Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Romance Biggest Winner. Final four weeks!

Wow can you believe it? There are only 4 weeks left in the Romance Biggest Winner weight loss challenge.  On July 5, 2011 ninety-three authors and readers brought together by author Ashley March weighed in for the first time and we all began what we hoped would be a successful weight loss journey.  You can go here and read details of the first post on the Romance Biggest Winner Blog where results are announced every week for the previous weeks losses or gains.  Check out all the comments from people who talked about what they wanted to happen and what they were going to do to get there. Today was weigh in day for week 22 and the results will be posted today so feel free to check and see how everyone's doing now. We've lost a few people but the majority of people are still there and still working on their goals for this challenge. For myself i wanted to lose 30 lbs. I didn't think i could get there but i needed to set a goal and that came out to 5 lbs a month so i went with it. I am happy to day i am at 27 pounds lost so far with the 4 weeks left to get to 30. Of course with December there are lots of treats about and family dinners and such so it's kind of like a mine field out there. I did well at Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago and had my one and only Christmas dinner outside family and did good there. Thing is there are still pitfalls out there. I just hope i see them before i fall in. lol You can follow Romance Biggest Winner on twitter by searching the hashtag #RBW if you want to see what challengers are saying and we have a Facebook page here and of course the blog Be sure to cheer on my team The Naughty Nines or Team 9. lol

I'll report back after the 5th of January and let you know how it all turned out for me. There is a $1,000 prize on the line. Wonder who will win??? Lots of people been working hard and losing pounds the last 22 weeks. Hard to say.

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  1. Lisa, you've already won:-) Congratulations on all your hard work - I bet you feel and look great!