Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book review: The Queen's Consort (Spice briefs) by author Leia Rice

Warning this is really super hot Erotica. Definitely for ages 18 and older.

I have never read any Harlequin Spice Briefs that i recall until now. When they say spice they mean it. This is erotica without a doubt. Here's the blurb.


The Queen’s Consort (July 2011) Leia Rice

Royal maid Arabelle fantasizes about taking the queen’s place, but not for power or riches. She wants to be pleasured by the queen’s secret consort. Watching them together arouses cravings that her trysts with other men and her sensual encounters with her fellow maids cannot satisfy. She longs to be given licentious commands from the mysterious man, and to give orders in return.

Then, in the secret halls of Versailles, Arabelle’s fantasy comes true—with even more wicked pleasures than she imagined….

This is a very short story only 25 pages and it's pretty much 25 pages of all erotica. Arabella has been watching the Queen having hot wild sex with her consort all while the country is in turmoil. There is a revolution in progress that doesn't seem to touch the Queen in her quarters. Secretly Arabella watches wanting to trade places with the Queen and have the consort for herself. Fantasy becomes reality when the mysterious consort follows her down a passageway and take her against the wall. She doesn't get to see him still so it's still a mystery as to who he is. Arabella shares her tale with her fellow maids and they are intrigued as well. Finally the revolution comes right into palace. While the royal family is escaping she is trying to find her lover who by now she has seen his face and knows his name.  Guess how it ends? lol Lots of hot sex and a 4 way. Very Spicy! I give The Queens Consort 3 out 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. For a super short story it was packed full with smexy. Find out more about the author Leia Rice by clicking here
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