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Look Book Series review by author Linda Lael Miller

Linda Lael Miller has been one of my favorite authors for a few years now. She is on my auto buy list as a matter of fact. Most of her stories are about hot cowboys but not all. The Look Book series is more of romantic suspense. There are 3 books in this series.

The First book Don't Look Now starts the series and introduces you to the main characters Clare Westbrook and Tony Sonterra ( he is referred to in the mostly just as Sonterra) Clare in a hard working Lawyer who had a tough up bringing that's made her a little cynical and Tony is a tough as nail cop who likes to tangle with Clare. Below is the back cover blurb for Don't Look Now

When hard-working attorney Clare Westbrook learns that her ambulance-chasing boss has been murdered, she's shocked-but not exactly surprised. Harvey Kredd was known for his less-than-ethical business dealings, and even his acts of generosity were tinged with greed; Clare, working at Kredd and Associates to pay off the law school loan Harvey had granted her several years before, knows she's got no choice: indentured servitude, twenty-first-century style.

But Harvey's death doesn't let Clare out of her contract with the firm; instead it brings her a new, odious multimillionaire client, and Tony Sonterra, homicide detective and local heartthrob, who's not above using a murder investigation to get back into Clare's life. Jump-starting her affair with Tony is the last thing Clare needs-she's got enough on her plate raising her niece, Emma, without throwing a bull-headed cop into the mix.

Then Clare gets the news that may convince her Tony is exactly what she needs: Emma's father has been released from prison, and he's intent on seeing his daughter. Though she could never persuade the police to believe her, Clare is convinced that James Arren murdered her sister.

Clare is determined to find evidence that will put James Arren away for good, but Tony is just as determined to keep her safe, after another murder-clearly meant to target Clare-rocks the law firm. With no real leads, too many suspects, and a growing chain of menacing violence, Clare finds that teaming up with the devil she knows is her only option-one that's just too attractive to resist.

Now the back cover blurb for the 2nd book in this series Never Look Back

Devoted defense lawyer Clare Westbrook, used to working for others, can now call the shots on her own terms. A multi-million-dollar inheritance from the father she never knew has allowed her to start her own practice. And with her teenage niece, Emma, whom she's raised as a daughter, on a school trip to Europe, Clare has been able to focus on turning a storefront in a tough Phoenix neighborhood into the legal firm of her dreams and offering her services to the troubled community. But just as she opens for business, explosive shots take out her street-level windows-and nearly take her life. Someone clearly has targeted Clare, though she doesn't know who or why. All she knows is she must surrender to Tony Sonterra's protection is she wants to survive . . .

Sonterra has designs on a career move to the FBI-and on rekindling his scorching, no-strings-attached affair with Clare. But can the man who sparks her passion be trusted with her life? Or is someone using Clare, the one person Tony has dared to get close to, to get to him?

The last book in the series of course is One Last Look and here is that blurb.

Carrying her lover Tony Sonterra's child, Clare Westbrook has finally buried her commitment phobia and said "yes" to Tony's marriage proposal. So why is fear running through her veins and haunting her dreams? Sonterra is fired up to leave Phoenix for small-town Arizona, to target a lethal desert crime ring. Clare's willing to stand by her man, but he won't be the only one flirting with danger on the job: as a special investigator for the D.A.'s office, Clare is plunged into a race to find a missing child whose mother was murdered. And on a case this hot, the promise of Clare's bright future could vanish in the blink of an eye...

This book in this series came out in the years 2003, 2004 and 2006 so it's not a new series but there is nothing wrong with reading older books that have been out a while. I read whatever i want whether it old or new and like to talk about it in the hopes of getting others to go back and read these books. Many are reissued with new covers (been seeing this alot lately) or you can find them at the library , used book store or trading sites such as paperbackswap where i find some of mine. Many are coming out in ebook form as well for you folks buying ereaders these days.

Back to my review lol I really enjoyed this series there is alot of suspense and it's a bit hard to guess who is the bad guy. What irked me just a bit is that Clare is always in danger about every 5 minutes it seems. Tony is this hot smart cop that knows a thing or two about protecting someone but will Clare ask for help? Oh hell no she's independent.  Clare has a niece she has custody in these books. She's about 13 years old and in my opinion kind of a spoiled brat who gets her way and is kind of mouthy. By far Tony is my favorite character. Thankfully we get a few glimpses of Clare being vulnerable but not many. I wondered how her being pregnant ( spoiler but hey it's in the blurb for book 3 so there) is going to be handled. Still someone is out to kill her. lol I was bothered by a few things but that obviously didn't keep me from reading all 3 books. Give number one a shot and see what you think. It's good to try different genre out but i think i like Linda's cowboy stories best yet. I did enjoy the Mojo Sheepshenk books though if you want to try those. To read more about Linda Lael Miller's books please click here to reach her website and see what she has coming out and view her back list. I give the Look Book series 3 and 1/2 Modokker Book Pick Stars. Not her best work but i still enjoyed it.

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