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Book review: Anthology Marked (Beyond #3.5) by Lauren Dane, Vivian Arend , Kit Rocha

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Available Feb 10th 2014
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lauren Dane takes you into a brand new world in ALL THAT REMAINS. Summer Killian falls fast and hard when Charlie arrives in Paradise Village. But the heat turns all the way up when she learns Charlie is also with Hatch - the man she loved three years before. While she's not sure she's cut out for a triad, neither man is going to give her up.

Take a ROCKY RIDE with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Vivian Arend as she leads you back to the Six Pack Ranch. Anna Coleman might be the law around Rocky Mountain House, but bad boy Mitch Thompson knows that under the stiff RCMP uniform is a woman with a passion for speed and pleasure that matches his own, and he’s not giving up until she’s his.

Kit Rocha returns to Sector Four in BEYOND TEMPTATION. A promise to a dying friend backfires when Noah Lennox finds that the girl he was supposed to rescue is all grown up--and wearing O'Kane ink. He wants to protect her from the secrets of their past, but she wants him. And an O'Kane woman always gets what she wants.

Ever read an anthology and like one of two of the novella's but not all? I hate when that happens. Luckily that didn't happen this time! All Three of these novella's were hits for me. First up is Kit Rocha with "Beyond Temptation". This is a part of the Beyond series and sizzling hot of course like the rest of series. Noah finds the girl he's loved for years with the O'Kanes. While he's always protected her she's a grown woman and a O'Kane now and they take care of their own.  Fast paced and exciting the writing is excellent and takes you into Noah and Emma's past and then speeds you right up to the present as they find a way through secrets and a intense situation where Noah has to find a way out of trouble for both of them without giving her up. Sex scenes as always are to die for good!! 

Next up is Vivian Arend's "Rocky Ride" Thompson brothers series. I do not read enough of Vivian Arend and i really need to fix that. Wow in the first chapter you will be already sucked into the story as it starts out pretty quickly with the hottest sex scene i have read in a while. It only gets hotter from there. Anna Coleman is a cop and Mitch Thompson comes across as the bad boy but neither one is what they appear. Mitch has to figure out how to get Anna to let her wild side show while also showing her his serious side and that he's in it for keeps.  Excellent characters and writing. I would love to hear this in audiobook form.

Lastly is Lauren Dane. Honestly i have not read much of her work yet so i had no expectations for her contribution "All that Remains". The title certainly fits the concept of this new series. Dane manages to lay a lot of the ground work and history for the series while still giving us a good solid story. I wasn't sold at first til i got a few chapters in and the picture started to come together in my mind as i read. I didn't realize there would be such super hot sex scenes either but wow did she deliver on that score.  It's a whole new way of living. Charlie runs into a beautiful woman and introduces her to his partner Hatch only to find out they grew up together and have a painful break up in their past. Summer was devastated when Hatch left her 4 years ago, but it forced her to get tough and take care of herself. She doesn't need anyone anymore, but maybe she does. Charlie is the glue that brings them back together and to form a lasting triad between the three of them. Interesting new series with a solid start. I'll be back for more. 

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