Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Book review: Secretly (Playing For Hearts #4) by Debra Kayn

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Angie Swanson’s life couldn’t get more pathetic. Once a popular masseuse in Seattle, she's now the super pumper at her brother Drew's gas station in Deadhorse, Oregon. When her brother’s best friend, Gary, arrives in town, she finally sees her way out of the hell she’s in. If she can convince Gary to let her live with him in Seattle, just for a couple weeks until she lands a job, she’ll do anything for him.

There’s no way in hell Gary Satchel, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, will let Angie live with him temporarily. His best friend, Drew, would kill him if he found out he’s lusting after Angie. He only traveled to Deadhorse to give Angie the good news that the Seahawks hired her to work alongside their physical therapist and to have Drew take a look at his Camaro. But when Drew pulls a "bro favor," he finds himself up to his helmet in trouble.

Secretly is Debra Kayn's 4th book in the Playing for Hearts series but can be read as a stand alone. After losing her job when her place of employment closes Angie Swanson has to go home to Deadhorse, Oregon and work for her brother while trying to find a way back to a good job in Seattle.   Her brother just happens to be the best friend of wide receiver Gary Satchel of the Seattle Seahawks. Gary has had a thing for Angie for ages but it's his best friends little sister and you just don't go there. He wants to help Angie though so he helps her get a job with the Seahawks as their massage therapist. Money not being plentiful though she ends up having to stay is his huge beautiful home and the temptation is is to much. Once Angie starts to realize she has feeling for Gary too all bets are off.  This is a fun fast read. Angie is a girl who knows her mind and Gary is the sweetest tough guy out there. Debra Kayn throws them together and they have to work out the kinks in their relationship. There are rules against players dating staff and it's fun to watch the two of them try to hide their relationship and pretend nothings up even when they get caught in compromising positions. If you like fun sexy sport romances this is a great choice.

Find out more about Debra Kayn and this series and her other work here www.debrakayn.com

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