Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Review: The Spy who Loved Her by author Melissa Schroeder

This would be the first book by Melissa Schroeder I've read. Melissa was kind enough to send me a advanced copy of The Spy who Loved Her for my honest review. The Spy who Loved Her is the third book in the Once Upon a Accident series . I didn't know this when i started reading and if you know me it's not often i read out of order when it's a series. I will say i believe the book will make more sense if you read the previous two book before this one. Things are eluded to in this book to show you the way but still there are no doubt many details missing for the whole picture to take effect. Below is a short blurb for The Spy who Loved Her.

To keep her safe, he will not only have to risk his life, but also his heart.

Once Upon an Accident, Book 3

Lady Anna was once considered the catch of the season. Now, three years after she fell for a man who tried to murder her cousin, she eases her guilt with charity work at an orphanage. Until her mother insists she do her duty.

Attending her cousin’s ball is irritating enough. It’s her one dance with Daniel, the unscrupulous Earl of Bridgerton, that rubs her nerves raw. And oddly leaves her senses on the edge of arousal.

The ton sees Daniel as a scoundrel. In truth, like centuries of Bridgertons before him, he leads a vast network of spies, protecting England from her worst enemies. His resolve never to marry means the one woman he’s always wanted—Lady Anna—is off limits. Especially now that his father’s murderer is coming after him as well.

At first, Anna wonders if Daniel was put on this earth just to annoy her. It’s only when she finds him injured that his mask begins to fall away—and so do the barriers between them. But their flaring passion puts her right where Daniel didn’t want her. Next on a killer’s list.

The Spy who Loved Her is a historical. I loved all the character immediately.I like when that happens although sometimes you just have to warm up to someone right? lol  Anna was in a previous book involved in a scandal and did not think herself worthy of love and family for herself. She blamed herself for everything that happened and was hell bent on punishing herself for it. Now you have Daniel. He was best friends with Anna's brother and grew up around Anna and thought of her as a friend. That all changed with her coming out and she changed from a girl into a woman. Since then he's wanted her. Little did he know the feeling was mutual. There is alot of misunderstanding and suspense in this book. Daniel you see is a spy and someone who killed his father years ago appears to now be after him as well. His interest in Anna puts her in harms way as well now. Can he figure out who the bad guy is before it's to late?  Here's what i like. Love the historical setting, the characters are strong and i like the mix of suspense and romance. Romantic suspense is one of my favorite genre's along with historicals so it's a great mix for me. What i didn't like as much as the story needed more filling. This was a short story at 162 pages so that's understandable but I'd LOVE to see it more fleshed out with more details. I just wanted more. I plan to read the first two in this series and see what else else is available out there by Ms. Schroeder. The Spy who Loved Her is available i know from as well as Barnes and Noble and To find out more about Melissa Schroeder and this and her other books please click here. You can also find a excerpt there. I give The spy who Saved Her 4 Modokker Book Pick Stars.

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