Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book review & Giveaway! : Stirring it up (Love, Served with a Twist) by Mary Leo


When sexy world traveler, Max Rosso, walks into With a Twist, the San Diego based martini bar and bistro Rose Cupido owns with her two best friends, she immediately knows she's in trouble. Not only did the mysterious gypsy prophesize that Rose would find true love by Valentine's Day, but the gypsy also warned that this new love must be returned. If it is not returned, all will be lost, including With a Twist.

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, can Max and Rose stir it up enough to find true love, or will his need for freedom get in the way of them having it all?

Rose is best friends with Jasmine and Daisy. On a great day having fun they see a gypsy who gives them her predictions. They will open a With a Twist, martini bar and bistro and be wildly successful. Each would also get a personal prediction and those had seem to come true too. Rose prediction being that she would hear from her father that abandoned her and her mom years ago. The last thing the gypsy told them was that they would each find true love. A crystal clear glass heart shows up at the With a Twist out of the blue and is supposed to guide them by glowing red when their true loves are close. The catch to all this is if they don't make their true loves don't love them back by midnight Valentine's day they will lose it all. For Rose the crystal heart shines on Max Rosso her friend Jasmines cousin who Daisy has a history with. One that wasn't good.  Max is kind of a world travelor. He ditched Rose on prom night 10 years ago and she hasn't seen him since. Now both are these great chef's with Rose as the Chef of the bistro part of With a Twist. As Max tried to help Rose learn to relax and let go they finally get together and both are happy. That is until Max gets a phone call with another one of those chance of life time things and he books Rose and himself on a flight to France. Rose really wants to be with him and traveling with him sounds great but her heart is in the bistro and her friends and making it all work. He leaves like before. When it seems like none of the girls are going to make true love stick a Valentine miracle has to happen and fast.  This is the 3rd is a trio of cute Valentine's stories. Perfect mix of  story and romance and fun to make it a great little read and of course you hope the great ending. Nothing but enjoyment! 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Stirring it up by Mary Leo.

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  1. Great review again, Lisa - it sounds like a fun read!

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