Friday, October 7, 2011

Notice: Erin Quinn giveaway posting problems

Anyone who is posting to The Erin Quinn Giveaway. Erin and i have not been having trouble responding to blogger posts. She's tried repeatedly and so have i on her behalf. Below are some responses to those of you who posted to her yesterday. I hate to do it this way but i don't want anyone to think she isn't going to respond. If you can get through to post to any of the giveaways email me Modokker AT gmail DOT  com and I'll be sure to count your entry to the giveaways. The Lexi George giveaway that was to end today will be extended until Monday so that all 3 will end on Monday now.

Sorry about any inconvenience. Hopefully blogger will work out the kinks soon.
Lisa (Modokker)

Reginia and MadHatter--thanks so much. Good luck to you both in the contests! (PS Reginia, I got your win from another blog in the mail today--you should see it soon)

Jennifer, I work full time, have a family and go to school so I have to be very disciplined about my writing time. I work 4-10s so I have one day a week that's MINE to write and then I write Saturday and Sunday mornings. Needless to say, I have to really focus and get down to business to get all I need to do done in that time. I'm used to this though. I wrote my first and second books during lunch hours at work. :)

Raonaid--loved Kris's book. She and I were both in the Booksellers Best contest (different categories, though. I won for mine, btw :) Anyway, after the contest I went through and read all the finalist and really enjoyed hers! As a matter of fact, Haunting Embrace does have a druid in it. He's the hero...and the villian sometimes. :)

Ctuiephinphin--I hope you give me a read and like my books. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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