Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book review: Yours to Keep by Serena Bell

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Serena Bell makes her Loveswept debut with the captivating story of a woman living on the edge—and the man who’s destined to love her.

Ana Travares has been looking over her shoulder her whole life. Her U.S. visa expired when she was a young girl, and if her secret is discovered, she’ll be forced to return to the Dominican Republic. Ana allowed herself to get close to someone once before—and after he broke her heart, she swore never to make the same mistake again. But when a handsome doctor asks for her assistance, she fantasizes about breaking all her rules.

Even though pediatrician Ethan Hansen is a natural when it comes to little kids, as the single father of a teenage son he just can’t seem to get it right . . . except for the Spanish tutor he’s hired for his son, Theo. Ana has managed to crack Theo’s shell—and he isn’t the only one taken with her. The sexy tutor has fired up Ethan with a potent mix of lust and protectiveness. But as he starts to envision a future with Ana, Ethan is devastated to learn the truth about her citizenship. Somehow he’s got to find a way to help her—and hold on to the woman he’s falling hopelessly in love with.

This is my first Serena Bell book. I think i saw a excerpt on Facebook that made me want to read this and so here i am. Ana Travares found herself in a tough spot when her mother passed away as a child and she became a illegal person in the US.  Her mother and siblings had visas they didn't get renewed when her mother passed and that's how she got stuck where she is. She then started having to keep that secret and live a very careful life or risk being sent back to the Dominican Republic where it was possible very bad things could happen to her. Now she's an adult living with her sister and her nephews and her older brother who has taken care of the family for years. He's a little overbearing and protective and a bit scary but he had to give up everything to provide and protect the rest of them. He wants them all safe.  Ana works a couple jobs to help chip in but has some dreams of her own but no idea how she can make them happen. Ethan Hansen is a great pediatrician but when it comes to his own teenage son he feels like a failure.  He finds Ana when helping her out with her boss. Ana is a Spanish tutor and that's just what Ethan needs for his son so he hires her. There's a instant attraction and  Ana has a way with Ethan's son and with Ethan. This one will tug your heartstrings. Circumstances out of her control is how Ana finds herself where she is but as the book goes on it feels like a noose is closing in around her neck. I was afraid she'd get taken in to custody before Ethan finally gets his feelings sorted out. Ana is awesome and deserves to find her happiness but trust for her is a hard thing and just when she starts to trust Ethan it all falls apart and Ethan leaves her to her lowest point. It's a heart string puller but there are some fun stuff in there with Ethan's son and brother getting on his case. A nicely rounded out book and a joy to read.

Find out more about Serena Bell here www.serenabell.com

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