Monday, February 6, 2012

Love, Served with a Twist ebook Winners!! 3 winners!

Just in time for Valentine's day! 3 winners get one of the 3 novella's in this trio of Valentine's ebooks.

Erin Quinn's Winner is Aunt Thelma! She will receive Calista Fox novella.
Calista Fox's Winner is Laura Tyll! She will receive Mary Leo's novella.
Mary Leo's Winner is Sarah Jordan! She will receive Erin Quinn's novella.

I am forwarding your email address on to the authors and they will contact you.

Love, Served with a Twist is a trio of ebook novella's in which all 3 stories take place at the same time. You can buy all 3 for 99 cents a piece on Amazon right now.

Love, Served with a Twist.
Shaking it up! By Erin Quinn
Dirtying it up! By Calista Fox
Stirring it up! by Mary Leo


  1. Yeah Me. Thanks Lisa!

  2. Your welcome Laura. I think you'll enjoy Mary's book. Your an buy the others to get the whole story. Thanks for participating.