Monday, March 7, 2011

Book review: Live Wire by author Lora Leigh

Huge Lora Leigh fan over here. OK being a big fan of a author for me just ratchets up the tension wondering if your going to like their next book. If you have a so so feeling or it's a new author it's not so bad. You don't like it not a big deal right? Being a big fan you build up some expectations. The more i get to like a author the bigger that expectation gets. OK I'll be honest I'd probably forgive them anyway even if i didn't like it. OK now that that's out of the way let's talk about Lora Leigh's latest Elite Ops series book Live Wire!!! To read this book i think you have to have read a few of the previous books or it won't make as much sense. There are lots of past characters in this book as well. Love when authors bring back past characters. In the Elite ops series you see them in alot of the books anyway but in Live Wire you see more and you see the couples from previous books. A+ for that alone. Let's get to a back page blurb first kay?


Meet Captain Jordan Malone. For years he has been a silent warrior and guardian, operating independent of government protocol or oversight, leading his loyal team of Elite Ops to fight terror at all costs. A legend in the field, Jordan’s true identity has remained a mystery to even his own men…until now.


Tehya Talamosi, codename: Enigma, is a force to be reckoned with. A woman this striking spells nothing but trouble for Jordan. Armed with killer secrets—and body to die for—she’ll bring Jordan to his knees as they both take on the most deadly mission they have ever faced. Because this time, it’s personal…

So for those of you who follow this series we finally get to Jordan's book. I don't know about you but I've been waiting and waiting for Jordan to finally get his just desserts. lol You get to meet Tehya in the book Wild Card Nathan Malone,Jordan's nephews book. Her father was a evil man and Tehya has spent most of her life running from him or his associates. The time for Jordan's Elite Ops team has come to end and so everyone goes their separate ways. Tehya doesn't know what she's going to do Elite Ops has been her life for 8 years ever since they saved her from being alone after she is finally freed from her father. Tehya finds what she thinks might be a place to belong but after a while she feels like she's being watched. She also feels forgotten because no one not even Jordan tried to contact her in the months after leaving Elite Ops headquarters. Jordan finds out someone knows who she is and where she is and he goes to check on her and that's when the fight to live a normal life starts for Teyha. Question is when the smoke clears will Jordan be there or not. That is if she survives. Lots of action and hot sex in this book. You see Jordan be such a hard ass in all the previous book it's fun to see him squirm in this one finally. Poor Tehya goes thru the emotional ringer. The only problem i had was a few places where some of the sentences didn't make sense and some grammatical errors but you always seem to get some of those in every book and i can usually over look them. Check out Live Wire and read the first chapter and check out the other books in this series by going to Lora Leigh's website by clicking here. I'm giving Live Wire by Lora Leigh 4 and 1/2 Modokker Book Pick stars.

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