Friday, February 14, 2014

Book review: Scandal on the Sand (The Billionaires of Barefoot Bay # 3) By Roxanne St Claire

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Nathaniel Ivory is known in the tabloids as “Naughty Nate,” and this son of a huge, wealthy family that’s often referred to as “American Royalty” has done everything he can to earn that nickname. Nate’s penchant for trouble has kept him from fully earning a respectable spot in the many family businesses. He’s forever destined to be the black sheep whose scandals need to be swept under the rug. But Nate is determined to change all that through his new position as the manager of the minor league baseball stadium and team that he and his friends are launching in Barefoot Bay. All he has to do is avoid even a hint of scandal.

But then he meets irresistible, blue-eyed Liza Lemanski, who makes some claims about his past that rock him to the core. Liza maintains that Nate has a son that is a result of a fling he had with her best friend, who died in an accident. Liza plans to adopt the child, but wants to eliminate any chance Nate will claim paternity rights. No problem...he doesn’t even believe he has a son, and thinks the whole thing is probably a scam. Until he meets four year old Dylan and recognizes every Ivory gene in the child. All he has to do is give up his child to save himself from a scandal he can't afford to have, but suddenly Nate is looking at life differently. As he and Liza dig to find out the truth about Dylan's father and mother, their attraction turns to fire and, without a doubt, someone is going to get burned.

This is Roxanne St Claire's 3rd novella is the Barefoot Billionaire's series. This time we get a look into what makes "Naughty Nate" tick! He's trying to turn over a new leaf from his playboy ways by laying off the partying and playing and putting together the new baseball team he and his friends are working on. Liza Lemanski walks into his life with a huge secret that turns his life upside down.  Liza is raising her friends son since she was killed a car accident. She's tough and smart and caring and trying her best to keep Dylan, her friends boy and hopes to adopt him.  Nate and Liza have to work together to investigate the child's paternity and it also gives them a chance to get to know each other.  This was everything you expect from Roxanne St Claire. Terrific characters, sexy scenes and those heart moments that have the potential to make you tear up and cry just a bit. This is a novella length story with the feel of a full length.  I highly recommends this threesome of novella's in this series. If your a contemporary romance fan you can't go wrong.

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