the first and review it. You can find out more about these books here at Erin McCarthy's website.Flat-Out Sexy (Berkley Sensation)

Ah and of course another Nalini Singh book. This one is a Anthology with a few other authors. The book is called Must have Hellhounds. Her story in the anthology is called Angel's Judgement and it tells the story of Sara and Guild Director and how she met Deacon. This goes along with other Guild hunter books. Angel's Blood and Archangel's Kiss. I highly recommend this series. To read about this book click here

Lastly i just added to the list two Susan Squires books. I just discovered this author yesterday thru chat. I went in search of her book then today only to find i couldn't find even one. Of course you have to realize i live in a very rural area when i say that. I use two libraries, i tried them first and then one small used book store and Walmart. Like i said slim pickings. That's all we have here locally. I did what i always do when i can't find what i want i use my states Elibrary system and put in a order to borrow from another library in my state that has it. If you are not familiar with this system check your local library or their website for details. I know of several states that have this. I found what i was looking for with the elibrary system and ordered myself  One with the Darkness and Time for Eternity . I look forward to reading these and reviewing them also.

That's the end of my currently reading list for now. Besides the Susan Squires books several other on my list were ordered thru my elibrary system. Luckily once they come i get them for three weeks. Plenty of time to read them and then some. I hope you'll take the time to check out these wonderful authors and their books while i work my way thru my list. Stay tuned for reviews and don't be surprised if i add more books in the mix.


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