Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book review: Forever and a day by Jill Shalvis(book 6 in the Lucky Harbor series)

Available July 31st 2012

Grace never thought she’d be starting her life over from scratch. Losing everything has landed her in Lucky Harbor, working as a dog walker for overwhelmed ER doctor Josh Scott. But the day his nanny fails to show up, Grace goes from caring for Josh’s lovable mutt to caring for his rambunctious son. Soon Grace is playing house with the sexy single dad…

With so many people depending on him, Josh has no time for anything outside of his clinic and family-until Grace arrives in town. Now this brainy blonde is turning his life inside out and giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “good bedside manner.” Josh and Grace don’t know if what they have can last. But in a town like Lucky Harbor, a lifetime of love starts with just one day…

This is the 6th book in the Lucky Harbor and the last of the second set of 3 books. Grace has been kind of quiet in the series up to this point. You didn't know anything about her except she's new in town and has been looking hard for a job. While looking she's been doing odd jobs. Which is how she ends up walking Josh's crazy dog Tank. Which is how she ends up all wet..... Oh boy. What starts out as a temporary job morphs into something more and then more still. Dr Josh Scott is all kinds of sexy and worn out man. He's got his dads medical practice to run, ER duty and then at home, the dog, his young son and his wheel chair bound sister. He gives new meaning to the words " I've got my hands full." He gets Grace to help and she attempts to figure out where she's going with her life and with Josh. As much as i liked the previous two books i think this might be my favorite of the three. Probably could have said that with every book in this series. Jill Shalvis hits it out of the ballpark again. Josh is just plain irresistible and Grace tries so hard to have a life of her own without influence from her parents. You can't help but root for them. 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars for Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis.

Find out more about this series and Jill Shalvis on her website here
Jill announced on her blog the other day there will be more Lucky Harbor books and a few details on who they will be about as well. Be sure to check it out and read excerpts for these books as well.


  1. I LOVE the Lucky Harbor series and can't wait to get and read this book.

  2. They are all really good in my opnion and this one really got to me. You'll enjoy it as well.