Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book review: How you Remind me (novella) by Julie Leto


Rock n’ roll musician Shaw Tyler has a secret…he’s spent an amazing night in Kate Schaffer’s bed. Trouble is, she doesn’t remember a thing. Since then, Kate has avoided any personal interactions with him, keeping everything strictly business. He wants to remind her about what happened–and what didn’t–but first, he has to get her see him for who he really is.

Kate used to live a wild and crazy life, drinking and partying to offset her stressful hours as a corporate attorney. After a scary black-out, Kate cleaned up her act and changed careers. Since then, she’s had a more stable life…but also a more boring one. She longs for a sexy liaison like in the old days and who better to hook up with than the wily musician who flirts with her all the time?

Trouble is, Shaw knows things about her…intimate things. Once she figures out how he learned her most personal fantasies, will she let him into her heart or show him the door?

Wow this is one jam packed sexy little novella by Julie Leto. I recently read the Janelle Denison novella Hard to Resist that goes with How you Remind me. You don't have to read them both but it is a lot of fun. Kate Schaffer was a bit of a partier it seems then a scary night where she doesn't remember a thing flips that coin and she becomes prim, proper and respectful. Cuts out all the fun and becomes all business. Quits her job and goes to work for her friend  as a party event planner. Shaw just happens to be the man who saved her that night she doesn't remember. Problem is she doesn't remember him either but that night made her extremely cautious and her past from when she was younger makes her want to stay away from Shaw and what she perceives him to be. Now she offers Shaw something he very much wants to take but first he has to set the record straight and confess what really happened that night. This is a short sexy 45 page book. Perfect quick little read that i really enjoyed and of course wished for it to be longer. I would very much enjoy more from this author. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book stars for How You Remind Me by Julie Leto.

Get it at Amazon for .99 cents. www.amazon.com/Remind-Girl-Likely-novella

Want to read a excerpt? Want to see what else Julie Leto has to offer? Find both here on her website! www.julieleto.com

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