Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book review: A Very Vampy Christmas by Kerrelyn Sparks (from Sugarplums and Scandal )

Review by Sarah J.


Back of the Book Blurb: Maggie O'Brien is thrilled when she lands a starring role on the Digital Vampire Network's hottest soap opera, As the Vampire Turns. Doesn't hurt that her leading man is Don Orlando de Corazon, the greatest lover in the vampire world! But who is Don Orlando really? Nobody knows, not even Don Orlando. As the couple sets out in search of his mysterious past, "home for the holidays" takes on a new meaning when the recently-turned vamp discovers his own Christmas miracle.

Review: This is a delightful little story about a studly amnesiac vampire and the sweet, 100+ year old vampire who loves him. Maggie has had a serious crush on Don Orlando since she saw him acting in the soap opera, but once she lands a role opposite him, she learns he's quite the slutty, sleazy jerk. Or is he? Turns out Don Orlando is acting in real life, too, because he has total amnesia. His memories begin the night he was turned into a vampire. Maggie contacts Ian at MacKay Security & Investigations, and they begin tracking down his identity, visiting the New Orleans Coven and traveling to Texas. For a short story (60+ pages), this packs a lot of action and character history. I really liked both Maggie and Don Orlando, and wanted to know what happened next. Kerrelyn Sparks's unique style of breezy, sweet romance balanced with action and a fast pace creates a wonderful escape, and a nice addition to the Love at Stake universe she has created.
4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars

Although this story was only $2, I would recommend buying the anthology Sugarplums and Scandal for just $5 more. If you like the paranormal romance genre it's a better deal.

For more information about the author and her wonderful Love at Stake Series, visit her website at

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