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Book review: Animal Attraction (Animal Book 2) by author Jill Shalvis


Jill Shalvis October 7, 2011

Berkley Mass Market
Animal Magnetism
Book Two
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Jade Bennett couldn't be happier to escape her past for the quiet ranching town of Sunshine, Idaho. Plus, there's nothing like working for veterinarian Dell Connelly. And though Dell has no intention of settling down, Jade's strength and sass are enticements no red-blooded male can resist.

Excerpt below:
“Come on, baby,” he murmured. “Give it up for me. You know you want to.”

Jade Bennett did her best to ignore the way the low, sexy voice made her shiver. Besides, it wasn’t aimed at her. Dr. Dell Connelly; dog whisperer, cat whisperer, horse whisperer, and known woman whisperer … was talking to a stray kitten.

The feline in question huddled miserably beneath the bench seat in Dell’s vet center waiting room, staring at him from narrowed eyes, clearly having none of the sweet talk. She was a scruffy/mangy grayish brown with sharp green eyes, and like Jade, not swayed by sweet talkers.

“Huh,” Jade said from behind the reception counter. “Most females leap right into your arms at the slightest encouragement.”

Dell craned his neck and regarded her from eyes as dark as his secrets. “Not all.”

There was a beat of silence during which she did her best not to break eye contact. He was right. Not all females, otherwise she’d have made the leap.

Jill Shalvis has been a must buy for me from the first couple books of hers that i ever read. Animal Attraction is the 2nd book in her Animal series. I read this in two evenings but had i strarted earlier in the day it easily would be a one sitting book. I read Animal Magnetism (book 1) when it came out and was ready for book 2 immediately I enjoyed  it so much.  It was well worth the wait. Dell Connelly and Jade Bennett both have issues. Even though they grew up with very different backgrounds their issues are similar. Both are afraid. Commitment for Dell because he has been abandoned in one way or another all his life. His group of friends he trusts is pretty small. Jade is a part of that circle but still he holds back. Jade used to a very confident person. Nothing fazed her until she was attacked at her work place 18 months ago. She didn't do anything to fight back at her attacker and other people got hurt and she feels guilt but also has not dealt with the after effects of it yet either. Dell knows something happened to Jade but she won't let him in enough to tell him. They bounce off each other though the whole book helping each other but misunderstanding a lot of things too. You wonder if Dell is ever going to get over himself and tell Jade he loves her. It is soooo clearly evident that he does. It's lot of fun watching him try to get there. The banter between all the characters in this book is great and you feel you would like to know these people. Be a part of their circle.  Animal Attraction is another keeper book for me. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars.  Next in this series is Dell's brother Adams book. Can't wait. Next book out for Jill is the a Lucky Harbor series book "Head Over Heels" Lucky Harbor book 3.

To find out more about Jill Shalvis books and read excerpts as well as her blog check out her website here www.jillshalvis.com

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