Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book review: Last Man Standing by Cindy Gerard


A deadly mission.

A thirst for revenge.
One headstrong alpha hero
and one daring woman will
settle the score.

Special operative Joe Green has gone vigilante. His mission, avenge his Black Ops.,Inc. brother's death during a bloody ambush years ago in Sierra Leone. He refuses to drag the BOI team or his lover, Stephanie Tompkins, into the hunt for the man responsible, so when he finds himself beaten, starving, and alone after being falsely imprisoned for the murder of a Freetown priest, he knows he's as good as dead.

Joe meant to protect Stephanie when he walked out on their relationship, but he can't stop her now from executing his escape. Breaking him out of prison is the easy part. After Joe's explosive theory pans out and his cunning enemy emerges as the front runner for a high level presidential appointment, he and Stephanie must race to derail the traitor's conspiracy if they are to save their loved ones, the nation and each other.

This is the 7th and final BOI ( Black Ops Inc) series book by author Cindy Gerard. Mean Joe Green always seems to be the most mysterious one of the group. You never really knew much about him. This book is all Joe. Bryan Tompkins was supposed to be a BOI. He is considered part of the group even though he was killed in the very first book. He is kept alive in memories by the other BOI and his parents and sister Stephanie who you see periodically through the series.  Joe's in love with Stephanie but he decides he has to break it off to keep her safe. He thinks there was more to her brother Bryan's death than just bad intel that made their op go bad all those years ago. To that end the story takes us back to Sierra Leone where it all started with book one. Kind of neat how Ms. Gerard brings us full circle. Things don't go well for Joe though and he finds himself in jail, beaten and half starved. To his surprise it's Stephanie who comes to the rescue along with a a friend Suah who Joe has befriended. Things get dicey from there. Secrets revealed and lives put at risk. This is a journey to find answers. I was really excited to read Joe and Stephanie's story but was disappointed you really don't get any of the other BOI until the epilogue. I like how she wrapped it all up with updates on all the BOI's and i hate to see the series end but when you run out of team members there isn't much else you can do. I understand there is a new series in the works from Cindy and it starts with Mike "Primetime" Brown. He and his brother Ty get a part in Joe's book plus he's been in some of the other books as a pilot. Catch a excerpt of this new book at the back of Last Man Standing  As for Last man Standing. I was glad to find out more about Stephanie who turns into a bad ass chick in this book and Joe who learns that Stephanie is way tougher than he thought. A great ending to a really great series that's full of hot sexy men and their kick ass women.  4 out of 5 Modokker book pick stars for Last Man Standing. Read more about this series and excerpts of each book on Cindy Gerard's website here www.cindygerard.com

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