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Interview and giveaway with Awesome paranormal author Lexi George!

I was lucky enough to score a interview with wonderfully funny debut paranormal author Lexi George! I taxed her with answering 5 questions and one bonus question about herself and her writing.  I was lucky enough to read a copy of her debut Release Demon Hunting in Dixie and fell for humor of the book within the first few pages. Lexi's latest book is a Anthology book called So i Married a Demon Slayer where her novella "The Bride wore Demon Dust" can be found. I am happy to say the great humorous writing is there as well. Her cute and sometimes bawdy southernisms are to die for. Who knew that paranormal romance and funny could go together so well. Not to mention the hot sexy demon hunters. On with the interview.


1. What made you decide to be a writer and why did you pick humorous paranormal romance?

I wrote poetry up until law school and then the muse took a hike. She HATED law school. In my thirties, I got an idea for a fantasy romance about a 45-year-old woman who gets sucked into a magical alternate dimension and wakes up in another woman’s body. The idea wouldn’t go away, so I sat down and started writing. Worked on that novel for YEARS, joined a writer’s group and a local chapter of RWA, and started querying my by-then finished book.

After three years of querying and over 100 rejections, I finally got a clue that I needed to try something else. I decided to try my hand at a paranormal romance. I love romance and I love magic, and PN romance has both, so it seemed like a natural fit. As for the humorous part, it picked me! When I started writing Demon Hunting in Dixie this naughty, bawdy voice came out of me that I’d repressed since I was a teenager. It was both liberating and strange . . . like I didn’t know myself. The creative brain is very mysterious.

2. If you were to have a back up job besides the ones you have now what would you be?

I’d be a singer/actress. I love musicals and I love to sing. My husband and I actually met doing the play Oliver! He was Bill Sikes and I was the rose seller. Who will buy my sweet red roses? Two blooms for a penny.

Both our daughters have the acting bug. Bless their hearts, they got a double dose. I was active in community theater—I actually got to perform once at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival!—until I got the contract with Kensington. Something had to go, and acting was it. Right now, I’m the only one in my immediate family besides the dogs who’s not doing a play. The hubby was recently cast as Tevya in a local production of Fiddler on the Roof, and both daughters are doing plays. Sometimes I miss it, but I like writing more.

3. Where do you get all your funny southern humor? Do you know people who talk like they do in the book?

I have always loved euphemisms and funny expressions. I collect them like a magpie collects shiny objects. My dad had a wonderfully dry sense of humor, so I suppose I get my sense of humor from him. He was a total gentleman, however, and would be shocked, I think, at his daughter’s bawdiness.

In the South, people talk a lot and they are very colorful in their expressions, so, yes, I know people who talk like my characters in the book! Sometimes, when a character says something racy or inane, it’s totally me. I come across as a little staid and dignified, but once you scratch below the surface, it’s all there. Scary, huh?

I do have an appropriate valve when I’m out in public, though. I have a Southern mama, too!

4. What's the hardest part about writing the book Demon Hunting in Dixie and the Novella The Bride wore Demon Dust?

The sex scenes! I’d never written a sex scene until I wrote Demon Hunting in Dixie and it like to drove me crazy! I was intimidated and nervous, a total virgin at the writing-a-sex-scene thing. What would my mother think? My grammar school librarian? What would my uncle the Baptist preacher think?

Finally, I decided to quit being such a wuss and write the darn thing, for heaven’s sake. If you worry about pleasing everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Besides, I felt a little hypocritical. I mean, I LOVE a good sex scene when I read a romance, so why was I hair balling about writing one?

Having decided upon it, I then had to figure out how to approach the scene. I wanted it to be sexy and hot, but not too purple and flowery. Sex scenes are very important, in my opinion, as they represent the culmination of the physical and emotional attraction between the hero and heroine. I pulled my hair out over that first sex scene and then decided to write the kind of scene I like to read and hope for the best!

5. What say so did you get in the covers and titles? The titles are perfect if you ask me. Totally go with the books.

Technically, once you sell, you have no say-so in the title or the cover. Your publisher can wrap it up in a grocery sack and call it Attack of the Twenty-Foot Doo-Doo Heads From Outer Space if they want. I originally called the book Demons in Dixie. Megan Records, my editor at Kensington, wanted something about demon slayers in the title. After tossing titles back and forth for a while, we agreed upon Demon Hunting in Dixie. I think the title rocks and I LOVE my cover! I think it’s bee-yew-tee-ful.

6. Of course we have to ask if there is anything in the works for your next book yet. Can you dish for us and tell us anything about it?

Book two (tentatively titled Demon Hunting in the Deep South) is the story of Evie and Ansgar. It starts with a murder and poor Evie is the suspect. On top of that, she’s got a demon on her trail. Ansgar shows back up and acts as her bodyguard. She doesn’t remember him, because she has amnesia. She’s totally intimidated by this strapping, Viking god-like being, but she thinks he’s a hot-tay. Oh, and Mullet Woman from the novella is a secondary character! Love me some Mullet Woman.

I am currently working on Book three, which I call Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar. The heroine is a demonoid—half human and half demon, and she runs a bar for other demonoids. The hero is an uptight Dalvahni demon hunter, of course, in pursuit of a mysterious weapon the demons have developed to use against the Dalvahni. Think Superman and Kryptonite. He has no idea his real Achilles heel is a certain halfsie chick by the name of Beck. A demon hunter fall in love with the offspring of a demon? Pulleeze. And Beck thinks he’s a total pain in the behonkus. A cute pain, but a pain nonetheless.

Now for the books.


Demon Hunting in Dixie (April, 2011)

A warrior, a demon, and the girl next door…
Looking For Trouble

Addy Corwin is a florist with an attitude. A bad attitude, or so her mama says, ‘cause she’s not looking for a man. Mama’s wrong. Addy has looked. There’s just not much to choose from in Hannah, her small Alabama hometown. Until Brand Dalvahni shows up, a supernaturally sexy, breathtakingly well-built hunk of a warrior from—well, not from around here, that’s for sure. Mama thinks he might be European or maybe even a Yankee. Brand says he’s from another dimension.

Addy couldn’t care less where he’s from. He’s gorgeous. Serious muscles. Disturbing green eyes. Brand really gets her going. Too bad he’s a whack job. Says he’s come to rescue her from a demon. Puh-lease. But right after Brand shows up, strange things start to happen. Dogs talk and reanimated corpses stalk the quite streets of Hannah. Her mortal enemy Meredith, otherwise known as the Death Starr, breaks out in a severe and inexplicable case of butt boils. Addy might not know what’s going on, but she definitely wants a certain sexy demon hunter by her side when it all goes down…


So I Married a Demon Slayer ( August 30, 2011) Anthology.

In the lusty humidity of the Deep South, among the neon lights of Vegas, and the glitz of high-fashion, demon slayers are the new sexy…

“Hot!” by By Kathy Love
At Hot! Magazine, the devil really does wear Prada. When the CEO is an actual demon and the mail room guys are undercover demon slayers, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for an up-and-coming photographer and a model possessed by much more than a sweet tooth to fall in love.

“What Slays In Vegas” by Angie Fox
When a sexy succubus comes up against a fearless demon slayer intent on killing her boss, a truly wild Vegas night turns into a quickie wedding. But in a city where anything goes, a demon slayer wedding a succubus is strictly forbidden. Which doesn’t mean either is rushing to jump out of the marriage bed.

“The Bride Wore Demon Dust” by Lexi George
He’s perfection in a tuxedo—more so out of it—and on a mission to protect his Alabama gal from the mysterious mayhem intent on her destruction. But the bride is a spunky steel magnolia with special powers of her own, determined to drop-kick evil forces across the state line and give her slayer a run for his money

Visit Lexi by checking out her website www.lexigeorge.com You can read the first chapter of her debut book "Demon Hunting in Dixie".
Find Lexi  on Facebook www.facebook.com/Lexi-George
and Twitter twitter.com/lexigeorge12

Lexi has offered a 2 copies of So I Married a Demon Slayer to two commenters today. She is also answering questions today so if you have any ask away. Must be a follower of this blog, leave a comment and a valid email address. Ends Friday October 7th. Sorry US only.

Giveaway extended until October 10th. Monday!!!


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