Friday, April 19, 2013

Stephanie Witter By My Side Book Blast Giveaway!!

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Lily Saunders sees her family falling apart. Her father is deserting her, and her mother is drinking more and more. Even sarcasm can't help Lily. When she thinks her best friend, Andy Green, will help her, she discovers how his blinding jealousy will mess everything up.

And then Gabe Green comes back home. She thinks it'll be like always between them—sarcasms and curses thrown at each other—but she's mistaken. He's different, and understands right away the problems she's trying to keep for herself. 

But even if he's there for her, making her fall hard, they both know it'll end soon. Because at their age, you can't expect forever. Right?

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Stephanie Witter is a french dreamer. She started english at four and fell in love with the language.

Always with a book - or two - close by, she soon started reading in english when she couldn't wait to see Harry Potter translated in French.
After a while, reading wasn't enough and she started writing young adult and new adult contemporary novels always filled with drama.
Now she hopes to translate english novels in her mother tongue as her everyday job.
By My Side is her debut novel.

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* 3 Amazon gift cards of $10
* 5 ebooks of By My Side

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