Monday, January 6, 2014

Book review: The Professional: Part 1 (The Game Maker #1.1) by Kresley Cole

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He makes the rules . . .
Mafiya enforcer Aleksandr "The Siberian" Sevastyan’s loyalty to his boss is unwavering, until he meets the boss’s long-lost daughter, a curvy, tantalizing redhead who haunts his mind and heats his blood like no other. Ordered to protect her, Sevastyan will do anything to possess her as well—on his own wicked terms.

Rules are made to be broken . . .
PhD student Natalie Porter had barely recovered from her first sight of the breathtakingly gorgeous Sevastyan before the professional hit man whisks her away to Russia, thrusting her into a world of extreme wealth and wanton pleasures. With every day she spends under his protection, she falls deeper under his masterful spell.

Are you ready to play?
Yet all is not as it seems. To remove Natalie from an enemy’s reach, Sevastyan spirits her into hiding. From an opulent palace in Russia to the decadent playgrounds of the mega-wealthy in Paris, the two lovers will discover that even their darkest—and most forbidden—fantasies can come true…

First let me say i have always wanted to read Kresley Cole but i never got the chance to go back and read any of her back list so when i saw she had a new series i knew this was my chance to start at the beginning with something. This is going to be a three part series so you can buy these as they come out if you like the suspense of waiting for  them at one time when they are all out. If you start with the first you'll want to continue to the second. I'm sure of it. I didn't know what to expect as i am not familiar with the writing of Kresley Cole but i have heard so many good things i was really hopeful. The book starts out with Natalie in college in Nebraska and frustrated she can't seem to track her biological parents down. She's busted her butt working three jobs to pay an investigator to find them and to get through school. When she and some of her friends are out at local bar and Natalie is feeling a little down about her situation she meets Sevastyan and in her brief run in with him she finds herself intrigued and turned on by his gruff and a little scary appearance. He blows her off pretty much though. At least that's what it seems like until she finds him later in her house watching her while she's in the tub where she's naked! That's where her trip to Russia to meet the man whose supposedly her biological father begins. Sevastyan wisks her off on a plane to Russia. With that comes a whole lot of changes for her. Her escort the mysterious but sexy Sevastyan pushes all her sexual buttons she didn't even know she had. Problem is he runs hot and cold and Natalie can't quite figure him out. In the meantime she's getting to know her father and her distant cousin who is a mystery in different ways. The sexual chemistry between Natalie and Sevastyn is through the roof! You can feel in the first time they meet and it only intensifies through the story. Kresley Cole is a true word smith. Her dialogue between her characters is sexy and intriguing and at the same time draws  you into the world of Russia and at this point of the three parts of this book you are just getting started. It can only getting better i think.  Sizzling hotto the end you are left wondering what the sexy Sevastyan has planned for Natalie. My interest is very well piqued and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next! 

Want to know more? You can right on Kresley Cole's website. There's even a lengthy excerpt if you not sure this is for you. Be forewarned this is erotica. 18 years and older is recommended. Find it here

PS Part one is available now and part two released on January 6th.

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