Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book review: Playing with a Wood Nymph by author Abby Wood

I've read a few of Abby Wood's short stories ebooks. This one is a short 83 pages. Amazingly enough pages to get a good story in. Abby asked me to read this erotica fantasy and give my honest opinion so here we go. Below first is a short little blurb about the book.

Using her magic, Melanie of the Dryad family weaved a spell around the man who wandered into her forest. Wanting to play her wood nymph games, she was devastated when the man turned her down.

Unable to understand why he dreamed of a naked woman in the woods during a photo shoot, Jared found an even bigger surprise after developing the pictures he’d taken at the waterfall. Who was the nude beauty sunbathing behind the rocks? Why did he feel like he knew her?

Ok where to begin. As i was reading this i was not sure what i thought. It was kind of interesting and different from what I've read of erotica. This has a fairy tale kind of feel and not in the traditional sense so be warned.  OK Melanie is a wood nymph that lives deep in the woods. She can make herself invisible and make you forget you've seen her at all. Wood nymphs are all about pleasure. Pleasuring themselves and each other. Jared is a nature photographer who works for a magazine. Melanie sees him standing my her favorite waterfall and wants to play with him and i don't mean jump rope. She does all her little tricks to seduce him and he's interested but he feels like he's be taking advantage of her so he walks away. Melanie is heart broken but finds out Jared might have walked away because he's her true mate and if he is he'll be back! He does come back and she has to convince him she is actually a wood nymph and not someone messing with his head. He gets a bit possessive when he meets Arian and decides he needs to take her home with him. It's kind of fun to watch Melanie try to act like a regular human having to wear clothes and learning things from TV.  It's kind of goes down hill though towards the end when one of Jared's so called friends finds a picture he took that shows Melanie in the woods and her secret appears to be out. She thinks Jared betrays her and makes herself disappear and leaves him. Will it work out? You have to read the book to find out. Really for me this was a interesting erotica. I liked the story and it had some a good story to go with all the hot sex scenes. Often erotica is just sex sex sex. Need some story to go with it and this one delivers on that score. I give it 4 Modokker Book Pick stars.

Read a excerpt for this book and find out more about Abby Wood and all her books at her website by clicking here.  Please remember this excerpt is for adults 18 and older. Links are provided on her website to find out where to purchase this ebook.

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