Friday, August 19, 2011

Book review and giveaway! Avenging Agent by author Dana Marton

Avenging Agent is the 2nd book in the Agents under Fire series by author Dana Marton. Yesterday i reviewed Guardian Agent the first in the series. Today we'll take a look at the follow up. Blurb below.

An undercover agent on a deadly mission, the last thing Jake needs is a troublesome beauty distracting him from his investigation. But something about Allison makes it impossible for him to leave her to her fate, surrounded by danger in a war-torn country.

They couldn't be more different, but soon they must rely on each other to stay alive, uncovering a diabolical plot that shakes even Jake's battle-hardened heart. Attraction grows between them as they form a tight team against their enemies. But to act on that attraction, first they have to stay alive.

Wow Dana Marton really knows how to pack a lot of power packed action and romance into a small space. She makes every single page count right up to the cliff hanger ending. Jake Tekla we met in the first book only he was in bad shape half starved and hurt. Gabe, Jake and Troy another guy we met in the first book are now a 3 man team working for the FBI. Jake is after secrets in Lahedeh this time. He's not sick and he's ready to go and out for blood. Allison in there looking for her missing fiance. She doesn't want to marry him anymore but he disappeared 5 months ago and no one seems to know anything. Jake's been watching her though. They share the same hotel and he's checking out everything and everyone. He ends up having to rescuing her from a bunch of locals and finding out she might be helpful to his operation but also finding himself very attracted to her. Allison is a heiriss of sorts owner of a huge company she's been struggling to prove she can handle the job. The two of them have to fight there way from baddies more than once while trying to find the answers they both need in the process falling in love. Allison has to learn she can handle anything but it's OK to have some help now and then and Jake learns to trust and that he's worthy of love. Action packed all the way through. This faced paced book packs a punch! Just watch out for the cliff hanger at the end !!! All i can say is it got me excited for the third and final book in this trio of books! I give Avenging Agent 5 out of 5 Modokker Book pick stars! To read a excerpt and check out everything Dana Marton click here . Look for Warrior Agent coming in November.
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