Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book review: Bare It All (Love Undercover #2) by Lori Foster

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Available April 30, 2013

"A cop's craving to know more about the woman next door could prove fatal in the steamy new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster"

As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker, Alice Appleton fears retaliation at every turn. No one knows about her past, which is exactly how she prefers it...until the sexy cop next door comes knocking.

Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick, but his ever-elusive neighbor keeps him guessing like no other. Is his goal to unmask Alice's secrets? Or protect her from a dangerous new threat? One thing is certain: their chemistry is a time bomb waiting to explode. And with no one to trust but each other, Reese and Alice are soon drawn into a deadly maze of corruption, intrigue and desire-and into the line of fire...

Bare it All is book 2 in the Love Undercover series. I am really excited about this series. It's a branch off the Men with Walk the Edge of Honor series. Alice is a secondary character from Trace Rivers book Trace of Fever. We met Reese in book one and for me he was a bit of a mystery. At the end of that book his apartment was the scene of crime so he's without a apartment but luckily Alice, his neighbor takes him in. He's intrigued by her and her secrets and decides he needs to figure her out. It doesn't take long for the attraction to become obvious for both of them.  I will admit i could not remember who Alice was. It's been a while since i read Trace of Fever. I was told when she explains some of her history to Reese i would remember. It came back really fast when she did. Alice had got a lot of secrets. Reese needs to know those secrets and because of some of them Alice inadvertantly finds herself in danger.  It takes most of the book to get all the details out and when it happens there is a character that makes an appearance i wanted to cheer for.Not going to tell you who it but you can probably guess. Rowdy gets a decent size chunk of this book and you get some insight into him. Some of it i liked some of it i didn't. You also get a tiny peak at Dash who is Logan's brother from book one.   I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Really excited for the next two book which will focus on Rowdy and Dash according to the author's website. Thoroughly enjoying the series. 4 out of 5 stars for Bare it All by Lori Foster.

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