Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book review: Snowbound with a Billionaire (Billionaires And Babies #42) by Jules Bennett

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Available Feb. 4th 2014
One blizzard plus two ex-lovers equals one passionate reunion in this Billionaires and Babies novel!

For years, billionaire producer Max Ford believed Raine Monroe had betrayed him. Now that he's back in his hometown, he wants answers. But his ex plans to keep her mouth shut and her heart far away from temptation until a snowstorm strands them with her baby in her cozy farmhouse. Soon Raine is falling faster than the snow outside.

But she has to put a stop to it before a fling with Hollywood's hottest bachelor jeopardizes her chances of officially adopting her daughter before saying goodbye again becomes impossible before dark secrets from their past finally come to light.

This is a really heart wrenching reunion story. When Max and Raine were young and in love with big dreams that included them being together people conspired to keep them apart.  It worked. Now years later Max is back in town to take care of his sick mother. Only the first thing he finds is Raine with a baby in the ditch.  He rescues her only to find out she's on her way to visit his mother. Since neither one of their parents approved of them as a couple when they were younger he's surprised by this.  Max and Raine start finding out there are secrets and lies in their past and misunderstandings and when a sudden snowstorm strands them together it gives them the opportunity to figure them all out. I loved Max he's not your typical hollywood actor type. Down to earth and normal as any regular guy and giving. Raine is a sweet tough girl whose spent the years since Max taking care of herself and building a wall around her heart. Then add in the cute baby moments and the story packs a punch.  As they start figuring out what went wrong all those years ago Max really stands up for Raine and she starts to trust him slowly.  What i like about the this story is they have to fight to figure out how to make it work between the two of them. It's not a easy cut a dry we're together again and everything is great. Jules Bennett writes a wonderful story about long lost but lasting love. Even years later you can find your way back.

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