Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book review: Shades of Passion (Special Investigations Group (SIG) #3) by Virna DePaul

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Shades of the past

Detective Simon Granger has devoted his life to solving high-risk cases, and he's vowed never again to get involved with a woman whose work is equally as dangerous. But when the Special Investigations Group teams him with a beautiful psychiatrist , his resolve is shattered by the tense and emotionally charged partnership.... 

Shades of intrigue

Determined to outrun the grief over her sister's death, Dr. Nina Whitaker reluctantly agrees to use her training to help the police. Despite Detective Granger's disdain for her profession, she believes she can change his mind. But then a grieving father begins a deadly game of revenge, threatening Nina's life, challenging her beliefs, and drawing Nina and Simon together in an explosive endgame of intrigue...and unstoppable passion. 

Shades of passion...

This is book 3 in the Special Investigations Group series or SIG as it is often referred to in the books. We met Simon in book one and got a little more of him in book two when the woman he had been involved with was murdered. Now he finds himself face to face with a woman who looks quite a bit like Lana, the woman he lost and she is a psychiatrist as well just like Lana. Now what? He's stuck with her shadowing him on the job but being close to her is dangerous for various reasons he doesn't want to think about to closely. Nina doesn't really want to shadow Simon she is a giver though and is guilted into helping out her boss to shadow Simon and observe the how the police deal with suspects who suffer from mental illness.  Both Simon and Nina have things in their pasts they are struggling with. Simon's ex-girlfriends murder and Nina's sisters suicide and the suicide of a young patient a few years ago. Unfortunately things turn deadly when homeless men turn up dead and with initials carved in their backs which looks like someone is after Nina. Simon thinks he knows who is doing it but things are not adding up after a while. This is is a raw thrill ride of suspense, mystery and murder. The author kept me guessing the whole book. I could never get a good bead on who the killer could be and was surprised at the outcome. Most times you can usually get idea where things are going but Virna DePaul doesn't even give you a inkling. All the books in this series are like this. The thriller/suspense part of this book is in full evidence in this book but the romantic sexy side is equally delicious. 4 out of 5 stars for Shades of Passion by Virna Depaul.

Find out more about the series and Virna Depaul on her website here.

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