Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book review & Giveaway! : Dirtying it up (Love Served with a Twist) by Calista Fox


Dirtying It Up by Calista Fox

A prophecy whispered in Jasmine Rosso’s ear by a gypsy fortune teller in San Diego’s Seaport Village leads her to a sizzling night with sexy glass artist Jake Hartnett. But the clock’s running out on the time allotted to fulfill the prophecy, and if Jasmine doesn’t make a true love connection with Jake before midnight on Valentine’s Day, she’ll lose everything she’s worked so hard to achieve this past year...including the trendy martini bar and bistro, With a Twist, that she owns with her two best friends. Worst of all, she’ll lose Jake—the only man she’s ever wanted.

Three best friends all meet this gypsy one day and she gives them her prediction for them and a year later it seems like everything she said has happened except finding their true loves. A clear Crystal heart shows up in the bar and grill they own that is supposed to glow red when their true love is near. For Jasmine that person is supposed to be glass artist Jake Harnett.  The  gypsy also tells them that their bar/bistro will be crazy successful but if they didn't find their true loves and make them fall in love with them all would be lost. They didn't really take it seriously until Feb 1st rolled around. All the Gypsies predictions came through so maybe they had a reason to worry. Jake was not new to Jasmine's life. She's known him for some time but he's a bad boy and bad boys don't get serious. Jake though has been holding a candle for Jasmine for a long time too and long trip to Italy for work makes him realize how much she means to him. Jasmine's been burned before by a bad boy and she's not going to go through that again. Jake has his work cut out for him. Lovely hot little Valentine's day story.  4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. This book is part of a trilogy and all three books take place at the same time.

Other books in the trilogy are Shaking it up by Erin Quinn and Stirring it up by Mary Leo. See the other two  posts this week to read my reviews.  Mary Leo has generously offered up a ebook copy of Dirtying up for one lucky commenter today. Just tell us whether you have plans for Valentines day and what they are. Don't forget to leave your email address so you can get your ebook if you win. Leave it like this. Example YOUR NAME at yahoo dot com. Ends on Sat. February 4th.

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  1. Enjoyed this book as well... I love the absence makes the heart fonder part.

  2. These books look fun. I have very romantic plans for Valentine's Day - make sure both my kids get out the door clean and fed, with their Valentine's cards and candy for all their classmates in their backpacks, LOL!

  3. Just stopping by to wave and say hi to Calista! Loved her romances. She writes the best heroes ever!

  4. I am pretty sure we will spend it at our home school or away for basketball since my husband is a coach it's the only way I see him during basketball season if I go watch him...