Friday, August 12, 2011

Book review: Into the Night by author Janelle Denison

Into the Night is the first book by Janelle Denison that I've read and the first in a new series she started in April of this year called The Reliance group series. You get a introduction in this book to the members that make up The Reliance group and at the same time a peek at who might be in future books. Up first is Former Vice cop Nathan Fox.

Into The Night
St. Martin's Press
The Reliance Group Series - Book #1
April 2011

A former Marine and Las Vegas vice cop, Nathan Fox has seen it all and then some. Heading up security for the Onyx Casino is tame compared to his past, but it's not his only job. Working for The Reliance Group is his real passion project. His current case: a missing woman. His mission: to find her. But soon Nathan must deal with a stubborn, and stunning, journalist who's nosed her way into the investigation . . . and into Nathan's fantasies.

To reporter Nicole Hutton, exposing a ruthless, twisted criminal who abuses vulnerable teens isn't just a job. In fact, this story has become very personal, especially now that she's gotten tangled up with sexy Nathan Fox. But before she can break the story, and help rescue a missing girl, she and Nathan must brave the labyrinth of Vegas's dark underbelly . . . where the heat simmering between them is about to burst into flames.

This was a book packed with suspense, romance and lots of mixed up feelings. Both Nathan and Nicole had things in their past at working against them. Nathan is a ex-cop who quit when his last assignment went horribly wrong and resulted in the death of someone he had sworn to protect. It wasn't his fault but he still harbors the guilt for it. Nicole was taken advantage of by her college professor when she was 18 years old. She was hurt so bad emotionally that she won't trust a man again with her heart.  Nathan working for The Reliance Group is asked to save a runaway girl from Sloane a man who is a known to be a shady character who uses underage girls and then tosses them away. Nathan attending a speed dating a event as a favor for a friend  happens to meet Nicole, who was there for a story for the paper she works for. They hit of off and their chance meeting turns into a night of super hot sex!! Nicole happens to see the file on the runaway girl at Nathan's house and decides she wants to do a story on Sloane and his nefarious activities and maybe get a little justice for all the girls he's hurt.  Nicole and Nathan both go under cover to get into Sloane's circle separately but neither one knows it until  they meet at a place Sloane is supposed to be. After the initial shock Nathan grabs Nicole and after hashing things out decide to work together. This is when the story really picks up. They have to get into Sloane's inner circle, invade his spaces and find the runaway girl. All without compromising Nicole who is pretending to be alot younger than she is so they can find Angela the runaway girl.  The closer Nathan and Nicole get to finding Angela the closer they get to each other. The sex scenes in this are to die for. Well written and designed to get you heart thumping. You'll fall for Nathan and hurt for Nicole's past. I thought Nathan and Nicole were perfect together and look forward to the next book in this series to find out what happens with the rest of The Reliance Group members. If you like a mix of hot romance, steamy love scenes mixed with rocking suspense this series is a good fit for you! I give Into the Night by author Janelle Denison 4 out 5 of Modokker Book Pick stars. After you read this one get ready for book 2 in this series Night After Night coming October 11. I will also be reviewing it here on the blog.

Check out Janelle Denison's website by clicking here and find out more about this book and series and read a excerpt as well. You can find Janelle on Facebook and Twitter as well.


  1. I loved Into the Night also and am currently reading Night After Night. About a third of the way in and already loving it too.

  2. Liza that one is coming up as soon as i can get to it. I have several i have to read first but am excited to read it.