Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book review: Bare Essentials: (Naughty But Nice\Naturally Naughty) by Jill Shalvis , Leslie Kelly

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Naughty But Nice 
by New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis 

Lingerie model Cassie Tremaine Montgomery intends to have her revenge on the citizens of her hometown—starting with seducing the sheriff, Sean "Tag" Taggart. Tag, however, isn't cooperating. He's more than willing to set the sheets on fire with her, but he's asking for more than just sizzling sex…. He knows Cassie's not as tough as she pretends. And he knows she cares about him—even if she won't admit it. So he'll just turn up the heat until she concedes there's more between them than this red-hot passion. 

Naturally Naughty 
by New York Times bestselling author Leslie Kelly 

Kate Jones, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, is home. And she's got an agenda. To get revenge on the man who humiliated her mother, Kate's going to seduce that man's son—the town's golden boy, John Winfield Jr.—and then leave him drooling in a puddle of lust. However, when she finds herself seduced by a sexy stranger named Jack, little does she guess that the tables have just been turned…

This is actually a book about two cousins and their stories growing up in a town that treated them and their mothers like crap. Both are grown and successful women who are both forced back to town by circumstances that make them have to deal with their pasts. Each has to find their way to some kind of closure on what they thought they knew about their teen years and their mothers and the other people in town. For me this book was all over the place. I liked it i didn't like it. I was interested and then i felt like i could put it down and walk away. Both the cousins i think were to blame for this because that's how their characters seem to go to one extreme to the other.  They were both in their individual stories a little to much at times. The sex scenes were to die for hot and i loved the male counterpoints to the cousins but it was just a bit off for me at times. Still a really good story as a whole and i enjoyed it.

Find out more about Jill Shalvis here www.jillshalvis.com and Leslie Kelly here www.lesliekelly.com

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