Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book review, interview and giveaway: Jennifer's Garden by author Dianne Venetta


JENNIFER’S GARDEN epitomizes the showdown between a career woman’s criteria for the perfect husband and what true love means.

In a race against time, cardiologist Jennifer Hamilton is caught between her mother’s dying wish and taking the risk of a lifetime with Jackson Montgomery. He’s the man hired to complete the landscaping for her new home; the venue for her upcoming wedding. Jackson’s everything she never wanted in a man, but as the job progresses, his lure pulls strong. It’s an attraction she cannot deny.

And one that puts her career on the line.

This is the first book I have ever read by Dianna Venetta. I wasn't sure what to expect but i liked what i read on her website and the cover is lovely but at the time a bit confusing. Ever read a book where the title and cover don't really appeal at first maybe they don't make sense or don't hit you right between the eyes when you first see it? Yeah that was what this was for me. I think i was halfway though the book when i got it. I should've gotten it sooner but i was slow on the uptake. lol What can i say i have no idea why it took so long. This is a long complicated book but full of journey, discovery and a bit of romance too.  Jennifer is a cardiologist, a giver, and a person who gives up what she needs and wants to make others happy. Her mother is dying a slow and sometimes painful death from cancer. It's only a matter of time.  Jackson Montgomery is the man she hires ( not by choice) to complete her flower garden and landscaping so she can have the wedding in her backyard. They bang heads all throughout the book. They have multiple misunderstandings but no matter what Jackson is there for her. He feels her pain and wants to help. He gives her understanding. He wants to do more but she is engaged and her mixed signals are messing him up. You laugh you cry you feel a whole range of emotions with this book. 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Jennifer's Garden.  You can find out more about Dianne Venetta and her books by checking out her website here .

Below is a short interview i did with Dianne.

Dianne lives in Central Florida with her husband, two children and part-time Yellow Lab--Cody-body! When not whacking away at her keyboard crafting her next novel you'll find her in their organic garden chasing grasshoppers and plucking hornworms all while drawing wild analogies between kids and plants and men. Definitely men.

A girl's gotta have fun, right?

When she's not knee-deep in dirt or romance, Dianne contributes garden advice for various websites and volunteers in her kids' school garden (a crazy existence to be sure). But at the end of the day, if she can inspire someone to stop and smell the roses--or rosemary!—kiss their child and spouse good-night, be kind to a neighbor and Mother Earth, then she's done all right.

1. What made you want write?

I always enjoyed writing but the inspiration to write novels didn't hit until about 15 years ago. An idea for a story popped into my head and I couldn't seem to let it go! It's the story of a mother-daughter relationship and while it has yet to be published, is definitely on the list of to be released.

What genre's do you write and are there others that you still want to take a crack at in the future?

 Most of my writing can be considered romantic women's fiction while I have a few straight women's fiction stories. Suspense is fun to write and I may take a whack at the genre in the future.

2. How do you write? What's your process i guess? Do you plan everything out or fly by the seat of your pants?

Ideas for stories take root in my brain and the details follow. Characters basically introduce themselves to me and "together" we delve into who they are and why they're having an issue at the moment. As to putting pen to paper, I'm an out-liner. Everything must make sense before I dive in to write the details but even then, things will change. These characters can get out of control and run in different directions on me!

 3. Tell us 3 random things about yourself people would be surprised to know.I enjoy fishing, can't read scary books (else I have nightmares) and spend a lot of my time in my organic garden.

 4. How do you try and relate to your readers? Get the word out there
about who you are and your books? Do you use Facebook, twitter etc? If so how can
people find you?

 I try and connect via Twitter, Facebook, my garden
blog . I visit bookstores and hand out review copies, offer to host book signings at various venues (gift shops, etc.) and basically talk to anyone I think might be interested in my novels!

 5 What's coming up for you? New releases etc?

I'm currently working on the third novel in this series, set for release next summer, followed by
the introduction to my other works, already completed (and in need of

 Anything else you want to add Dianne?

Would love to give away a copy of my next book -- LUST ON THE ROCKS!

To be entered for a ebook copy of the next book in this series Lust on The Rocks ( this book is about Jennifer's friend Sam(Samantha)  from Jennifer's Garden) just leave a comment or question for Dianne. You must also be a follower of this blog and leave a valid email address so you can be contacted if you win. Ends Saturday October 22. Open in the US and international .


  1. This book sounds wonderful - I like the plot and it sounds like something everyone can relate to - doing what we think we should, not what we want.

  2. The book sounds amazing and I can't wait to read it! Thank you for spending time with us today. This is a must read for me. BTW..I can't read scary books because of nightmares too. *smile*

    macladie25 at yahoo dot com

  3. Thank you! Sometimes the toughest thing is trying to overcome our own self-imposed obstacles! :)