Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book review: Bad Boys Do by author Victoria Dahl

I received a ebook copy of this book through netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

Bad Boys Do is the second book in the Donovan Brothers Brewery series and is out September 27th. Book one "Good Girls Don't" is available right now. The series opened up with the novella "Just One Taste" in the anthology book The Guy Next Door. Blurb below.


Olivia Bishop is no fun. That’s what her ex-husband said. That’s what her smart bob and glasses imply. And with her trademark determination, Olivia sets out to remake her life. She’s going to spend time with her girlfriends and not throw it all away for some man. But when an outing with her book club leads her to a brewery taproom, the dark-haired beauty realizes that trouble – in the form of sexy Jamie Donovan – may be too tempting to avoid.

Jamie Donovan doesn’t mean to be bad. Sure, the wild streak in his wicked green eyes has lured the ladies before. But it’s time to grow up. He’s even ready for a serious romance. But how can that be when Olivia, the only right woman he has ever met, already has him pegged as wrong.

Jamie meets Olivia at the pub when she comes in to meet a book club group. Only she is the only one that actually read the book. They are really there to have fun and watch sexy Jamie Donovan and his kilt covered ass. Olivia is pretty straight laced and she feels boring. Jamie is exciting and fun and seemingly bad boy as they come. Olivia is looking to change things about her self and so is Jamie. They decide to help each other with that. Jamie's brother and sister have no faith in him. He lets them believe what they want because it's easier and he feels guilty about some things in his past. He wants to make improvements to the bar part of the brewery by adding a restaurant. Olivia knows something about what it takes to do this so she helps him figure out how to go about it. Olivia wants to loosen up and learn how to have fun. Jamie knows all about being fun and carefree. Why not have fun together. Sounds easy right?  Of course you know someone is going to try and screw it up, but who? Bad Boys Do is a lot of fun but at the same time very emotional. I thought Jamie was going to walk away from his brother and sister a lot sooner than he did. Victoria Dahl writes a fun but emotional story with this one. You just want to hug Jamie a time or two. Both Jamie and Olivia are hurting for different reasons and they help each other heal. A few things that bugged me were Eric being a bit overboard on being a ass to Jamie about everything he perceived Jamie was doing wrong and Olivia bringing up her age difference. She is 35 and Jamie 29. Six years isn't much and these days 35 is not old for having a baby. I have a feeling Eric will get his in the next book though. Bad Boys Do gets 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars. Can't wait for book 3 Real Men Will. Eric Donovan's book. To read more about this series, find a excerpt and all Victoria's other books check out her website here

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