Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book review: Travis series by author Lisa Kleypas

I did something i like to do every now and then. I walked up to my bookshelf full of books i haven't red yet ( there are many) and plucked a book right off the top shelf. it happened to be Smooth Talking Stranger by author Lisa Kleypas. I remember i bought this at a used book store a few months back mostly because i liked the cover and then the back cover blurb. I had never read Lisa Kleypas before and i did a dangerous thing then i opened it up to a random page and started reading. lol This is dangerous because if the book is any good i get reading and don't put it down for a hour or more. I read a little then decided that yes i wanted to read this book so I went to page one and started again. One quarter of the way thru i couldn't decide if i like it or not. Then i had to lay the book down for 2 days and read something else that i HAD to get read first. I got back to it two days later and in short order was hooked. I read it straight thru to the end by the next afternoon. Somewhere in there i realized this was part of a series and not the first book of that series so i went looking online for more info. Sure enough it's third of 3 books so far. If you know me i don't like reading out of order so i stopped at my local library to see if i would be lucky enough to find the first two books. Sure enough i was and i spent this past weekend reading those and feeling the same way about them as i did the third book. Unsure, liking then loving by the end. These books have quite a bit of drama and romance and tackle important topics like spouse abuse. I like how the characters are strong, the men and the women. Ms. Kleypas portrays them as tough but at same time vulnerable. Each ones has their own issues to work thru. I really enjoyed the 3 books in this series but i am hoping there is a 4th for the last Travis sibling Joe. I give the 3 books in the series together 3 and 1/2 Modokker Book Pick stars. To read more about the series. Read excerpts and find out more about the author Lisa Kleypas just click here .
There are 3 books in this contemporary series by the way and come in this order Sugar Daddy, Blue Eyed Devil and Smooth Talking Stranger.


  1. I loved the Travis series by LK. I think my favorite may be either Sugar Daddy or Blue Eyed Devil! :)

  2. Cassie it's kind hard to pick isn't it? lol As i read them i thought oh i this is my favorite. When i was done i really could pick which one i could safely say was the best. Some people said i should try out her historicals next.