Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book review: Dead Reckoning by author Rachelle McCalla


Dead Reckoning is my first Love Inspired Suspense and the first book that i've read by author Rachelle McCalla. I have read a few Love Inspired books but didn't know they had a suspense line until i was asked to read and review this book. The blurb sounded good so i decided i needed to check it out. Here is that blurb.

July 5, 2011
Rachelle McCalla
Dead Reckoning

Risky maneuvers are no novelty for stunt pilot Ginny McCutcheon… until danger follows her to the ground. Someone's targeting Ginny— and former air force pilot Ben McAlister won't rest until he finds the culprit. He'll stay glued to Ginny's side until she's safe, whether the stubborn beauty accepts him there or not.

Ginny tries to resent Ben's protectiveness—and instead finds herself falling for the man whose fierce determination so perfectly matches hers. But trusting Ben means going home, something she can't bear to do. Until someone gets very close to grounding her—and Ben—forever.

I really liked what i read in the blurb for this book but i wasn't sure what to expect when i read it. It was in fact full of suspense and romance and lots of emotion. I just loved Ben and Ginny. Both were caring people in general. Ginny McCutcheon (Ginger McAlister) effectively ran away from home at 18 to join the Dare Divas a all women stunt flyer's group. Her father who suffered from cancer for 9 years died and she gave up having faith in god and in people. Someone is trying to hurt her now though and Ben McAlister shows up on behalf of her brother to bring her home for his and his wife's wedding celebration. Seems like every step they take there is danger though. Ben has got to figure out how to protect her and find out who is after her and why. He will also unknowingly help her find her way back to her faith. Both need to figure out they both deserve love. This book is packed with a whole lot of story in 217 pages. Well worth buying and reading. Romantic suspense in my favorite genre right now and this one really fits the bill for me.  This is a easily a 5 out of 5 Modokker Book pick stars for me. To find out more about this author and her other work click here

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