Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do you save your favorite books? The Bride by Julie Garwood

This is the original cover in 1989

A later cover which most of you might recognize.

By edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison...a feisty, violet-eyed beauty. Alec ached to touch her, to tame her, to possess her...forever. But Jamie vowed never to surrender to this highland barbarian.

He was everything her heart warned against-an arrogant scoundrel whose rough good looks spoke of savage pleasures. And thought Kincaid's scorching kisses fired her blood, she brazenly resisted him...until one rapturous moment quelled their clash of wills, and something far more dangerous than desire threatened to conquer her senses...

Sigh I love this book. Just finished re-reading it for the probably 50th time??? yeah....

How many of you re-read your favorite books? Do you have keepers that you love so much you can't bear to let them go? I do. To be honest i have at least 7 boxes of various sizes filled with books by authors i can't bear to let go. I'll borrow them to friends to spread my love for these books and authors but I make sure they come back. In between new releases i re-read these. If i need a comfort read i go to one of these boxes and pick whatever strikes my fancy. I keep a handful of these by my night stand for when i can't sleep. Julie Garwood and Nora Roberts were the first two authors that made my keepers list. I bought a few Nora Roberts books at my local libraries used book sale several years ago. I had not read since high school due to work, stint in the Army and having small children. It was actually the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers and all the talk about it that got me to try reading again. After reading that series i was kind of stuck not knowing what to read because i didn't know any authors. Luckily a friend dragged me to the used book sale where i picked up Miss Nora. I had Nora Roberts then so i read and read and read and finally decided a couple months later i should try someone else too. Who though? My friend was reading a Julie Garwood book and I looked it over ( she was reading it and wouldn't let me have it right then lol). I went to the library to see what else they had by her. I checked out Murder List and was very hooked on Julie in no time. This is where my love for the Scottish highlanders came from. I had a copy of Shadow Music from somewhere and i kept thinking I don't want to read some old historical. It's probably really stuff and boring. One day I decided to at least read the first chapter. If i didn't like it i would give it away or donate it. HA!! I think i read that book in one sitting and stayed up half the night. I think most if not all Julie Garwood's back-list is now in ebook form for those of you with ereaders who love Julie Garwood like i do or who would like to give her a go. She only writes one book a year and i wait patiently although sometimes not so patiently for it to come out. This year we're waiting for August to come around.

I would love to hear about your list of keepers if you would like to share. Do you keep books or at least re-read books if you have a ereader only? Do you have a list of authors that you always buy and always keep? Who are they and why do you love them? Here's a short list of mine.

Julie Garwood
Nora Roberts
Jill Shalvis
Susan Mallery
Linda Lael Miller
Christine Feehan
JR Ward
Lori Foster
Debra Kayn
Dana Marton

This is my long standing list. Authors I've been collecting so to speak since i started reading again several years ago. I have discovered many more since then.  I confess i can add to it right now but it would get really long. Many have been around for a while that i just didn't have the opportunity to read ( to many authors not enough time in the day). In the past year though I have discovered more and more debut authors. Brand spanking newly published authors. Please be sure to give these authors a try as well as the more established authors. There are really good books by some really great authors everywhere. Best place to start finding these fine people is on Facebook and twitter but i think a even better place in through reading blogs. All kinds of blogs. Even authors have blogs where they talk about not only their own work but work of fellow authors. The romance community is kind of a family and most everyone is really nice and helpful. Most authors are down to earth real people just like everyone else out there. My blog has links to several blogs to the left side of this post. I encourage you to start there and see where it leads you. Almost every blog has a blog list like mine so you can keep finding new authors and books and reviews that way.

PS Some new debut authors I've read and enjoyed in the past year are:
Sierra Dean
JB Lynn
Besty Horvath
Heather Snow
Jenn LeBlanc
Jodie Griffin
Lexi George


  1. Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, Susan Wiggs, Sherryl Woods, Christina Dodd, Kristin Hannah, Lori Foster, Debbie Macomber, Jill Shalvis, Jude Devearaux, Julie Garwood... The list just goes on for me. I own books from all these authors and more.

    I'm so glad for ereaders now coz I getta save on space. We have boxes and boxes of books right from when I started reading; Edith Blyton days and Nancy Drews, etc. And unfortunately, no one else around me besides 1 sister share the love of reading.

  2. I loved seeing The Bride on your list of keepers. Julie Garwood is one of my all time favorite authors. I have all of hers and keep them all! Same with Catherine Coulter and Linda Howard.

    Newer authors are Tessa Dare, Kieran Kramer and Heather Snow.